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The Best Baby Freebies for Canadians (Free Baby Samples and Coupons!)

The Best Baby Freebies for Canadians (Free Baby Samples and Coupons!)

Are you pregnant? Have a baby? If so, I’ve got some great news – you’re entitled to FREE stuff! Yep, just for having a baby. Aren’t kids great?

There are lots of free baby samples available for you to order. Companies are dying to get you to try their baby products, so they send out free samples to pregnant mom’s and new parents all the time.

Here’s a list of the best baby freebies for Canadians in 2021.

Johnson & Johnson

Freebie: One coupon for a free trial “take along” kit, complete with baby lotion and baby wash.
Get this freebie: Call 1-800-361-8068 or Email

Babies/Toys R Us

Freebie: One sample package, including: 1 Huggies newborn diaper, small package of Huggies wipes, 1 rash cream sample, Johnson & Johnson baby wash sample, Playtex drop-ins bottle, nursing pads, Lanolin sample, Nuk pacifier, 2 baby spoons, diaper coupons, baby wash cloth.
Get this freebie: Create a baby registry in store.

Heinz Baby Club

Freebie: Baby cereal, growth chart, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Similac Baby Club

Freebie: Similac Mom sample, Similac infant formula, cheques/coupons every so often for $3-$5 each.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Enfamil Baby Club

Freebie: Coupons, formula sample, coupon for FREE pack of ready-to-feed formula.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Nestle Baby Club

Freebie: Infant formula sample, backpack, coupons, change pad, small Nuk bottle, small bag of Huggies diapers for newborns (samples may vary).
Get this freebie: Join the club.


Freebie: Baby spoon, baby cereal, coupons.
Get this freebie: Call 1-866-335-9080 and ask for promotional package.

Save On Foods

Freebie: Various coupons emailed to members that have joined the More Rewards program.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.


Freebie: Playtex drop-ins bottle, newborn Huggies diaper, Zincofax diaper rash cream sample, coupons.
Get this freebie: Create baby registry & join “waiting club” in store.


Freebie: Nipple cream sample, 5 cloth wipes, 2 breast milk storage bags, 2 disposable nursing pads.
Get this freebie: Email and tell them you plan to breastfeed. Ask for samples.


Freebie: Hydrasense samples, bath toy, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Pampers Gifts to Grow

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes. We also have a list of free Pampers Gifts to Grow pins.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Enfamil Enfagrow

Freebie: Toddler drink.
Get this freebie: Order here.

Shoppers V.I.B

Freebie: Bib, Huggies diaper, Huggies sample pack wipes, Heinz baby food sample, Aveeno baby wash, Optimum coupons for baby products.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Sobeys Baby Club

Freebie: Prenatal vitamins for 2 years (must pick up monthly), pharmacy consultation, welcome kit, baby coupons.
Get this freebie: Sign up at your local Sobeys pharmacy.

Thrifty Foods

Freebie: 8×12 Birthday cake for your child’s first birthday.
Get this freebie: Visit your local Thrifty Foods.

It’s always nice to receive free samples in the mail. Especially when they are for products that are expensive to purchase in the stores (like diapers and formula). Thankfully, there are many companies that are willing to send samples to expecting parents. It’s a great way to test out their products before you actually buy a full size version.

I hope that this list of free baby samples for Canadians has helped you. I made sure to only include companies that I personally have received samples from. There are many baby freebies available, but I warn you to be cautious about the ones you sign up for, as there are many scams out there.

The baby freebies above are freebies that are legitimate and have been received not just by myself, but by many others.

If you have signed up for baby/toddler freebies before, please let us know what you received!

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  1. Cathy

    Shoppers drug mart.

  2. Maria

    Sobeys: register at the pharmacy for some great freebies too…

    Sobeys has a baby program where you get:
    -Free prenatal vitamins
    -Free welcome kit
    -Free Pharmacist consultation
    -Baby savings
    -Ongoing support for you and your baby

    sign up at

    It seems that you need to go to a Sobeys pharmacy to sign up for now, I couldn’t find the link on the website (it may not be up yet).


    You need to go to Sobeys to sign up. You will receive free vitamins for 2 years and have to go monthly to pick them up (works like a prescription). Great deal! Prenatal vitamins can be so costly but neccessary!

  3. Brooklynn

    Your link for Enfamil Baby Club takes you to the Similac Baby Club.

  4. LG

    Can I ask why you got a toddler bed? Personally I think these are a waste of money – either move them right into a single bed or put the mattress on the floor because now you had to buy a crib mattress when you probably had one for Elliott that the baby could have used versus just buying a single/twin mattress which will be good for a long time.

