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GasBuddy – an easy way to save on gas

Save on Gas with GasBuddy

Have you heard about GasBuddy? It’s a fantastic website that allows you to find the lowest gas prices in Canada and the USA.

You’re able to search by city, province, and postal code – make it super simple to save money on gasoline!

Not only can you find the lowest gas prices by location, but they also post daily posted gas price average to assess prices in any geographic area.

Check out their mobile app, which is free, and every time you use Gas Buddy to report gas prices, you earn points that enter you to win prizes!

This app is available on:

Do you use GasBuddy to save money on gas? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Norma

    Site is now showing a $1.00 coupon.

    • Olivia

      This reply belongs to the previous or following ( depending how you look at it) post.

  2. Darlene

    Gas Buddy is a fabulous app that I use all the time! Gas prices vary greatly (up to 10 cents/liter) in our neighbourhood, thanks to a Costco gas location in Langley which nearby gas stations try to match.

  3. Jennifer

    I use gas buddy all the time, my kids are very active in out of town sport and we always use gas buddy to help budget how much money we need to save up for.

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