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6 ways to still save during a couponing break

Have you ever experienced couponing fatigue? After working hard to clip, sort, and save it is common to need a break from time to time. But your budget doesn’t have to take a big hit during a couponing break if you can offset it with other money-saving strategies. Here are a few that have worked for me:

6 ways to still save during a couponing break

Couponing Break

Price match

If a store sells something for $2.99 and I price match it for $1.49, it is equivalent to using a $1.50 coupon without needing a coupon. Make sense? Price matching is a secret weapon for shaving hundreds of dollars off your bill during a couponing break.

Choose your store wisely

Where your shop affects the price you pay. Choosing your store carefully during a couponing break can ensure you get the best retail prices even without using coupons.

No Frills is by far my favorite spot for grocery shopping. I can price match, use coupons, and collect PC points all at once. Plus their baseline prices are hard to beat. Even if I take a break from couponing, it’s still a great place to stretch my dollar.

Meal Plan

Planning meals in advance can be just as cost-effective as using coupons. So if I need a couponing break, I try to offset it by planning meals carefully. This includes “shopping” from my own pantry and planning meals based on what I already have on hand. It also helps to cook in bulk to make a few recipes stretch over an entire week.

Use the technology

Apps such as Flip App allow you to find the best deals when you are in the store – without ever bringing a flyer. Just enter the item you want to search for (for example bananas) and it will show you the lowest price in your area. A break from couponing might be the perfect time to try this money-saving app.
flipp app

Limit stockpiling

If you need to take a couponing break, consider stockpiling only a few items you see at irresistible prices. Don’t worry – great sales will be around, and when you are ready to coupon again you can do more stockpiling. Take the pressure off yourself and just watch for amazing sales while you are shopping.

Don’t entirely turn off your coupon radar

Of course, you will still scoop up high-value coupons during a break, right? Who could resist tucking those away for a time when your break is finished?

Frugal shoppers need breaks sometimes. Don’t feel bad for pressing ‘pause.’ And use other strategies to still keep your bills low while enjoying a break from couponing.

Do you have other ideas to save during a couponing break?


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