  5. Katie

    Shoppers drug Mart has a great “V.I.B” baby program.. You get a booklet of coupns to use that increase your amount of Optimum points, some smaples of soaps, shampoos etc… and a bib, a few other items I cant remember, but it was a great package!!!

    • Jess

      the v.i.b program no longer exists πŸ™

  6. Heather Rowe

    I’m due with my second child next month and appreciate you posting this information. I had already signed up with some of the companies, but wasn’t aware of others. Maria thanks to you as well for the information regarding the baby program at Sobey’s!

  7. Tava

    Thanks ms J xD

  8. Jennifer

    Thanks so much for sharing these links! I’m currently pregnant with my first child and i’m sooo very happy that you shared this info! πŸ™‚

  9. Rachel

    Thirfty foods out on the west coast gives you a free birthday cake for your child’s first birthday. This is a fairly large slab cake with decorations and writing on it. It is about a $20 value. I have picked up one for several 1st birthdays in my family and they are really nice.

  10. Cassie Howard

    Thanks for sharing those other freebies! πŸ™‚

    Brooklynn: Thank you, I fixed it.

    LG: It was free with credits. πŸ˜‰ That, and we really don’t have the space for a twin. We already had an extra mattress from when we bought the crib awhile back, so the toddler bed/mattress cost us nothing.

  11. AG

    Thanks for this info! BUT….I’m not preggers yet, although I’ve started up with Pampers & Huggies with their points (have a home daycare)!
    How do you end up finding out all these freebies?

  12. Jenna

    Amazing! I knew of some of these already but it’s VERY helpful to find more places with free stuff to give away! Thanks!!

  13. Cassie Howard

    AG: Lots of Google surfing! πŸ˜› Also, many people on our Facebook page told me about some of these as well.

  14. Courtney

    When I go to the VIB page, it tells me it is expired πŸ™

  15. Courtney

    Never mind, I just went to their page and it worked! Thanks πŸ™‚

  16. Michelle

    I have a $5 enfamil coupon if anyone wants it. Expires April 4, 2012.

  17. C

    The hydra sense one never actually sends you anything. Myself and a few of my friends have never gotten one single thing thing back from them except countless emails.

  18. Annie

    Where can I find (safe on food) stores??

  19. Annie

    Thanks you the info but Where can I find (safe on food) stores?? Or is there web link??

  20. KATHY


  21. Linda

    I signed up for the Nestle Baby program and I never got my diaper bag in the mail at all…and its past my due date. I emailed them about it but didn’t know if this happened to anyone else?

  22. Cassie Howard

    Linda: I would give them a call. It’s possible that they are just behind.

  23. Jeanette

    I sent away for the Johnson & Johnson “Take Along Pack” and yesterday received the coupon for it plus 2 other Johnson coupons which will certainly come in handy! I pick up the Take Along Pack at Walmart today.

  24. Jodi

    I just tried to sign up for the Shoppers V.I.B promotion. It says that it is expired. Just thought I would let you know! Thank you for all the info you provide to us! πŸ™‚

  25. Ashley

    I signed up for everything and the only thing I ended up receiving was coupons and voucher from Johnson & Johnson for the Take Along Pack.

  26. Ashley

    Sorry, I did do a registry at Sears and Babies R Us and received those packages…except I guess I registered too close to the beginning of the year as all the coupons I received in my Sears package had expired! Make sure to check before leaving the store, maybe they just gave me an old package by mistake?

  27. Sarah

    The Shoppers Drug Mart page says that the offer is expired. πŸ™

  28. Lynne

    I notice a few people used the shoppers vip link and it showed as expired. All you have to do is enter ” shoppers drug mart vip” in your web browser and it will allow you to become a vip member. Just tried this myself and it worked. Good luck.

  29. debhra

    hydra sense never got anything from this company

  30. Alexandra

    Hi all. I thought I would chime in with my recent experience using these tips. I signed up for all of the suggested freebies above and here is my update (so far). The Johnson and Johnson’s coupon came in the mail really quickly and I picked up the kit at Wal Mart last night with no issue. Wonderful! The Shopper’s VIB program is still available but the link above it outdated. I haven’t received anything them yet but hope to in the next few months before our baby girl arrives. I had heard that Medela also offered samples but quickly received an e-mail stating that due to the overwhelming amount of requests they no longer offer their sample program. I hope to receive samples from the other offers above in the next few months. Thanks again for this great post!

