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15 Christmas gifts teachers will treasure

Teachers give tirelessly of themselves every day. These teacher Christmas gifts will show your appreciation for all they do. Peruse this round-up of ideas that are thoughtful,budget-friendly and can often be mailed to your doorstep (you’re welcome!).

15 Christmas gifts teachers will treasure

Teacher Christmas Gifts

1. Gift card

amazon gift card
You simply can’t go wrong with a gift card. Let the teacher in your life pick their own gift, by purchasing an Amazon gift card. Customize this printable to make it a Christmas card.

2. Christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper 2
Your child’s teacher will be grateful for a roll of Christmas wrapping paper for their last-minute wrapping. Attach this thoughtful printabletag.

wrapping paper 3
Or include tape and this printable Christmas poem. Too cute.

3. Christmas soap

Watch for sales at Bath and Body over the next few weeks. Their labels are pretty enough to not need to be wrapped. Print this tag to customize this Christmas teacher gift. I’m definitely going to give out a few of these.

4. Scissors

Every teacher would welcome a quality pair of scissors for the classroom. Print this whimsical label to make the teacher smile.

5. Covered cup

drink cup with straw Pick up these cups from the Dollar Tree or Walmart, fill them with treats and customize with a Santa tag and ribbon.

6. Glue sticks

glue collage
Glue sticks are another practical gift any teacher would welcome midyear. Add this adorable label and ribbon to complete the gift.

7. Highlighters

highlighter idea
Follow this tutorial for a simple way to wrap highlighters for your child’s teacher. Make it seasonal by changing the note and the colors of the flowers.

8. Clipboard

Pick up dollar store clipboards, that are not covered in vinyl, for this teacher gift.Decorate with Christmas colours that also suit this year-round clipboard.

9. Touch screen gloves

touch screen gloves
These gloves allow your child’s teacher to operate touchscreen phones while outside in the cold. Perfect for male or female teachers.

10. Candles

candle label
Winter is the best time to burn candles, so why not replenish your child teacher’s candle supply? Festive candles will warm their heart, and pair it with this printable label you can also customize for Christmas.

11. Cotton spa slippers

For a more personal touch, pick up a pair of quality slippers for the teacher in your life.

12. Spa comforts eye pillow

eye pillow
We know that teaching can be stressful, and a pampering item like an eye pillow shows that you care.

13. Recipe books

Jessica Seinfeld’s recipe books are perfect for teachers with their own children. She teaches how to sneak vegetables into… everything! Often on sale at

Does your child’s teacher like to bake? Are they creative in all that they do? This Sprinkle Bakes: Desserts to Inspire your Inner Artist book will be a treat.
sprinkles book

14. Animal letter books

cats book
Your child will know if their teacher is a cat lover. If so, this catbook is perfect for them to enjoy at home or in the classroom. Or if they prefer dogs, pick up For the Love of Dogs: From A to Z on sale.

15. A gift that changes lives

world vision girl
Each year my children pick out items from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue to give their teachers. We have done this for many years, and each time we received teary-eyed gratitude. Teachers already change lives locally, and this allows them to change lives internationally.

We have so much to be grateful for at this time of year. And teachers deserve a thoughtful token of appreciation this Christmas.

What is your favorite Christmas gift to give teachers?


  1. Scarlett

    Actually I have to disagree with this completely. I am a teacher, and honestly the only gift on here I would enjoy basically is the gift card. Candles, mugs, gluesticks, scissors, soap? Do you know how many of these teachers have already, or get EVERY year? Don’t go generic like this, get something you think your child’s teacher would actually like….just like when you receive a gift. This list is so misleading….definitely NOT 15 gifts teachers will treasure. I don’t know who on this website wrote this, but try again. Seriously.

  2. Jane

    I couldn’t agree more. The number of mugs I have received over the years is far too many to count.

  3. Pat

    Why don’t you give some suggestions? You seem so ungrateful that your students give you gifts.

