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7 ways to sell your stuff

Yard Sale

After months of looking at your packed closets, shelves, kitchen cabinets, your garage, or any other storage space in your home, you’ve finally had enough and are ready to clear out the clutter.

Congratulations on getting the motivation for getting rid of things you no longer use! Not only will you make more room in your home and make it easier to find things, but you can turn your unused items into cash.

The following are 7 ways that you can sell your unused stuff.

1. Free online ads
Over the years I’ve sold many of my old items online. Everything from electronics & clothing, to furniture & household items – I sold them all online. There are numerous places to post your items online for free, but two of my favorites are:- Craigslist
KijijiBoth sites are extremely easy to use. You can post pictures, add a short description, and list your asking price, too. All of this can be done in less than 5 minutes per ad. Craigslist and Kijiji are the most popular places to sell your things online, and both offer great exposure. 2. Local newspaper classifieds
Many people opt to post in their local newspapers to reach a target audience. Typically bigger items are listed, such as furniture, appliances, and cars. There is a small fee associated with listing your item, but depending on the cost of your item, the fee may be worth it to you.

When searching for a place to advertise, consider the listing fee and features offered, such as a number of words allowed and whether you can include a picture or not (pictures really help you to sell, so use them if you can). Also, don’t forget to ask if they include a free online listing with your print ad.

3. Yard sales
One of the most traditional ways to sell your stuff is through a garage sale. It’s easy to set up and there is no cost to do so. If you don’t live in a house, discuss with your family or friends about possibly holding a joint garage sale at their home.

For those who live in condominiums or townhomes, ask your local management about a community garage sale. Most condo properties hold once a year community garage sale.

Street garage sales are also gaining popularity. Get together with some neighbors and throw a street garage sale and watch your items sell effortlessly. It’s easy to have a successful yard sale and make some extra cash when you have a large audience – and you get large audiences by having lots of stuff for sale.

4. Online stores
Online stores work the best if you have multiple items of something in good or very good condition.

This can be collectibles of books, movies, music, trading cards, and memorabilia. There are fees associated with online stores, which can be up to 15% of the selling price of your item.

This type of selling is not for your average Joe, as it involves more time and commitment, but in return, you get extensive exposure. Good online stores to inquire at would be:


5. Local stores
Most local grocery stores have a free bulletin board, typically located near the exit of the store, where people can advertise their small business or sell their items.

Create a nice ad on your computer (or by hand if you are good at that type of thing!), list your phone number in tear pads at the bottom of the ad, and post it on the bulletin.

This is a great way to get free exposure for your sale goods.

6. Pawnshops
If you have more valuable items to sell, such as memorabilia, silverware, or anything unique, another option is to sell your items at a pawn shop.

Keep in mind that the price you get may not be what you are looking for, simply because the pawnshop has to resell the item and make a profit as well.

Approach with confidence and don’t be afraid to walk away from the offer.

7. eBay consignment stores
You can find these stores in your local yellow pages or via eBay’s Trading Assistant.

Selling via this route works best for a small number of items that you don’t have much time to sell. You take your item or have it picked up (if offered), agree on a price to sell, and have the store sell it for you. Once the item is sold, they will take a commission from the sale.

Since you’ve finally had enough of all the excess stuff in your home and took on the big step of purging, you now have to find the best method or methods to sell your stuff.

Selling your stuff is one of the most simple ways to make some extra cash. Have fun with it! Get some friends or family members to help you out and keep it easy and stress-free.

Any cash you make is better than your old items sitting around, collecting dust, right?

What’s your favorite way to sell your stuff?


  1. Leia

    I sell all of my kids clothes and old toys, books and videos at my local consignment store. I also take my clothes that no longer fit, etc. They price your items and sell them and then take a % of the sale. Works well for me as I only have to pack up the stuff in bags and drop it off. You can use your credit in the store or cash it out. I’ve done it both ways. Using credit to buy new toys or kids clothes or cashing it out. I usually make about $150 2-3 times a year. I usually cash it out when the kids clothes go on sale and I pre-buy for next year. $150 goes really far when Old Navy has their clearance sales and most items are $1-4 a piece.

  2. Lesley

    I sell stuff on a facebook group for my town that is a buy, sell and trade group! Its free and easy!

  3. MelanieC

    I sell and buy stuff on facebook “for sale” groups in my area, and on

  4. me!

    i sell mainly on the local fb pages, there is a womens, childrens, house adn home, garage sale, toys swap and shop, plus size, teens clothing, and thats just the ones i belong too, there is more for specific items like lulu lemon and such

    i used to do consignment, but the only local consignment store isn’t very good, so i have found it not worth the time to drop it off.

    another place i find locally to sell is as i find where i live lots of people have never heard of kijiji, and think craigslist is for adult meetups

  5. LInda S

    Kijiji and yard sale for me.

  6. Wendy

    I go to the local Flea Market….

  7. Cassie Howard

    Thanks for sharing your tips, everyone!

    I didn’t realize you could sell stuff on Facebook groupons. I’m going to look into that.

  8. Ray

    Another good way to sell your stuff is on CanadaSocialNet (if you’re canadian). You can list your ads and even chat live with interested buyers. It’s a social network, classifieds site, business directory, etc. Great concept.
    Awesome article by the way – will share.

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