If you are big into movies, one of the best things you can do is to earn sign up for the Scene program and start earning points. You can earn points for watching movies and buying tasty snacks. And you can redeem your points for a variety of great perks, including free movie tickets.

So, if you decide to sign up for the Scene program, you will want to start earning points as soon as possible. Signup is free; you can do it online, or do it at Cineplex Theatres. Here are some ways to earn Scene points so that you can enjoy your free perks faster:

Earn Scene Points with the “Regular” Program

First of all, you can earn scene points with the regular program. You get 250 points just for joining the Scene program. Then, you start earning points as you make certain purchases. You get 100 points when you buy movie tickets, no matter how you purchase them. You also get points for showing your card when you buy concessions. Here are some other ways that you can earn extra scene points:

  • Buy movies via Cineplex.com: You get 5 extra points for each DVD, Blu-Ray or digital movie download through the Cineplex site.
  • Purchase movie tickets remotely: You'll get your points for buying your movie tickets, but if you use cineplex.com to make your purchase, or use the Cineplex app to complete your purchase, you'll get 20 bonus points.
  • Child movie ticket: Buy a child movie ticket, and you'll get 50 extra points, whether you buy at the theatre or online.
  • Concession combos: Choose a combo at the snack counter, and you can get between 75 and 150 extra points.

As you can see, just by doing things you normally would, you can earn Scene points. Plan it out a little bit, and you could quickly see a lot of points in your account.

Supercharge Your Scene Points with Bank Cards

Scotiabank has partnered with Cineplex to offer Scene branded debit and credit cards. These cards can help you supercharge your efforts to earn Scene points.

If you use the Scotiabank Scene Debit Card, you will earn one Scene point for each $5 that you spend, no matter where you do your spending. So that means that you can earn points even while you are grocery shopping or filling your tank at gas. You can also earn points on certain purchases made in the United States. If you use your debit card to pay at participating Cineplex Theatres, you get 5 scene points for each dollar you spend.

Signing up for Scotiabank's Scene debit card provides you with 2,000 bonus points. This is enough for you to immediately redeem your points for free movies (a free movie is 1,000 Scene points, even VIP tickets).

Another option is to sign up for the Scene Visa Card from Scotiabank. There is a signup bonus of 4,000 points with this card, and you get a scene point for every dollar you spend. This is better than the debit card, which requires $5 of spending to get a scene point. You also get the five points per dollar when you spend at Cineplex.

If you want to earn free movies, plan your spending and use the Scene program to earn points.

If you are big into movies, here are some ways to earn Scene points so that you can enjoy your free perks faster, including free movie tickets.