My wife and I don't usually make a big deal about our birthdays, we normally just have some family over and have dinner and open presents. But coming up is a special birthday, our son Christian turns 1 year old in a couple weeks! So even though it'll be a memorable day, we plan to save money while planning his birthday party.

Christian's first taste of birthday cake!

  1. Plan ahead, just like other gift giving events such as Christmas. Planning ahead for a birthday party includes both budgeting throughout the year and picking up deals on presents and decorations when you see them.
  2. You can save big by holding the party at your own house. While it might be tempting to hold a party for your child at an amusement park, this can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  3. While there may not be much room at your house, keeping the invite list short can save you more in food costs.
  4. If you truly need a larger location, check some publicly funded places like libraries or the zoo.
  5. Stop by a dollar store for anything from gift wrap and cards to streamers and balloons.
  6. Bake your own cake. You can pick up a box of cake mix and some icing for just a few dollars instead of having one made for ten times the price.
  7. For food, you can save money on groceries at Costco to get a great price on a large amount of hamburgers, hot dogs and other birthday treats.
  8. Having your child's friends over? Plan frugal activities like musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey.
  9. You can create inexpensive treat bags by filling them with candies and stickers.
  10. Instead of treat bags, you could plan an activity that allows them to take something home. This is not only a fun activity, but the kids will enjoy it more than just a bag of cheap plastic toys.

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