Why Daily Routines Are Important


Maintaining regular daily routines is one of the best ways to work toward living a more organized and fulfilling life.

Not only will you save time by avoiding the things that are not within your routines, but you will be happier because you are able to accomplish so much more in your day.

Here are 3 reasons why routines are important.

1) You get more accomplished.
By having set routines in place every day, it’s easy to get everything done, as opposed to before you had a routine, when things would only be accomplished when you would remember to do them.

2) You are more relaxed.
Let’s face it, life can be pretty stressful at times.

When you have daily routines that you follow, you are more likely to feel relaxed and less stressed, because you always know what to expect.

3) You have more respect for your time.
It’s easy to forget just how valuable your time really is. When you get yourself organized by setting up routines, you really start to respect your time, and what you can do with it.

Below are a few routines that you may like to implement in your home.

Morning Routine:
Some things that may be included: Make coffee, brush teeth, check email, pack lunches, wake up kids, eat breakfast.

Meal Time Routine:
Some things that may be included: Take dinner ingredients out of the freezer to thaw, set the table, wash dishes, clean the counter top, sweep the kitchen floor.

Chores Routine:
Some things that may be included: Dust surfaces, clean windows & mirrors, wash curtains, vacuum furniture, clean out vehicle.

Bed Time Routine:
Some things that may be included: Have a snack, brush teeth & wash face, tidy bedroom (for kids) or 10 minute tidy (for adults), read a story.

Holiday Routine:
Some things that may be included: Plan dinner party menu, make gift list, wrap gifts, set up Christmas tree, decorate the house, make Christmas cookies.

Don’t forget to re-evaluate your routines periodically to make sure you are sticking with them. If you can’t manage to do so, make some changes and try again. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you first start putting your routines into place, and that usually happens because you are trying to do too much and need to scale back a little bit.

Routines are a wonderful way to create stability and harmony within your family, and if you are not already using them to your advantage, I encourage you to try.

Do you have routines in your home? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Tammy

    Fly Lady website is a treasure trove of routine ideas and templates!! I’ve got my morning, afternoon, and evening routines posted in my kitchen, and it saves me so much time and stress.
    Are you living in CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrom) Fly Lady can help.

    Love your website very much!!

  2. JS

    We make sure everything is tidy before going to bed – no cups in the sink, no clothes laying around… It’s a joy to wake up to an orderly, serene home.

  3. cheryl hansen

    I have certain things I do on certain days and it certainly makes my life simple and helps to take the stress out of my personal life. love your blog … it was recommended by a friend from work because of your couponing, but on quick inspections its so much more!

  4. Cassie Howard

    cheryl hansen: I’m so glad you like it!

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