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7 frugal craft ideas that won’t break the bank

Crafting is becoming more and more popular during these penny-pinching times. Many people are realizing that you can make stunning and unique treasures from everyday items in your home, and they’re blogging about how to do it.

Here are some money-saving craft ideas for you – they don’t cost much (if anything), and could be great fun! Most of these ideas were spotted over on Pinterest.

1. Wine cork boards.

Over on Apartment Therapy, they’ve got a neat tutorial on how to make wine cork boards. Creating a cork board out of your old wine corks is a great frugal idea, and looks amazing.

2. Make paper clay.

This paper clay recipe from Dalhart Lane uses toilet paper, glue, and some other craft items to make a pretty cheap alternative to modeling clay, almost like paper mache.

It’s a totally great idea for making some cheap clay that you can use for craft projects, or just having fun with the kids.

3. Create baby leg warmers from dollar store scarves.

On Obsessively Stitching, there’s a great tutorial on how to make baby leg warmers out of inexpensive scarves from the dollar store.

Baby leg warmers are super-fashionable right now, but they’re not always cheap. Making these from dollar store scarves is a fabulous idea to make your baby fashionable, but not break the bank in doing so.

4. Create colored tape from wrapping paper.

This tutorial on Country Living shows you how to make some really funky colored tape out of wrapping paper and double-sided mounting adhesive.

The results are quite stunning and totally unique!

5. Paint your kitchen cabinets like a professional.

This one isn’t simple and it will take a bit of time to do it right, but the folks on Evolution of Style have created a tutorial on how to paint your kitchen cabinets.

This would bring a whole new lease of life to your kitchen, and be much cheaper than getting it done by a professional.

6. New seats on old chairs.

This idea from Martha Stewart shows you how to re-do an old chair by making a new seat out of cotton or nylon webbing.

I am imagining excellent color combinations in the weaved strips – you really could make something beautiful with this idea.

7. Make a rag quilt.

This tutorial from Imperfect Homemaking shows you how to make a beautiful quilt from old cloth and your sewing machine.

This can be a pretty time-consuming process but has really fabulous results. The creator (Kelly) says she stitched it together in one insanely long evening, so she did very well!

There you have it, 7 fabulous ideas for crafty items for your home (that are frugal).

Have you spotted any more crafty ideas that save money?

This is a guest post from Anna, owner of Bargain Moose. Anna regularly writes about money-saving ideas, with a focus on Canadian coupon codes and online shopping deals.


  1. teachermum

    The corkboard idea also works great for a trivet with a smaller dollar store frame.

  2. Betty

    Well, years ago I met an older lady who used to take her old bath & hand towels that were startomg to get frayed & make face cloths with them. After cutting them, she would stitch them to prevent more fraying & maybe add some ric rac (decorating notion in sewing depts. if they still exist!!) or ribbon to them. Might be handy if you need lots of facecloths if you have baby(ies) in the house & you need to wipe their butts instead of using baby wipes.

  3. Katie

    I’m making a quilt out of old punk band shirts from when I was in hs and university! Can’t part with them (memories), but didn’t want to keep them in a box collecting dust….

  4. Bargainmoose

    Thanks for being kind and sharing this MrsJanuary! Looks great 🙂

  5. Cassie Howard

    Of course! 🙂

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