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60 Work From Home Jobs and Side-Hustles

Does the idea of being able to make money from home appeal to you? Would you love to bring in a good income at a job without having to take orders from anyone but yourself?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve curated the following list of 60 legitimate ways to make money working out of your house. These work from home ideas will earn you more than the few dollars you might get filling out online surveys or entering contests. Real, at-home jobs can be a great way for stay-at-home moms or dads who are looking to make a financial contribution to their households. In fact, they can be ideal for anyone who enjoys working for themselves.

1. Home Daycare – Do you love kids? Better yet, do you have an almost unlimited amount of patience? If so, running your own home daycare can be a great idea. Because of a shortage of daycare spaces in most places in Canada, you won’t have an issue finding clients, however, there are rules to follow when setting a home daycare, so be sure to read them all.

2. Freelance Writing – If you love to write, I strongly suggest looking into being a freelance writer. The beauty of freelance writing is that you can do it from anywhere, and the only thing you need is a computer. You can write for other bloggers, magazines or newspapers and get paid for your work. This freelance writing site is a good place to start looking for jobs.

3. Rent Out Your RV – If you own an RV, there are websites that will match you with people looking to rent a travel trailer or motorhome, for their next vacation. Since most people don’t spend the entire summer in their RV, this is a great way to get it making money for you when you’re not using it. The going rate can start at $150/day, depending on the size of your rig.

4. Farmer’s Market – You will have to leave your home for this, but in the end – you’re still your own boss and do most of your work at home. Your product lineup isn’t limited to food either, you can any number of items at a farmer’s market.

5. Start an Etsy Business – Are you crafty? If so – check out Etsy, it’s a great website for creative folks to make a living doing something they love. Selling on Etsy is not easy, but done right, can bring in a considerable income.

6. Ebay Reseller – If you’re really good at spotting bargains at thrift stores and yard sales, this may be the gig for you. Simply buy popular items at a steep discount and then sell them on Ebay for a profit. There are many successful people doing this and making a ton of money!

7. Sell on Classifieds (Kijiji, Craigslist) – This is similar to Ebay, except better because you don’t have to worry about shipping the items that you sell. In fact, if you live in an urban area, many people will come right to you.

8. Call Center Agent – Another easy way to make money from home is to work for a call center doing customer service or other, similar, jobs. Further down, I’ll highlight a few companies that hire work from home call centre employees.

9. Seamstress / Tailor – Are you a good seamstress? If so, look into setting up your own sewing & alterations business from your home. Advertise online and in community centres near your home to drum up business. Sewing has become a bit of a lost art, so this skill is in high demand.

10. Consultant – Are you an expert in something? Business, marketing, cooking, social media, organizing, fitness, weddings? Almost everyone is an expert in something. Why not sell that expertise to people that NEED what you have to offer?

11. Caterer – There are always people looking for catering, whether it be for a party or other event, or just for the occasional night they don’t feel like cooking dinner. Offer these services by advertising online and in your local newspaper to find clients (and go above and beyond for your clients – remember, word of mouth is the BEST advertising).

12. Personal Services – Doing odd jobs for people is another easy way to make money. For example, you can pick up groceries for people who don’t like to or cannot shop for themselves, you can become a dog walker and take cute puppies out for walks while their owners are away at work, and the list goes on… what services are needed by the people around you?

13. Virtual Assistant – Working online as a virtual assistant is a fantastic way to earn a considerable amount of money. It’s not easy work though (usually) and the work you do for your clients should never be taken lightly. Read more about becoming a virtual assistant.

14. Mother’s Helper – Similar to babysitting, this is not necessarily a job you can do from the comfort of your home, but still something that you have some control over. Because you are usually assisting with care, rather than solely responsible, you can make your own hours, decide what you will and will not do, and you make the decision about who you want to work for.

15. Transcription – Did you set records in your Grade 9 typing class? If so, you may want to consider transcription as a way to make money from home. One way to get started is to set up a profile on Upwork and begin accepting clients that want you to do transcription services for them!

