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Canadian Tire Coupon Policy

Here is the Canadian Tire coupon policy:

There is no corporate policy surrounding the acceptance or the use of manufacturer’s coupons.

Canadian Tire stores are individually owned and operated.

Should a manufacturer’s coupon be presented at the time of purchase, it is up to the discretion of the store to accept the coupon.

Canadian Tire Corporation can not mandate a store to accept a coupon — it is a store decision, not a Corporation direction.”

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  1. Jenn

    The Canadian Tire I recently went to would not allow me to redeem $1.00 off coupons for a product that was regularly priced $1.00, in other words, they would not allow me to obtain the product for free.

  2. ericka

    i went to Canadian tire Christmas shopping the other day and happened to find some gain fabric softener sheets on for a good price i knew they accepted coupons so i planned on using one coupon when i checked out she told me that they stacked coupons i was surprised so now knowing this i went back last night to purchase some cleaners i was going to get for free the cashier there last night said they wouldn’t stack and also didst understand the terminology on the coupons and wouldn’t let me use any i was very disappointing

  3. Cassie Howard

    ericka: The only store in Canada that allows stacking is London Drugs.

  4. Heather

    I called CT Canadian headquarters and spoke to the corporate customer service rep Carol – Ann she spoke to her suprivisor Sandra and yes they have to honor any coupon even if it gives a free product, if the store does not she said to tell them you spoke to corporate customer service and they have said the store must accept them and if they do not then to ask them to call corporate customer service at 1-800-387-8803. Hope this helps everyone!

  5. Lori Byrne

    I went to the one here in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and they would NOT accept my coupon because it was from Ontario and that they only took ones from New Brunswick 🙁 But I am gonna call and ask them because I am certain that I went there with the same coupon and they accepted it.

  6. pnk3035

    CT would not allow me to use a coupon ” because the item was on sale” already.

  7. Brina Beler

    Same here, they wouldn’t let me use coupons because it was on sale. I don’t understand because they do not lose anything by accepting coupons. Plus they get paid 0.08$ to cover the price of shipping for every coupons they get. This is very poor customer service. I wont buy any more house products over there. I get really good service at SuperStore with coupons.

  8. Erica

    So the first one I contacted in Edmonton didn’t accept printed or for items that were on sale. The second one I talked to, in Sherwood Park, accepts all coupons for any item as long as it says “manufacture’s coupon” somewhere on it. So my suggestion is call them up, because you might just get lucky!

  9. Jessica

    My Canadian tire says one coupon per purchase. I get to the register and they consider a transaction a purchase I explained the difference and that each item was a purchase but they did not listen so, she implied I got to walmart and buy the product(walmart was out) so I said no you can do 8 separate transactions they were mad at me but I didn’t care maybe you should change your policy then I told them. (I hate being rude because I do not want to ruin it for other couponers but they were nasty with me)

  10. Elaine

    Told coupons would be refused (rain check) because items were on sale. Questioned it and confirmed by other employee. Silly! Going to try other Canadian Tire in city. If not asking for manager.

  11. Mara

    Canadian Tire themselves sent me a coupon with my last Options credit card statement. I took this coupon today to store #454 in RDP,QC (remember it is only valid at cnd tire stores as it is one of their OWN coupons) to buy the item, but because it was already on sale, they refused to accept it. I have never heard of this ever so I asked 2 other cashiers and they said the same thing. What kind of silly policy is that!

  12. Jehn

    I tried to use the glad .75 coupons on sandwich bags today and they wouldnt accept it because it was a printed coupon and said printing a coupon was “cheating”. They made me show them the website I got it from and still wouldnt accept it. But yet my husband used the exact same coupon earlier in the day without a problem. The problem with Canadian Tire is that they dont have a coupon policy and employees do whatever they feel like making it very inconsistent and frustrating. Thats what I explained to them either you accept them or you dont but you cant do it for some people and not others especially in the same day! Tried to shop canadian, ended up at walmart where they gladly took my coupons

  13. Melissa

    Would Walmart price match for the Canadian Tire $1 special and then accept the coupon?
    I really want to take advantage of this deal!

  14. Annie

    I had several coupons which CT made me use in separate transactions because the coupon marked “per purchase” Horrible customer service. Will take flyer to WALMART and PM next time.

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