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Checkout 51 Review: How to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

Checkout 51 Review: How to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

The list of cashback apps designed to save Canadians money is a long one. I’ve covered most of them right here on the site – Rakuten, Paymi, and Drop App, just to name a few. Another one you may or may not have heard of is Checkout 51.

Based in Toronto, Checkout 51 Canada was launched in 2012, expanding to the US in 2014. Today, they serve thousands of discount-oriented shoppers in both countries. Checkout 51 allows you to earn cashback on grocery store items without the use of coupons. In this Checkout 51 review, I’ll cover everything you need to know to help you decide if you want to become a Checkout 51 customer. Ready? Let’s get started!

How Checkout 51 Works: 5 Steps

Like most cashback apps, Checkout 51 is easy to use. Let’s take a look at how it works in 5 steps:

Step 1: Open An Account

To get started, you need to open an account by downloading the free Checkout 51 app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, it will ask you to create a User ID and password to open your account.

Step 2: Select Your Favourite Offers

Every Thursday, the app will populate with new offers. Take a look at what’s available and add your favourite offers to your grocery list.

Step 3: Redeem Your Offers

Once you’ve made your purchases in-store, tap “Redeem” to select the items on the app, and mark them on the receipt, so the Checkout 51 team can match them up.

Step 4: Upload the Receipt

Once you’ve highlighted the discounted grocery items on your receipt, take a picture directly from Checkout 51 (they have a built-in camera), to upload it into the app. Make sure your photo is clear and easy to read.

Step 5: Receive Your Cashback

As soon as the Checkout 51 team has approved your discounts, they will credit your account. You can request payment every time your balance hits $20.

Getting Paid with Checkout 51

Checkout 51 rewards you with cash in the form of a cheque sent in the mail within a week or two of you requesting it. As mentioned, you do need to accumulate $20 in earnings before you can receive a payout.

Unlike other cashback apps, Checkout 51 does not have a Paypal or direct deposit option for payment, but you are getting actual cash on the positive side. Some rewards programs only offer payment through gift cards.

Is Checkout 51 Legit?

Checkout 51 is a legitimate way to earn cashback on your grocery purchases. Many MapleMoney readers have been using it since it launched and have commented that it’s a great program. Also, having been around for almost a decade, I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere soon.

Checkout 51 FAQ

While Checkout 51 is pretty straightforward, here are some quick tips that should answer any questions you might have:

Who Is Eligible to Signup?

According to the Checkout 51 terms of service, offers are available to Canadian and US residents. You can only claim discounts on purchases in the country in which you are a member. For example, if you signed up in Canada, you cannot redeem purchases made while shopping at a store in the US and vice versa.

Can I Get Cashback on Multiple Items?

According to Checkout 51, you can claim some offers multiple times. If you tap on the offer in the app, you will see its claim limit.

When Can I Submit My Checkout 51 Offers?

As previously mentioned, new offers go live on Thursdays at 12 AM in each time zone and are good until the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM. You cannot upload a receipt once the offer has expired.

Does Checkout 51 Work with Online Purchases?

Yes! You can make purchases online and still claim your discounted offers. Furthermore, packing slips are accepted as long as they are itemized and display the item you are claiming.

Does My Receipt Need to Be Written In English?

No. At the moment, Checkout 51 accepts receipts in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish, which covers the vast majority of retailers in Canada and the US. It’s unknown if they’ll add more languages in the future.

Can an Offer Disappear Before the Expiry Date?

Checkout 51 offers are available in limited quantities, so popular items could disappear from the app without notice if enough people claim the discount. For this reason, if you see an offer you like, don’t wait. Buy the item as soon as possible, and upload your receipt right after making your purchase.

Can You Have More than One Account per Household?

Checkout 51 members can have more than one account per household. It doesn’t matter who is out buying the groceries, both you and your spouse can earn cashback. The only restriction is that they only allow one account per smartphone. So you and your spouse could both take advantage of the weekly offers as long as you have your own mobile devices.

Checkout 51 Advantages

There’s a lot to like about Checkout 51. Here is a list of what I consider to be their best features:

Not Limited to Participating Stores

The Checkout 51 app is not store specific, so unlike other cashback apps, you are not limited to shopping at a list of participating partner stores. As long as the items you are claiming match the offers on the Checkout 51 app, you’re good to go.

Low Minimum Payout Threshold

With a minimum payout of $20, you should be able to get paid relatively quickly with Checkout 51, as long as you use the app on a regular basis. Because it’s grocery items you are buying, this should be easy to do.

Easy to Stack Rewards

Just because you’re uploading your receipt to Checkout 51 doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of other discounts, coupons, or rewards programs. Checkout 51 will allow you to use coupons and take advantage of other price discounts. You can also upload the same receipt to other cashback apps, such as Caddle, as long as you have purchased items that are recognized by both programs.

