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Do It Yourself: Homemade Playdough

Homemade Playdough

Andrea from Pie Birds shared a great homemade playdough recipe.

I was just thinking about buying playdough for Elliott the other day – now I think I’ll try making it instead!


  1. Carrie

    make it all the time – kids play with and some times like to eat it so i like knowing whats in it.

  2. Sarah

    We have similar recipe with alumn…also just got a tip from the ladies at the early years centre…colour with kool aid packs….easy and smells yummy! I can’t wait to try!

  3. Brianne

    If your child doesn’t have peanut or honey allergies: I have also tried peanut butter playdough which kids love and can eat.
    Its usally just made with 1/2 peanut butter, 1/2 cup honey, and 1/2 cup powdered milk. Some recipes I have seen also use a bit of powdered sugar.

    Another “playdough” that I like to do is just sugar cookie dough (or any cookie dough) and the kids can play with it, create something, then bake and eat it. If you want to go a step further, you could even have them decorate it. Its a fun way to involve them with baking cookies but with more play time than usual.

    Another good one is Outrageous Ooze…messy but very fun! It’s just cornstarch and water. When mixed to the right consistency, it will feel like a liquid as you stir it and then when your touch it or pick it up and squish it into a ball, it will harden. Stop pressing or squishing and it becomes a liquid again. Really fun 🙂 Check out this site for more info:

    Hahaha, can you tell I’m a teacher yet??? I have looked up many of these playtime dough and science experiments 🙂

  4. Jessica

    We make playdough in our class all the time. Best tips I have are to always store in an airtight container (bags sometimes leak air). As well, refrigerated playdough tends to last much, much longer! For fun colours you can use powdered tempra paint (about 1/4 cup) or koolaid powder (this often ends up sticky for me… just a warning). For great smells try adding a tbsp of vanilla or a cinnamon. If your playdough does get a bit hard (not rock hard, but is cracking) you can rehydrate it with a bit of boiling water (add a few tbsp at a time).

    Also, great things to do with playdough for young children: try spelling out letters or names. Roll snakes. Cut it with safety scissors. Make your favourite foods. Try mixing colours (what happens when you mix red and yellow playdough?). Add some plastic people or toy cars to make the playdough more exciting.

  5. Cassie Howard

    Brianne: That Outrageous Ooze looks AWESOME! I am totally making that. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    Jessica: Those are great tips, thank you! I didn’t know about keeping the playdough in the refrigerator. I will have to do that!

  6. Natasha

    My preschool uses a no-bake kind which works great everytime. It’s 2 cups BOILING water, 1 cup salt, 1 package of koolaid (or you could change this for food coloring/extract) … mix well until salt is mostly disolved and add 2 tablespoons oil, 2 cups of flour. Knead… add more flour if sticky (depends on humidity in area, we always need an extra half cup or so). Kids help us make it everytime. So simple.

    And we put it out with plastic knifes, rolling pins and cookie cutters. Entertains kids for hours!

  7. Catherine

    We do the same but with Koolaid packets. It makes it smell really good and the kids love it, the colors are vibrant. 🙂

  8. Cassie Howard

    Natasha: I made your version today and it was perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!

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