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How to earn Swag Bucks

Do you use Swagbucks?

When I first heard about Swagbucks, I thought it was a scam of some sort. I was extremely skeptical. I had friends tell me they were making around $50 per month and not doing anything different, all they did was switch search engines. I didn’t believe them. It sounded way too good to be true so I didn’t bother with it. But I signed up anyway.

And guess what – it worked.

In my first year using Swagbucks, I earned $120 worth of gift certificates. That’s around $10 per month (some months are better than others). This is for doing something that I was already doing, except now I am getting paid for it.

So, how do you get lots of Swag “bucks”?


This is the best way for you to rack up bucks. It seems hard to convince people to sign up for this program and actually use it, but it’s worth it. Give them proof of your prizes. For every buck that they win, you’ll win as well. You can win up to 1,000 bucks per referral!


You can type all of your searches right in the toolbar whenever you want instead of always having to click on the homepage to do it. Also, you earn at least 1 buck every single day just by opening your browser with the toolbar.

Make a search your homepage

Most people say to make your homepage, but I have a much better tip for you. Here’s what you do:

– Go to
– Search for something you search for a lot.
– When the search results come up, you want to make the search results page your homepage.
– Then, every time you click the HOMEPAGE button in your browser (the little house), you will end up at that search page. This means that every time you go to your homepage you will have a chance to win bucks – and you didn’t even have to search for anything!

This is my best tip, and after referrals, is how I get the bulk of my Swag bucks.

Read the blog

The Swagbucks blog is always updated with news and special offers. Look for posts from “The Swag Guy” for exclusive Swag Buck opportunities usually only available for blog readers.

Add to Facebook

Just like above, you can often find exclusive Swag Buck opportunities on the Swagbucks Facebook page.

These 5 tips are the things that I do myself and what I think will earn you the most bucks in the shortest amount of time.

Not a member of Swagbucks? Sign up here! Also, don’t forget my other post: Earn Swagbucks Faster.


  1. Marsha

    Hi there,

    With the $5 Amazon gift cards, can you use multiples on one item or can you only use one per order? Thanks!

  2. Marsha

    One more question 🙂 Can you apply the gift cards to the shipping cost or is that always separate? Thank you.

  3. Cassie Howard

    you can use multiple $5 GCs per order and yes you can apply them to tax/shipping. 🙂

  4. nikki

    you also get 1 SB per day each – for doing a daily poll (takes 10 seconds!) and just for visiting the surveys page and the NOSO page daily 🙂

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