16. Web Design – If you’re a great designer, I strongly suggest looking into web design. It’s a competitive field, so I only suggest this if you are competitive in nature and can do quality work quickly, and for a reasonable cost.

17. Photographer – If taking pictures happens to be your passion, there’s a good chance you can turn it into a work from home business. People are always looking for a photographer for their next family or engagement photoshoot. If you’re really ambitious, you could try your hand at wedding photography, but that will take you away from home for longer periods of time. Another way to make money as a photographer is to sell your pictures online.

18. Audio/Video editor – In this day and age, personal computers have the capability of processing professional calibre audio and video recordings. But many content creators ie. podcasters, musicians etc., don’t have the time to edit their own work. If you can advertise your services within the right community, you can find people who will pay you to edit their audio or video recordings.

19. Computer Repair – Are you a computer whiz? Can you take one apart and put it back together in record time? If so, your skills will be in high demand. Many people are looking for computer technicians to fix their computers when they break down, so why not use those skills to make money?

20. Carpenter/Handyman – If you have woodworking skills or general handyman skills, it’s quite easy to make good money helping people with projects around their house. Whether it’s building a fence, fixing a deck, or helping with a basement reno, this is a job that could become a full-time business, providing you have the ambition.

21. House Cleaner – If you enjoy cleaning, you might as well start charging for it! Since your family likely won’t be willing to pay you for cleaning your own home, seek outsiders that want their home cleaned for a fee. Yes, you will have to leave home to do this job, but it’s still your own house cleaning business, so you make your hours and call [most of] the shots.

22. Personal Organizer – Keeping an organized home is something that many people struggle with, or simply don’t have the time for. If this is something that you are good at, you can make great money teaching others how to organize their home and their life (whether it be online through courses/consulting, or by physically helping them get organized).

23. Freelance on Fiverr – Have you heard of It’s an awesome website that allows you to offer or purchase services for just $5. That doesn’t mean you can’t earn more, but that’s usually where the price point would begin. If you’re looking for a way to hone your skills in anything from graphic design to freelance writing, Fiverr may be a great place to start.

24. Event Planner – Do you plan great parties? If so, party/event planning may be something to look into. You can tailor your party planning to specific types of events, such as birthday parties, weddings, or even corporate events. It’s a business that would be fairly easy to operate out of your home.

25. Flea Market Flipping – Although most people won’t make a fortune doing this job, finding hidden gems at flea markets for next to nothing, and then flipping them for a profit, can be a great way to make money. Use your basement or garage to store the items you plan to sell.

26. Interior Decorator – You don’t need a degree in interior design to sell this service to others. As long as you are skilled in this field and have people that can vouch for your skills, you can become an interior decorator! Show off your work on social media, or on your own website.

27. Personal TrainerPersonal trainers make great money from clients that want to become more in shape and/or lose weight, but prefer more one-on-one help, instead of visiting a gym. If you are physically active and enjoy teaching others how to be active, too, becoming a personal trainer might be a great gig for you.

28. Hairstylist – You will likely need a license to do this, but if you’ve got one, or love hairstyling enough to get one, you can become a hairstylist that goes to clients’ homes or has clients that come to yours to get their hair done. Hairstyling can be a great work from home job.

29. Makeup Artist – If you love doing your own makeup, or eyebrows, you may enjoy doing it for others as well. There’s a lot of money to be made in the beauty industry, and with some skills developed over time, you can cash in. This is a side hustle that can be done from home or mobile to clients. The best way to build clientele is to start with friends and family and let word of mouth take over.

30. Moving Service – If you can handle lots of heavy lifting, consider setting up your own moving company. Try offering a few people (likely friends or relatives) your service for free a few times so you can get some testimonials and referrals under your belt.

31. Bookkeeper – If you have experience using bookkeeping software, and are willing to work as a freelancer, many small businesses will pay you to look after their bookkeeping. Often, they don’t need someone full-time, just a few hours a month. This can be a great arrangement for anyone wanting to balance work and home life.

32. Landscaping/Lawn Service – Mow lawns, tackle weeds, do some gardening, clean up lawns (raking leaves, etc.) and overall, care for someone else’s lawn. This is a tedious, labour-intensive job that lots of people have no interest in doing themselves (like me!), so you can certainly make some money doing these jobs for them.