  31. Karine

    I just received the Enfamil kit… which was a can of formula, with a 6 pack of individual formula mixes, one 8$ coupon for Enfamil products, one 5$ coupon for Enfamil products and a 10$ coupon for any FisherPrice purchase of 50$ or more.

    Johnson & Johnson sent a coupon for the “take along” kit and 2-$1 coupons for their baby products (from just about any company they own)

    Lansinoh sent an envelope with the items as described above

    Similac sent a can of formula, another of liquid formula for lactose intolerant baby, one bottle of Similac Mom, one of Similac Children (or toddler, I can’t remember), a 10$ off coupon for Similac formula and a 10$ off coupon for Similac Mom 6pack.

    Babies “R” Us – similar to mentionned above (It’s been so long, I can’t remember what was in that bag)

    I will be getting my Nestle Baby diaper bag by mail next week!

    Thanks for the awesome tips!
    Oh, and after reading the comment about Medela just now, I decided to give it a shot myself in hopes they changed their mind… we’ll see what they reply next week.

  32. Myrna

    Hi, when you go to the Shoppers VIB link, yes it does say that it’s expired but all you need to do is look on the left top page & click where it says
    Expecting or New Mom?
    Join v.i.b and receive great offers!
    and that will take you to the new form.

  33. Myrna

    Oops I meant on the top right side…
    Expecting or New Mom?
    Join v.i.b and receive great offers! click there to get to the new form.

  34. Karine

    Update: Got the nestle bΓ©bΓ© bag, which is exactly as described above with an added small bag of Huggies Diapers for newborns (yay)

    Nothing from Medela, I got a similar response to Alexandra did though they told me it was too costly for their company.

    And I’m still waiting for the V.I.B. to come through… even the girl at the Shoppers cash was telling me about the program and the package; so I would assume it’ll come at some point soon (it has been over a month – starting to think our little girl will be here before the V.I.B. stuff)

    • laura

      I signed up for VIB long time ago and nothing came…they just keep sending emails..
      Has anyone received anything from them recently??

      • Jasmine

        I work at shoppers.. I’m due in about 7 weeks and signed up for the program a little while ago.. it does take a few weeks to get the package, but you get a bunch of samples, a bib, a booklet of points coupons, and a coupon for a free photobook from the shoppers photo website. It’s a pretty good package, and anyone in your family can sign up for the program. i added the program to both mine and my boyfriend’s optimum card, so we actually ended up getting two welcome packages πŸ™‚

        • Emily

          I signed up for the VIB package when I was roughly 7 months pregnant and I haven’t gotten anything I went to the store and they said they’re only available for babies under 6 months.. he’s older now but I did apply well before he was born πŸ™ oh well.

          • Karine

            Yep, just received e-mails, never received the pack either. My little one is only 4 months old so I guess I should contact them soon then. We’ll see what happens.

  35. Nicole K

    Just wanted to share what I have received:

    Johnson & Johnson: coupons for $1 off their products plus a coupon for a free trial pack!
    Lansinoh: recived a whole bunch of samples
    Nestle: just received an email from them letting me know that my bag will be coming soon…keeping my fingers crossed.
    Enfamil: received 2 rather large formula samples plus 2 $10 coupons along with a few other coupons AND I just received some other random coupons from them yesterday (not for baby stuff but other stuff I’ll use)

    Thanks for letting us know about all of these!

  36. Leny

    i signed up on all those freebies 5 years ago and Nestle give me diaper bag pack, similac give me the same thing and enfamil also.

    and now with my 2nd baby that due on jan 7, 2013…hopefully nestle wont let me down, i already received some powderes milk pack fron enfamil and a cheques from similac…i emailed medela and lansinoh a few weeks ago and they said they dont give samples anymore.

  37. Angela

    Huggies has moved their reward site to

  38. Debbie

    Thank you so much for this blog I am 7 months pregnant with our second child and like to save as much money as possible I’ve already started ordering freebies πŸ™‚

  39. laura

    thanks for sharing this! I tried getting the Lansinoh stuff but they are not sending anymore because the response was overwhelming πŸ™

    Does anyone know how the nursing pads are from them?

    • Cassie Howard

      I’ve used them, they are pretty good!

    • Cheryll

      I e-mailed Lansinoh on the 19th and on the 22nd they sent me an e-mail saying they would br happy to send out some samples of their brestfeeding products.

    • Crystal

      I just received my Lansinoh samples today, I love their breast pads and they are individually wrapped also so they stay clean. I would contact them again since I only emailed about 3wks ago.