Available for Online Purchases

It’s 2021, which means that even grocery purchases can be made online. Checkout 51 works for online shopping, as long as you have an itemized receipt or packing slip you can upload it to the app.

Look for Bonus Offers

Checkout 51 makes bonus offers available from time to time, so make sure you look for those when reviewing your offers. If you can take advantage of a bonus offer, you earn even more quickly.

Checkout 51 Drawbacks

I like using Checkout 51, but like any other fintech app, it’s not without its drawbacks. Having to upload your receipt into the app isn’t cumbersome, and if you ask me, it’s less work than having to find and clip coupons and take them with you when you shop. But apps like Drop remove all of the work by syncing to your debit or credit card and paying you cashback automatically.

When you get paid out with Checkout 51, you have to wait for a cheque in the mail. There is no option to have the funds transferred directly to your bank account or sent via PayPal. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but in 2021, it feels a bit old-school.

Stack Your Rewards with a Cash Back Credit Card

I alluded to this earlier, but if you use a cashback rewards credit card when buying your groceries, it’s a great way to multiply the rewards you get with Checkout 51. While there are many great rewards credit cards to choose from, the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is a great choice. Here are the key features:

Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

This no annual fee cashback rewards card from one of Canada’s top digital banks lets you choose three personalized spending categories to earn 2% cashback. One of the eligible categories is grocery purchases. All other purchases earn 0.5%. It comes with purchase and extended warranty protection, and a standard purchase interest rate of 19.95%.

Card Features:

  • 2% cashback on up to 3 personalized categories
  • 0.5% cashback on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Unlimited cashback rewards
  • 19.95% interest
  • Balance transfer interest rate of 1.95% for six months
  • Purchase Assurance & Extended Warranty

Apply for a Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card today!

Checkout 51 Review: Final Thoughts

Becoming a Checkout 51 customer will let you earn cashback on your next grocery shopping trip. And with the price of groceries these days, that’s a good thing. If you have experience with other rewards programs, like Rakuten, Caddle, or Drop, you’ll enjoy using Checkout 51. It’s a reputable company that has helped Canadians save thousands on groceries for almost ten years. As always, my main recommendation is to find ways to stack your rewards by using multiple cashback programs and a rewards credit card. If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table.


  1. jessielyn

    i love this post very helpful

  2. Helene

    I am using it and it’s great!

  3. teachermum

    No data plan on my phone but I have an iTouch which has a camera and wi-fi capability. Has anyone ever tried that?

    It does get frustrating in this “everyone has/needs data” world…just trying to find a new phone was near impossible!

    • Kris

      I use it with my iPod Touch. No problems so far. We have wifi in our home so it’s easy for me to upload my receipts. If you don’t have wifi, just bring your receipts with you to a place like the public library or any other place that provides free hotspots.

    • Jamie

      You don’t need a data plan, just upload when you are connected to WiFi.

      • teachermum

        Thanks Kris and Jamie, we do have wifi, I think I’ll give it a go!

  4. Lulu

    I use this app and it is simple and easy to use. Do not use this app if you need that “instant” (kind of like a scratch lottery ticket) high from using a paper coupon, as it takes forever to get up to $20. I’ve had the app for months and am only at $8.

    • Meghan

      It depends on buying habits. We’ve been using it for around six weeks and have earned approximately $150 in cheques. I only buy things our family usually eats or uses or items that are free, nearly free, or money makers that I would like to try or would use such as Glade products, but wouldn’t pay out of pocket for due to our tight budget.

      As with couponing, it does take a bit of time to organize receipts and buy multiples on separate receipts. My husband and I each have an account, so I can buy up to two. Sometimes three if my mum is coming to visit and I know she hasn’t bought that particular item. I’m attempting to get her hooked as she doesn’t understand why I spend the time couponing, but she has submitted a few receipts. She sent me an email from her vacation in Asia this week commenting on this week’s offers, so I think she is coming around!

  5. Abbie

    You forgot to mention that you also need a facebook account. I don’t have one and don’t plan on getting one….I don’t think that the two should be connected.

    • Anna

      They have made it now that you can sign in with email or Facebook.

      • Abbie

        That’s great to know.

  6. ShanB

    I have only been using it for a month and already have $14 saved. I always find one or two items that I would normally buy. Using instore sales, manufacturer coupons and checkout 51 I got $8 of yogurt for $1

    I made one big old batch of frozen yogurt!

  7. Jamie

    I love Checkout 51. I signed up the first time I saw Cassie mention it and I’ve already received over $40 in cheques! 🙂

  8. marie-eve

    I live in Québec and i use checkout 51!