33. Snow Removal – Just like landscaping and lawn care, I don’t know a whole lot of people that enjoy shovelling snow and know quite a few people that are willing to pay for the convenience of this service. This is especially true for those that live on large properties.

34. Making Gift Baskets – If you’re a creative person, a good work at home idea for you may be to make handmade gift baskets to sell either online or at craft/flea markets. Theme baskets (for example, movie night: popcorn, movie tickets, candy) seem to sell well, but so do gift baskets filled with health & beauty or baby items.

35. Tutoring – If you’re skilled in math, English, or any other subject that people need to learn, you can be a tutor. Online tutoring services can be offered, or you could also visit a student’s home to tutor them one on one.

36. Proofreading – Did you know you can get paid just to read over documents, articles and eBooks and make sure that they are written well? Check grammar, spelling and style and get paid for your work! EditFast is a great place to get started with proofreading.

37. Pet Grooming – Do you have experience with grooming animals? Why not become a pet groomer? This is a very flexible business idea that almost anyone can do, and it pays well, too!

38. Party Consultant – Check out companies such as Thirty One Gifts, Tupperware and Scentsy for throwing fun home parties where you invite a bunch of people over and introduce them to, and sell different products. I know a few people who make a full-time income doing this job!

39. Mystery ShoppingMystery shopping is such an easy, and fun way to make money. If you love shopping, you will love being a mystery shopper and essentially getting paid to shop!

40. VIPKID – This is a Chinese-based company that provides English as a second language training to children in China under the age of 8. They have since set up operations in North America, and welcome tutors from the U.S. and Canada. If you enjoy teaching and working with children, this can make for a great work from home job.

41. Music Teacher – If you have a solid musical background, and are proficient in any number of musical instruments, you can make good money teaching private music lessons. The best part is that if you have the space in your home to create a small studio, your customers will come to you, making this line of work incredibly convenient. Advertise your services on Craigslist, or at your local music store.

42. Small Engine Repair – If you’re at all mechanical, I don’t doubt that you’ve worked on old motors from time to time. You name it; lawnmowers, dirtbikes, even boat motors, most people don’t have the time or the know-how to fix this stuff when it breaks down. All you need is some space in your garage, and some simple advertising ie. a sign on your lawn, an ad in your local classified section, and your neighbours will soon be at your door, asking for help.

43. Personal Shopper – Believe it or not, there are people, often well-heeled, who will pay someone else to either do their shopping for them or assist them with shopping for personal items. If you love shopping and have an eye for style and fashion, you could advertise your services and find work as a personal shopper. A perk to this job is that you can do most of your research online, from the comfort of your living room.

44. Furniture Assembler – Have you ever purchased a dresser, or a bed frame from Ikea, got home, and absolutely dreaded the thought of having to assemble your newest acquisition? You’re not alone. But if you’re reasonably handy and can follow instructions, you could make money by charging people a fee to assemble their new furniture, appliances, even larger items like gazebos, or backyard play structures.

45. Instructor-Led Classes – Are you a great cook or a natural at training animals? If you have a skill, you can likely teach a class of willing participants and get paid for it (of course, you can also do one-on-one classes). Start by putting up some ads on Kijiji or Craigslist and offer your services!

46. Graphic Designer – Most business owners are either too busy, or lack the skills needed to create fresh images and logos for their websites, advertising campaigns, or social media posts. It can be tedious work, but perfect for someone working from home, who knows their way around Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.

47. Social Media Manager – These days, small businesses need to have a strong social media presence. But your local coffee shop or fitness centre doesn’t have the budget to hire a full-time social media manager. They may, however, be willing to pay you a couple of hundred dollars each month to handle their Facebook and Instagram channels. Ask around, you may even find a few businesses willing to pay you for this service. You can also advertise your services on freelancer sites online.