  4. Jane

    Not ungrateful, just tired of people giving the same old generic gifts that require no thought. It would be like if you have your neighbour or friend some generic gift….you really didn’t put any thought into it. It really isn’t about the cost, it is about actually thinking about it. Yes, gift cards are great, especially to coffee places. Tim Horton’s should probably be called a teachers best friend haha. Or perhaps a book for your child’s teachers library. Or some cookies that you know that teacher enjoys. Or if you have noticed there is something specific that is always being used up in that teachers classroom. Their favourite brand of coffee. Something like that. What I am saying here is that it really is about the thought….don’t cop out if you are going to give a gift. There is only so much room I have for mugs in my cupboard lol

  5. Jackie

    I am certainly glad that ‘jane’ is not my child’s teacher. I think the list is creative and fun. These are suppose to be gifts from children to their teachers, a simple inexpensive way to say thank you.

  6. Michelle

    I think these are great idea’s & I love the little comment cards that go along with them. Would be the perfect addition to the World Vision gift we usually give to the teachers. Our school also sometimes does group gifts for the teachers where each child contributes a small amount & the classmom purchases one large group on behalf of all the kids.

  7. Shannon

    I don’t remember seeing any mugs in this top 15… a cup filled with goodies, which I thought was a great idea. I received something like that as a volunteer thank you, it had a Nestea concentrated squeezee bottle with it and I used that cup all summer!…. nope, no mugs in this list.

  8. Sheri

    Come on now ladies. Be nice….
    So, I’m a teacher and yes, we get these types of things a lot. However, there’s no need to be mean and insulting.

    Here are my thoughts…this day in age you also need to be aware of allergies when giving gifts. I can’t use any fragranced soaps or candles due to my asthma. So they go in a box to be donated or I give them to friends and family members I know can enjoy them. I think the bottom line is, if you know your child’s teacher well, then get them something that suits them. Some of my favourite gifts have been things that I know we’re given specifically to ME. My favourite loose-leaf tea from David’s Tea, little tea bags, my favourite chocolates, books for my classroom, craft supplies for my classroom. Once, I even got a gift card to Extreme Pita because one of the parents knew I went there once a week for lunch with a teacher friend.

    I really appreciate gifts for the classroom because I spend so much of my own money on those things. I used to joke that the perfect gift for a primary teacher is a gift card to the dollar store because we spend so much money there. Or places like Michael’s, Scholar’s Choice or Chapters. As teachers we spend untold amounts in those types of stores buying items the school does not provide or does not provide enough of. By giving me a gift card to somewhere like that you are saving me money out of my own pocket.

    However, if you don’t know you child’s teacher that well, you can never, ever go wrong with a gift cards to Tim Horton’s or Starbucks. We always want do a little jig when we get those! 🙂
    I would say try to go thoughtful. And remember, thoughtful doesn’t mean expensive! For my kid’s teachers last year I gave them all a jar of homemade jam and fresh homemade tea biscuits. Another time it was chocolate zucchini bread and pumpkin bread. They all loved it! (Just make sure there are no allergies.)
    Also, sometimes at the school’s Scholastic Book Fair teacher’s are able to make wish lists for books they’d like to have in the classroom. For a few years I would find a book on their list and buy that for them. Then I’d save it till Christmas and give it to them then. You could always ask your child’s teacher for a wish list. You might be surprised what is on it. Who knew they wanted 30 plain white, paper plates?! 🙂

  9. Jan

    I have 7 friends who are teachers, each teaching for about 20 – 25 years, and all of them said what they would appreciate is a gift card to a coffee shop or Chapters/Indigo. They also said they need no more candles or mugs as they just donate them somewhere else. One teacher friend told me she felt guilty throwing out the candles that kids gave her but she does not like or use candles. When my children were in elementary school I would buy a nice book and place a dedication sticker inside the front cover that said ” This book is donated to “______ P.S. Library” in honour of “Teacher’s name” by “Child’s name”. That way the library got a good quality book which could be used by all students for many years. Then I would give the teacher a coffee gift card too. One year I volunteered in the school library and at the end of the year the librarian gave me a box of little shell soaps, that were clearly re-gifted. She did not want soap and neither did I. I just donated it to somewhere else.