  40. Rebecca

    Thanks for all the great sites! I am expecting my third and I never had the opportunity to take advantage of these great offers with my first two. Hopefully everything will be sent that was mentioned.

    Thanks Cassie.

    • Cassie Howard

      You’re very welcome!

  41. Lindsay

    How long did it take everyone to receive their nestle baby bag and goodies?

    Thx for all the links πŸ™‚

    • Cassie Howard

      I received mine about 2 weeks before baby was born.

    • Kayla

      i ordered the nestle baby bag back in june…got confirmation that it was sent August 17…my baby was born September 8th…and i got the bag October 8th.

    • Jen

      I got an email saying that my diaper bag was shipped in mid september. I never recieved it and my emails are being ignored that I have sent Nestle. Way to go Nestle!

  42. aja

    How can I order the cake for my baby’s first birthday?

    • Cassie Howard

      You need to visit the store.

  43. Sherry Jameson

    I ordered the baby pack almost 1 and a half ago and never received it my grandson will be 2 in March but now have a new grandson born in july just passed and still no baby pack what is up with that ??? You only send to some people??

    • Cassie Howard

      I suggest contacting Shoppers Drug Mart to find out why your pack never arrived.

    • Amanda

      If you registered to the VIB program after your baby was 3 months old you will not recieve it. I had the same problem and called and complained and that was the response I had got. Alot of programs that send out free samples only send out the products if your child is under 3 months old.

  44. Rebecca

    For the nesle baby pack does it arrive a couple weeks before the due date?

    • Cassie Howard

      It varies. I received mine a few weeks before baby was born, but I know a few people who have received it after they had already had their baby.

  45. melissa

    Thank you for all these great sites. I just got my vib kit today (took about 3 months). I have gotten so many free samples/coupons/products as a result of this website. Thank you for all the money saving tips and flyer match ups! I look forward to checking your site every day now πŸ™‚

  46. YVONNE

    My daughter(new Mom) or I (Grandmother) sent away for Johnson & Johnson, Babies/Toys R Us, Heinz Baby Club, Similac Baby Club and Nestle Baby Club, We received every item. Some took longer than others but all arrived. The Babies/Toys R Us was great. After you registar they give you a bag full of stuff. one item was a $5.00 coupon to use in the store, so registar 1st then shop. If you have Welcome Wagan in you area check them out. They do a free baby show. My daughter got lots from there. Now we have found this web site, we will contact those we did not know about. Thank you

    • brenda

      whats a welcome wagon

      • Olivia

        Welcome Wagon is an organization that has been around for ages. They provide a free service be it a new move,a baby, wedding, etc. When I moved years ago, they dropped by my house with a basket full of various coupons for provincial parks, city maps, library info, etc. I know they put together free baby showers ( shows) where you receive various free products from the various vendors in a bag.Very nice items for baby and mom. Same with free bridal shows.
        You could look up your yellow pages ( online?) and contact them to find out the next show’s date. I hope this helps you.

        Cassie, did your realtor contact them for you on your recent move?

    • Deanna

      Theres a few different sites. helps alot too!
      I can’t seem to figure out how to get J&J, and other sites listed here to work(besides similac, enfamil, nestle), if someone could help me out that would be great! New mom as of this month!

      • britney

        When you go onto j&j, go to the contact us, and fill in your information and in the comment section put requesting newborn baby trial kit, and they will send you a coupon

  47. Kris

    Moms of multiples: there are lots of great offers out there just for us. When my twins were born (7+ years ago now…), I had to send in proof of birth (some wanted copies of the birth certificates so it took a little longer, others took the statement of live birth as proof)…off the top of my head, the following companies have special offers for twins or more:
    -Pampers (high value coupons)
    -Huggies (high value coupons)
    -Heinz (16 jars of baby food, 2 boxes of cereal, lullaby CD)
    -J&J (2 new parent packs and twice the coupons)
    -The First Years (4 baby toys)
    -Evenflo (sippy cups)
    These are the things I received (again, 7 years ago), but I’m sure some of these programs must still be in place.

  48. KC

    I claimed my Babies R Us bag today, however all the coupons included were expired (Dec 31, 2012). If they offer this package, they should at least provide up-to-date merchandise. No savings for me. =(

    • Laura

      Contact babies r us and huggies and they will send you new ones. (my sister got new ones)

  49. sherri jolicoeur

    I would love some free stuff for my twins that r being born in july

  50. Beverly

    Happy Grandmother tobe and trying to put some sample together for the kids to see what the like. so we know what to Buy for them.