48. Virtual Travel Agent – If you love to travel, being a virtual travel agent may be your dream work from home job. By helping others with their flight and hotel arrangements, and vacation itineraries, you’ll no doubt find some great deals for yourself. In fact, travel discounts are a common perk for virtual travel agents. Career websites like Indeed can be a great place to start looking for jobs.

49. Airbnb Host – If you have a gift of hospitality, you could consider renting out a guest room in your home, through Airbnb, or if you have the ability, you could rent your entire house. Airbnb is geared for short-term rentals, and is a great way to make good money not just from home, but with your home. Visit Airbnb for more information.

50. Blogging – I saved this one for last. Not because it isn’t a great way to make money from home (it’s what I do, after all), but it’s something that takes years before you reach the point where you can make money blogging. For that reason, I recommend starting a blog for the sheer enjoyment of it, and maybe someday, you’ll make money doing something you love.

Companies That Hire Work From Home Employees

Most of the jobs I’ve listed so far involve some form of self-employment, in other words, leveraging the skills you have to become your own boss. Entrepreneurship, however, isn’t for everyone. Many people prefer the stability of a regular paycheque and a 9-5 job. Here are 10 companies that routinely hire Canadians to work from home.

51. Staples Canada – Staples enjoys a large retail presence in Canada, but they also hire work at home employees as call centre agents. If you have plenty of customer service experience and enjoy talking on the phone, this could be a great opportunity to work for a large company from the comfort of your home.

52. Intuit – Intuit is the company known for TurboTax, the online tax preparation software millions of Canadians use to complete their returns each year. Intuit hires for a number of telecommuting jobs that Canadians are eligible for. When you’re on their careers site, search for the keyword “remote”, to source work at home opportunities.

53. Automatic Data Processing – Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is a global company providing a range of automatic processing services to all kinds of businesses. They manage systems such as payroll, benefits, even talent and human resource management for companies around the world. ADP does hire employees that work from a home office.

54. – If you’ve graduated from college in Canada or the U.S., or are currently enrolled, you can become an online tutor, through The website connects students with tutors who are able to work from their home computers. There is a certification process you must go through, which includes testing to make sure you are qualified. If you love to teach, this is a great way to make some extra money.

55. NCR – Formerly known as National Cash Register, NCR is an American business technology company, that also has operations in Canada. By searching their job database, you can often find customer service positions that offer telecommuting. 

56. American Express – A search on the American Express job board will often bring up work from home opportunities. For example, Amex hires travel counsellors in Canada for remote positions. As with many customer service-intensive roles, if you love talking to people, and can multitask, this may be the right opportunity for you.

57. Advanis – Here’s a company only hiring Canadians for work from home jobs. Advanis is a leading market research provider, headquartered in Alberta. They employ home-based call centre agents to perform surveys. They do consider fluency in French to be an asset, so if you are bilingual, you may have a leg up on the competition.

58. Google – Google employees are located all over the world, including in Canada. When it comes to work from home job opportunities, they do exist, although they could be few and far between for Canadian residents. Google does hire ad quality raters to work from home. They review use online to review the accuracy of Google advertising, as well as other things. Because they serve clients globally, foreign language skills will be an asset for this position.

59. Manhattan Prep – This is another company offering tutoring jobs, including some work from home opportunities. Tutoring is geared specifically to exam preparation, and tutors can teach groups online, as well as one on one, with private students. Their primary location is the U.S., but they do business in a number of other countries, including Canada. Their online job board lists the most up-to-date postings.

60. LionBridge – According to their website, LionBridge “creates, transforms, tests, and trains more content than anyone in the world…” In other words, they translate and interpret a tonne of data for business clients across the globe. They actually make reference to hiring work from home employees right on the front of the careers page, on their website. Many of their work from home jobs would be similar to the ones offered by Google.

How Do I Get Started Working From Home?

As you can see, there are an almost endless number of work from home jobs, and side hustles. They won’t all be the right fit for you, but the list is long enough that you’re almost certain to find something that will interest you. The best advice I can give is to just start. Even if it’s doing work for family and friends, as your experience grows, so will your confidence. If you feel like you lack the necessary skills, take some online courses, or find a mentor who can help guide you. You might be surprised at how ready you are to make money from home.

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