I read every email that arrives in my inbox, but can’t respond to all of them as I receive over 100 per day.

I love to hear questions from readers. If I don’t have an article that already covers your answer, it will likely end up as a new post on MapleMoney.

I’m interested in hearing about opportunities that can help MapleMoney’s Canadian readers. If you’re a Canadian brand, I’d be happy to work with you in a way that benefits both our readers and your product or service. I won’t reply to US-only press releases or other unrelated promotional emails.

If you’re a writer that has a relationship with me, I’d love to share your voice on MapleMoney. I attempt to reply to any requests for interviews or quotes within an hour as I know there are some tight deadlines. I’m not looking for sponsored posts from unknown writers primarily looking for a link and won’t reply.

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