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Frugal entertainment ideas

Frugal entertainment ideas.

Entertainment seems to be one area that it’s difficult to cut back on, but if you want to pay down debt or save more money, it needs to be done.

Going to the movies, having some drinks with friends, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a trip to the zoo with the kids – it all adds up. It is possible to entertain yourself (and your kids) for very little money. You just have to be creative.

Here are some ideas for frugal entertainment:

1. Pack a picnic

Picnics are lots of fun and cost you absolutely nothing (except the cost of groceries, of course). Make some sandwiches, pack up fruit and veggies, a bottle of water and a blanket and head to your local park. You can even have a picnic in your backyard if you want.

If you have kids, bring some toys that they can play with as well. Have some fun with your family and enjoy the weather. If the weather isn’t so nice, consider a picnic indoors instead.

2. Head to the beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, take a trip there if the weather is nice enough. Remember to pack lots of water and sunscreen.

Avoid temptation at the concession stand by bringing your own snacks.

3. Play some games

Board games are fun all year round. You can often find these games at yard sales or thrift stores, and they usually only cost a few dollars.

Don’t forget to make sure all the pieces are there before you pay.

4. Have a movie night

Rent a movie or two for just a few dollars apiece (or even better, borrow movies from the library or from friends/family), pop some popcorn and hang out on the couch all night, spending quality time with your family.

Another great resource for movies is Netflix.

5. Go to the park

Do you have children? Consider taking them to the park for some frugal entertainment.

There are lots of local parks all over the place. I’m sure you can find many in your area.

6. Explore your community

Watch for community events where admission is free. Many museums and zoos have free days.

Also, when the weather is warmer there are usually parades, outdoor concerts and shows to enjoy for free (they will try to get you with the concession stands though – so be sure to bring your own snacks and drinks).

7. Enjoy the scenery

Take a walk on a local walking trail and enjoy how beautiful nature can be.

This is not only a great way to have some fun, but an easy way to work some exercise into your day.

As you can see, there are many ways you can have fun without spending much money.

Just because there are options to spend lots of your cash on entertainment, doesn’t mean you need to choose those options. Spend your money wisely with these frugal entertainment ideas instead.

Please share your ideas for frugal entertainment in the comments!


  1. Melissa

    Use airmiles!! If you have an airmiles card you can use them to buy movie nights out (2 tickets, popcorn & pop)!! I haven’t paid for a movie in years!! Also theme park passes, gift cards for restaurants, and lots of other stuff.

  2. Jen

    I bank with Scotiabank so I earn Scene points. I don’t remember the last time I paid for a movie. Also there is a deal to get 2 passes plus 2 drinks and popcorn.
    Our city zoo is free and the train ride is $2/person, plus lots of places to picnic.
    I personally love picnicking in one of our beautiful parks or cycling thru one.

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