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Avoid Buying These 9 Items at Costco

Avoid Buying These 9 Items at Costco

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Costco. This year we actually upgraded to the executive membership because we shop there so often.

Many people think Costco is for large families or business, but this is simply not true. There are many bargains at Costco that anyone can take advantage of!

Although there are great deals, there are also a bunch of items that you should avoid buying at Costco, as the prices aren’t as good as you could pay elsewhere.

1. Sheets & Towels

You’re better going off to Walmart or Target for these items. They are almost always on sale, and from what I’ve noticed, even the regular prices are cheaper at these stores than at Costco. So watch for sales, and that’s when you’ll get some great deals.

2. Cereal

Sure, a big ol’ box of cereal for $6 or $7 might sound like a good price compared to what you’d pay at your local grocery store, but if you use coupons, shop the sales, and buy smaller boxes, you can almost always get a much better price on cereal this way.

3. Toiletries

Again, the prices of toiletries at Costco may seem decent to the average customer that doesn’t regularly use coupons, but if coupons are your thing, then this is one aisle you want to skip when shopping at Costco. You can get a way better deal buying individual items with coupons at another store.

4. Household Cleaners

You can often get household cleaners for under a dollar, or even free, when you combine coupons with sales and rebates. You can’t get deals that good at Costco – ever – so don’t even bother with these items when you’re shopping there.

5. Frozen Pizzas

Frozen pizzas go on sale all the time at grocery stores, and they end up being way cheaper than any frozen pizza pack I’ve seen at Costco – even if you don’t use a coupon!

6. Laundry Detergent

You will pay less per load at grocery stores than at Costco, so this is another item you can add to your “do not buy at Costco” list. Even when on sale, Costco’s prices never come close to being as good as they are as grocery store sale prices.

7. Crackers

Certain brand’s (like Mary’s Gone Crackers) are a fantastic deal at Costco, but if you’re looking for brands like Christie or Dare, opt for your grocery store, where they are often on sale for $1.50 per box (and are even less if you have a coupon or rebate!).

8. Feminine Hygiene

Skip these products at Costco, too. They are always cheaper at drug stores (and grocery stores too, sometimes) with coupons and matched with a sale. Prices are almost 50% more at Costco.

9. Bacon

Bacon is on sale every 6-8 weeks in most areas, so wait for those sales and stock up (bacon freezes really well), instead of paying much more at Costco.

What items do you avoid buying at Costco?


  1. Amanda

    I agree with most of this list, except for the bacon. I am a huge bacon lover and I have tried practically every kind of bacon (Maple Leaf, Schneiders, Presidents Choice, Great Value etc.) the Kirkland brand is by far the best.
    There are certain things that I don’t mind pay a little extra for.

  2. Cathy

    Costco bacon is way better than other kinds.
    Also I’ve bought some good quality towels there for a good price. It’s better quality I think than Walmart plus I’m kinda anti Walmart now. Costco treats there employees great from what I’ve heard.

  3. Sonia

    I agree with most of the list…. BUT the bacon….. Mmmm… Kirkland, by far is my favorite. I have yet to find something that is close to it! Cereal…. The personal hygiene stuff… It never seems to be on sale, when I need it, so I do go for the big packaging and less worries. Also, don’t buy toilet paper regularly there anymore…. I have discovered royal velour… And prefer getting it on special elsewhere…..

  4. Sonia

    Sorry… Correction… Agree with not buying cereal….. Always buy it on sale at other places.

  5. Addy

    Well this is very disappointing, I thought Costco had better prices for all the things listed above and guess what I buy almost all those things because I thought it was better prices! I guess I should start to check out other store and start to use coupons from now on.

  6. Vicky

    I’m into convenience and saving time. I calculated the price to compare on a number of things and in most cases it was the same or a penny or two less at costco. I work full time an hour from home so a few cents spent to save myself who knows how much time is fine with me. BTW – I stock up on cereal at Costco when they have deals.

  7. Susan

    Usually I don’t buy toiletry items at Costco but the Gillette profusion razor packs with one razor and 6 or 7 blades when it goes on sale ther is a pretty good deal as I have,for the most part found it difficult to get these razors cheap and the coupons for the keep going down in value.

  8. georgia

    You CAN find deals at Costco on all the above items. They discount clearance items and price them ending in $0.97. They are in the aisles and sometimes at the front of the store.

    About wash cloths, Walmart quality is usually not a good and the Costco ones tend to wash better and last longer. We buy these on sale at Costco, only.

  9. Beth B.

    I agree with most of this list except for the sheets. I always buy my sheets at Costco for a really great price. You can buy them cheaper at Walmart, but they are poor quality, do not feel as nice, and will not last as long. The Costco sheets are the same quality as sheets you would buy at stores such as Sears or The Bay for two to three times the price at Costco.

  10. Alice

    I disagree with the sheets, towels, etc. You get much higher quality at Costco and the prices are great. I just bought my second set of towels for $8.99 each in the last month and they are big and fluffy. You won’t get that at WalMart, plus I don’t shop at WalMart. Bacon is such a better product at Costco, also.

  11. Dave

    I buy my bacon at least it’s in 500 gram and not 375 gram packs like the grocery stores and is way better.Also buy toilet paper and dog food there as both products are very high quality for the price.

  12. K

    The Bacon in stores are typically the 350g or less than 500g package on sale for 2.99 and such. The Costco bacon is the traditional 500g. So for15$ you get 4 packs ( just over 4lbs) at 3.75$. In the stores these larger packs rarely go on sale less than 4$. ( At least in Ontario)

  13. Shalryn

    It should be noted that this applies to US Costco far more than it does to Canadian ones. Costco in Canada has better prices than most places, and the selection is far greater than at Costco stores in the USA.

  14. Larry

    Recently we have stopped buying Kirkland bacon in Canada. The packaging has been changed and the first strip (the bacon you can see to gauge size and fat content) is hidden under the flap. The US (Bellingham, WA) is still packaged so you can choose based on what you see and is very comparably priced including use of our $0.75US Loonie.

  15. Liliya

    I disagree on laundry detergent, u will not find a better deal on Tide original , even if it’s on sale somewhere else. Costco caries the biggest size of it and if u count the amount of loads- it’s the best price in Costco.

  16. Stephania

    I think the quality of almost all the items listed is so much better at Costco than Walmart and usually Target as well. Plus my time is valuable. I use coupons but they are not always available when I need a product.

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