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Five Apps That Can Help You Stay on Budget

Many of us are well intentioned when it comes to our budgets but lack the ability to manage our money properly. Believe me, it become quite difficult when you start to consider all of your expenses: rent, car payments, groceries, electrical bills, cell phone bills, internet, gas, and on and on. When you lay it all out you can see how it can be difficult to manage how much of your paycheck goes where each month. Fortunately there are several apps available for smartphones and tablets that have become an intuitive and useful way to help budget personal finances. Here are 5 apps that’ll make budgeting a much more productive endeavor, and provide some ways to save money.


BUDGT is a lightweight app with a user-friendly design. It emphasizes budgeting and expense tracking and allows you to accomplish tasks quickly and on the fly. Despite its accessibility, BUDGT is very powerful and includes a wide variety of advanced features, including recurring expenses, user-defined categories and colored charts.


Spendee is an inexpensive app for Apple devices that’s quite powerful but also boasts a clear interface. Apps That Can Help You Stay on BudgetUsers tend to like how Spendee eschews the stodginess of traditional financial apps with a bright, colorful approach. Perhaps Spendee’s neatest feature is the concept of the Feed, which lets you view upcoming income, expenses and alerts in a very digestible manner.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is an Android app that the developer describes as “barebones.” That certainly gives you an idea of the approach, but it also undersells how useful this app can be. The app serves primarily to help you manage all of those minor expenses you make throughout the day, and it helps you do it in a very fast and efficient manner.

One Touch Expenser

One Touch Expenser is an all-in-one budgeting app that lets you both micromanage and macro-manage your monthly budget. One of the ways that this app sets itself apart is a powerful notification system that you can set to trigger on a wide variety of user-defined criteria.

Jumsoft Money

Jumsoft Money, not to be confused with MS Money, is designed to synchronize with its desktop app, but it also works in standalone mode. Most of us use a wide range of devices, and we like how Jumsoft Money allows us to coordinate our budgeting efforts across them all.

While apps may not be the ultimate solution for your financial woes, they certainly can be helpful for those who are app-savvy and enjoy tracking scheduling, emailing, and other daily reports via their mobile devices. Check out these apps and play around with them to find out which best suits your needs. Hopefully you’ll be able to better manage all those bills and save a little extra cash!


  1. Bryan Jaskolka

    Don’t forget the grocery shopping apps! These let you actually make a list and bring it with you easily, hence helping you stay on budget. My favourite is MyShopi, although there are a ton of free ones out there to choose from.

  2. Janet

    Im on disability and its low and comes at the end of each month. I would like to keep track of the few expenses I have but don’t need a really in depth app. I have an android smartphone. My husband pays all the Bill’s except my Mastercard and cellphone.

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