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11 Must-Try Ideas for First Day of School Pictures

11 Must-Try Ideas for First Day of School Pictures

school pictures

First day of school pictures mark a significant milestone. Fresh haircuts, squeaky clean running shoes and new outfits. It is a time when I wish I could press pause and savour the moment.

The first time I ever took a first day of school picture was when I transitioned from homeschooling to traditional schooling. My three oldest boys had their first day of school together – entering JK, Grade One and Grade 3.

my boys

Of all the pictures I took that day, this one is my favourite. Seeing them lined up like steps with their backpacks. Simply takes me back (no pun intended)….

Here are some creative ways for us all to take first day of school pictures for priceless keepsakes.

Days of firsts and lasts

oliver combo

Take a picture of their first day of school and their last day of school to capture how quickly kids change. Having a blank space in the background lets you add in their favourite things and the date.

The Whole Gang

first day last day

Include the little ones who are not off to school yet. It’s a big day for them too—sending off a sibling. Their change over the year will also be fun to chart.

Unique Background

garage door

I have never taken a picture of my kids in front of the garage door. Clearly I have been missing an artistic opportunity for first day of school pictures. Must do this one this year.

Comic Relief

stop crying

Why not bring some humour into a potentially tough day for parents (and kids). This blackboard cutout can be customized to send messages like “First Day of Kindergarten”,” School Rocks” or “Off to do my learnin’!”

Chalkboard Idea for Toddlers

potty training
How cute is this? Makes me want to potty train a little one just to do this photo shoot. Once the big kids head off to school, set this up with your toddler.

Classic Books (and an apple)

apple 2

Kids will love the challenge of balancing books and fruit on their heads – which will give you time to snap that perfect picture. Can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss.


1st day cutout frame

Great idea for parents or teachers. Use an empty frame to create a cute effect. And of course teachers could get 25 pictures out of one pack of letters.

Chalk Talk

using chalk
Let the kids come up with their own crazy poses beside your chalk creation. Not sure if I’d put chalk in their hands after they are dressed for school, but you might be more ambitious.

Trendy Hashtags

for tweens and teens

Yes, even teens can take first day of school pictures! You don’t want a young pose for older teenagers (neither do they). Let them get creative with the pose and it will seem much more natural. This site offers free printables of various hash tags. Perfect for tweens and teens.

A list of inspiration

list of photo ideas

Want more ideas? This photographer has created a list of ideas to spark your creativity.

If you read our post about easing into a back to school routine, you could take the first day pictures the day before (during the dress rehearsal). Less stress can only work to our advantage.

Plan now to capture this significant day. Set your camera out by the lunch boxes the night before so you don’t forget! And remember that the pose doesn’t have to be perfect—it will already be perfect because they are your kids. And this is their journey.

Do you have any traditions for first day of school pictures?

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