  10. Annoyed

    Honestly, who said we even had to buy gifts for teachers? Teachers should be lucky that they even get gifts. I think it’s wrong/rude for these teachers to even suggest what we SHOULD get them and be grateful for what they do get, if they even get anything. Maybe I should save my money this year and not get something that they’ll just not appreciate. Thanks for your feedback teachers.

  11. Cassandra

    Loved these ideas. Affordable, practical and so fun! Great content, Cassie 🙂

  12. Michelle

    I am a teacher. When a young student is beaming with excitement while you open her dollar store unicorn figurine that lights up in a rainbow of colours…you can’t beat it (and you display it for a while, then give it to Good Will). But you never think, “How impractical or annoying!” It’s all about the thought. These gifts are a great combination of practicality and thoughtfulness!

    Bath & Body Works has something for everyone, and their exchange policy is amazing! I love receiving their products as gifts. If it’s not quite right, I can bring in the product and do some guilt-free shopping in a store that I love!

    Thanks for this list! I never expect anything from students, and I am always appreciative of any gesture of gratitude. A homemade card, or yet another mug…it all represents appreciation.

  13. Karen G

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I really liked the pinterest labels/tags that I found and hope that they inspire moms who don’t know specifics about their teachers, but still want to thank them at Christmas time.

  14. Adele

    I’m not a teacher. I’m a pharmacist. When someone thinks to give me a “thank you” gesture, it blows me away – be it a kind word, a card or a gift. It encourages me that I’ve made such a difference in a person’s life that they actually think of me at Christmas time!

    This list is a great starting point to help find a budget friendly way to say “thank you” – not only for teachers who put so much effort into our children’s lives, but also for the other people who serve us in our day to day…the mail carrier who stops by your house twice because you weren’t home the first time to receive a package…the concierge of your building who greets you with a smile and maybe opens the door for you on those cold or rainy days…the bus driver who invites you onto the bus in the morning or after work…the cashier at the grocery store who asks about your children or takes the time to peek into the stroller to say hello…the list is endless! If someone makes an impact on your life, let them know. The world needs more smiles and encouragement, don’t you agree?

    Merry Christmas!!

  15. suzanne

    A teacher complaining about GIFTS given to her by her students is pretty ignorant. You are obviously not deserving of any of the gifts on that list and I would suggest a lump of coal is more appropriate (or maybe someone can give you a gift card to a coal mine)! You are certainly not a role model for any child with that kind of an attitude. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  16. Julie

    The past few years the school my child attends has sent home notes asking not to send in gifts for the teachers. Suggestions were made that we could donate to the local food bank, toy gift drive, breakfast club etc instead if we wished. As the daughter of a teacher, I get it.

  17. Cindy

    I cannot believe the attitude of some of the posters here. Not one of the teachers who responded sounded ungrateful, as you suggest. They are clearly being honest and making helpful suggestions. I have many friends who are teachers, and it really is about the thought, not the money. As in, put some THOUGHT into it, if you are giving a gift. No teacher I know expects a gift, and they appreciate it when the THOUGHT is put into it. But there are only so many generic gifts you can handle. Honestly, if I were a teacher, dealing with parents like the ones who responded rudely to this article would almost be enough to drive me out of the business. You people should be ashamed of how you responded…instead of claiming these teachers aren’t role models, you should look at yourself and be a good role model for your children. Instead of being so rude and mean. With parents like these, no wonder it is hard to get and keep good teachers in the school system. Some people are so ignorant it astounds me.

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