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5 ways to save money when shopping online

This is a guest post from Anna of Bargain Moose.

As living costs continually increase, people are looking for more and more ways to maintain their regular lifestyle, but to reduce costs as they do so.

Here are 5 ways that you save money online while you are shopping. It’s easier than you think.

1. Monitor the sales cycles.

Prices of many products can change on a cyclical basis, meaning that you can get better deals at certain times of the year. Some are obvious deals, like sales on chocolate eggs after the Easter holidays, but some bargains are not so obvious.

A little bit of research can tell you the best time of year to fork out cash for the big buys, such as appliances. For example, Earth Day is in April, and many stores run promotions on their eco-friendly and green products around this time.

Laptops and computers tend to see the best deals around the late summer when stores are trying to entice students to buy before they return to school.

2. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.

Make a list of all your favorite companies or brands and find their websites. Then, subscribe to their email newsletters to receive special deals and offers.

I recommend using a separate email address just for this purpose, as you’re going to receive a lot of emails.

3. Follow, follow, follow.

Find your favorite companies on the big social networks; Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Many companies share coupon codes (and even printable coupons) on these sites that are not available anywhere else.

Some great brands to follow Old Navy, Lean Cuisine, Babies R Us.

4. Save on entertainment.

You can even find cheaper ways to entertain yourself.

Consider downgrading your TV entertainment package to save yourself up to hundreds of dollars a year. Then you can take out a subscription to Netflix, where you can watch unlimited TV & movies from $7.99 per month. These shows would be streamed over your internet connection, so you can watch them at any time.

An option for book lovers is eBooks. You can find thousands of eBooks for free, or for only a few dollars.

Check out popular sites like Kobo Books, or the Amazon eBook store.

5. Find coupon codes before you spend.

Before you make any purchase at a Canadian online store, check to see if there’s a valid coupon code to use with your purchase. RetailMeNot is a great site for this.

A bit of searching can save you so much money!

My friend recently used the combination of an online sale and a coupon code for Sears, and managed to buy a $500 KitchenAid stand mixer for only $165, a savings of $335 on one single item!

But beware – you won’t always find a coupon code. If you’ve been searching for a discount for more than half an hour, it’s probably time to give up and admit you’re not going to find one.

While online shopping can be a bit of a daunting prospect to a first-timer, it’s nothing to be scared of.

You really can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year by being a savvy online shopper. Search for coupon codes and keep an eye on your favorite brands and companies.

How do you save money online?

This is a guest post from Anna, owner of Bargain Moose. Anna regularly writes about money saving ideas, with a focus on Canadian coupon codes and online shopping deals.


  1. Onshopper

    I double up when I can – shop websites through my Aeroplan website or use an Additionelle coupon code to shop Pennington’s – ie I recently shopped Pennington’s dresses for 50% off and was able to use a code from Additionelle for an extra 20% off. A $60 dress went down to $24.

  2. Jane

    Good tips! This is a “pre-shopping” tip. sells just about anything. I go there to do my research. Their reviews are really helpful.

  3. Pamela @

    Good tips! I also like to look for any free shipping or flat rate shipping to make sure the deal is worth it & to avoid crazy shipping charges.

  4. Bargainmoose

    @Pamela – I know! I hate paying shipping too!

    @Jane – yes, I also find is a really good resource for customer reviews too. The data they have there is WAY better than the dot CA.

    @Onshopper – Addition Elle and Penningtons are excellent as their coupons stank on top of sales items – many stores don’t allow that 🙂

    Thank you MrsJanuary for hosting 🙂

  5. Krista

    Occasionally has clearance sales or Rollback sales. Combine clearance sales with $0.97 shipping. They deliver really quickly. We bought DVDs as gifts and spent $9.97 for a whole season of retro DVDs that our family members like. Cheaper that spending gas or bus fare to go to the store.

  6. Christine Weadick

    My husband loves the bargain bin section at Chapters online. I have an avid reader card so he has me do the orders, so we save (1) with the avid reader card, (2) using our Airmiles M/C to pay for it, (3) by going with the regular shipping instead of the premium shipping, and (4) by waiting until we have enough to order to run it over the free shipping limit. Believe it or not the last one does save money as the books he wants are never enough by themselves to get the free shipping so about half the time he says the heck with it and doesn’t bother ordering…..

  7. Katie

    I won’t lie, I just stopped buying things. Unless I absolutely need a new item, I’m avoiding consumerism at all costs. I have so much stuff it’s ridiculous! and the fact that, no matter what it’s never enough. It gets depressing after awhile….

  8. Christa

    you found my second passion: books and ebooks. About a year or two ago I bought myself an erader but you can read the ebooks on a pc, laptop even some phones. If you like Harlequin books there are about 16 free ones at (I think) and a bunch at their sister site in the uk at Mills and Boon at (I think). Then there are also Audiobooks. You can find a lot of information about ebooks and audiobooks at Harlequin Community under the all things ebook and all things audio threads under lets talk about books forum. Another thing about ebooks and audiobooks you can get them at the library. and no shipping costs!
    I also buy a lot of books online at (I don’t have a credit card so limited where I can shop online) The books are 20% cheaper than retail, then they have book on a budget special each month and these books are 40% off, they have deals and specials each month, they have free book Friday (order 2 books get a free book), when you sign up for their members newsletter you get members only deal. Ithink you get free shipping at either $15 or $25 and they upped their limit of books in the cart from 15 to 30 because one December the deals were so good that some books were under $1 so we reached the 15 book limit before the the shipping limit

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