Make extra money with Facebook groups

Facebook Buy and Sell

Facebook buy & sell groups

Have you heard of Facebook Buy & Sell Groups? Or Facebook Garage Sales? Facebook Resell Groups?

This is just another way to get rid of your unwanted stuff and make some money in the process. Think of them as online thrift stores.

So how do you find these Facebook groups?

Log in to Facebook and in the search bar, type your location and add “buy & sell” or something similar. For example, if you live in Ottawa, Ontario, search for “Ottawa Buy & Sell”, and if there are any groups available, they will pop up.

You can then click on the group, and click the “Join Group” button. Some groups will allow anyone to join right away, but most require approval, and it can take up to a week to get access to the group (but it’s usually 24-48 hours, in my experience).

Once approved, you can post a photo and description of your item for sale, then arrange to meet with an interested buyer. If you’re interested in someone else’s item for sale, leave a comment on their post to let them know.

A couple of things to note:

  • Always meet someone you don’t know at a public place.
  • Remember to remove your item once it sells.
  • If you have more than one interested buyer, make sure to put PPU (pending pick up) on your post.
  • Make sure to read the “Rules” before posting anything. You can find these under “files” on the group page.

Do you use Facebook buy & sell groups?


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