  51. Cat Carter

    When I signed up at Sears, the floor rep handed me my reusable shopping bag once we were done (I wasn’t expecting anything so was very pleased) she apologetically said “this is all we give out now” and seemed quite embarrassed. All that was in it was a flyer to purchase RESPs, a coupon for a free makeup consultation (which is free anyway) and a coupon for 50% off the photo studio, that had expired in September. I was in the store on Jan 15. Good thing I wasn’t expecting anything when I went in!

  52. Nikolina

    I went to Sears to register for the baby registry and all I got was bunch of papers and magazines. No samples, coupons :(.And I saw some people even got a $25 gift card. So Disapointed

  53. Rose

    I registered at Sears in store last week. Same, didn’t receive free package. I was given a folder with some papers in one of their Christmas gift bags. I asked about the package, and the rep said we only give out what we have from the manufacturers. At the moment, they had none. Babies R Us didn’t have a package in stock but did say to drop by later and will give me one.

  54. sara

    Does any one know if the toys r us has a baby registry or just the baby r us/toys r us. We are getting a toys r us in the town I live in and I’m not sure if they sell baby items as well or not.


    • Ashlyn

      yes they do sell baby stuff in toys r us. they have one side for toys and the other side for babys

  55. Ashlyn

    I’m a new mom of a baby girl i sent away for everything. i got everything sent to me that i sent away for this is great. it really helped me out alot i told my friends about this they were shock

  56. Jaime-Lynn

    Thank you for putting this all in one place. I learned of your site from Good Food For Healthy Babies in Carleton Place. A Connections program.

  57. Astra

    Looks like shipping costs are reasonable, but did you have to pay duty because it’s shipping from the U.S. to Canada?

  58. tash

    If you go here you can get the johnsons baby pack if you sign up and list your household occupants including that you are expecting:

    Not sure if heinz still offers anything by mail…
    Shoppers, Enfamil, Nestle, Similac, and nestle toddler all seem to work for free baby goodies, pampers and huggies no longer seem to say anything about free items in the mail… we’ll see what happens, however their rewards programs seem alright and they start you off with a few free rewards points. The huggies link on here no longer works but is easily found on google.

  59. Deborah

    I just emailed Lansinoh and received a reply saying they do not send out samples except through their retail partners who give samples when you sign up for gift registries. They also said that I could get coupons from the website, but that the coupons are only valid in the US.

  60. Marlena

    The same thing happened to me when I made my baby registry at Babies R US at Lawrence and Vp. They just got a bunch of the gift bags back in stock and I picked mine up yesterday. Some great samples/coupons in there πŸ™‚

  61. Marsha

    Wow, this is a great list! I only knew about a few of these promotions. Thanks so much!!

    Also redflagdeals sometimes has amazing baby items on discount or for free πŸ™‚


  62. Christin

    I was just about to “purchase” one of the slings from Seven Slings, but the shipping to Ontario was going to be over $20. That’s still cheaper than the price of the sling itself ($49), but I think that’s too high of a price for such a simple sling.

  63. Jenna

    STAY AWAY from . They gather your email addresses and give them to all sorts of companies but you never receive anything in the mail. I have been receiving all sorts of phone calls offering various things for babies but need to pay for it all apparently. The person above who suggested this site is either a schill trying to get you to sign up, or doesn’t realize it’s a scam website. Notice on the site, there is NO contact information.

  64. Robin

    Another freebie for anyone living in White Rock/South Surrey B.C. is free 5×7 baby photo taken with Santa at Semiahmoo Mall. This is for babies born during current year. Visit customer service desk for coupon & then head over to Santa for the pic πŸ™‚

  65. Katy

    I just got my gift pack from Shoppers v.i.b. They have cut down a lot. It was only a bib, a sample baby wash, few new born diapers and coupons which will be expired in a month. I can’t really use those coupons as my due date is in June.

  66. Cidalia

    Right now, Lansinoh is not giving any samples. They do have printable coupons on their site. Unfortunately, when I went in to register at Sears, they were out of samples. :/

  67. Michelle

    Just got an email from Shoppers and their V.I.B program stopped November 2016. πŸ™

  68. Hanan

    My name is Hanan, I have a newborn baby just 2 months old. I have been trying to register for free baby samples by filling up the registration page, it doesn’t allowed me. It keeps telling me invalid address. Please help me register cause I am interested to see what products is good to use for my baby.


  69. Anne

    London Drugs also offers a Free Baby Welcome Package.

  70. Sherry

    Hi I live in a little town way up north in BC Canada and we do not have most of the store offer here so how would I get free baby things on a very low income here thanks for your time

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