  9. mindy

    i have had the app for a couple months. we have 5 apple devices in our home which means 5 – checkout 51 apps! ive saved over $200 already! Love it!!

    • Lisa

      THAT is awesome!

  10. Elissa

    This is how my teenagers are “earning” the money to pay their cell phone bills… ultimately I still have to pay the bill, but I’ve told them I will continue to pay for the phones as long as they keep putting in my receipts and signing over the cheques. Generally we save enough each month to pay for the basic phone plan on each of the phones. I haven’t put it on my son’s ipad yet, but I am debating that too… he’s young though so I’d have to scan the receipts in on that one…

  11. kim

    We have two ipod touch and it only works on 4th and 5th generation.

    • teachermum

      I’m pretty sure mine is 4th generation-might just have to give it a go!

  12. Tamara

    I have been using it for a month and have my daughter doing it as well. I think it is a great marketing idea and I love the fact I can use my paper coupons too!

  13. Danielle

    a few questions for you pro’s, i haven’t tried this yet (and I’m in quebec)
    -how long do you have to submit your receipt? if i shop, do i need to submit asap, or can i do it on say a monthly basis?
    -if i shop in ottawa for example, but live in Qc, can i still submit that shop? or does it need to be only from my province?

    -how are they making money? i don’t want to have to put up with the hassel of fighting for my money like i did with the kidsfutures rewards program from a few years ago…

    thanks in advance!

    • Cristina

      Hi Danielle,
      Hopefully these answers help!
      – You have to submit your receipts in the same week as the deals (eg. if the deal runs from March 21st-27th, you must submit your receipt between those dates). Also remember that some deals are only available in limited quantities, so you definitely want to submit your receipts as soon as possible to avoid disappointments.
      – You can submit receipts from ANY store in Canada, it’s not province specific.
      – They partner with the brands to offer these “online coupons”, so they get a cut of every redemption. I have already received cheques from them and it couldn’t have been easier or quicker!

  14. Nicole

    Great post!
    My husband and I have been using it since January. I love how they organized the Beta group and so lucky to be apart if it. We have saved almost 180 since January. We only buy what is onsale, have coupons for or what we will use. Except for the Glad items because they made us money. I have a check coming for $51 right now!!! Feels like bigger savings when you get a check. I would love to see the list each week get bigger. Writing a separate post matching up seeking deals with checkout 51 would be very beneficial with so many people using it 🙂

  15. Jennifer

    I love checkout 51, only been using it 3 weeks and doing great….don’t forget you can still use coupons at the store with price matching you can get some really great deals!

  16. Miss Molly

    I just got an iPad and have $3 in my account. I love this app!

  17. Jennifer

    I love it…triple the deals if you use paper coupons at the store and match with sale item, Three weeks I am at 15 dollars

  18. Krystal

    I LOVE Checkout51 and recommend it to all my family and friends. I find it really easy using an ipod touch 5th gen and wifi at home. I’ve mad over $54 since Feb this year with items I would normally buy or trying new items at great prices.

  19. Angie

    What about the fact that quantities are limited? Is it possible that others can get the rebate and you can’t, even after following everything properly? Does checkout 51 indicate how many more submissions will be accepted for a given item before it is rejected?

  20. Bern

    Just wondering how the receipts are uploaded. Is it done through email?

  21. Jacquie

    I love this app as well. I use my I-Pad and response time is super fast.

  22. Vickie

    I tried to upload my receipts for this app although I did not see the receipt reflected on my Iphone. The app did confirm I was owed 4.50 cents. I kept trying to take a photo of my receipt but did not see the pic of my receipt on my screen. Now I have nothing pending in my Check out 51 account and no money owed. I am really bummed out as last weeks offer has now ended. Am I supposed to see the photo of the receipt? I just kept seeing blank pages on my screen. Help! I just lost 4.50!

  23. Corina

    What if I purchased the item the day the rebate wasn’t available yet, example purchased item at 5 pm on Wednesday and the rebate started 12 am Thursday, can i still use the receipt?


    • Erica Ashley

      sorry Corina you cant.

  24. SavingMentor

    I just got the email confirming that Checkout 51 is now available for Android. I’m pretty excited because both my wife and I use Android phones. Go download it now 🙂

  25. Dean

    By far, one of the most used apps on my phone. I love it!!
    I tell anyone I know with an iPhone (& now android users) about it.

    I’m waiting to cash in for my first cheque…waiting for something substantial!

    Good write up.

    • Samantha

      I have to agree, it’s very close to my top used apps (after my email app)

      Great to hear that you’ve been spreading the word too! I was so excited when it came out on Android and was definitely telling all my friends about it that day.

      Good luck with your first cheque Dean!

      Thank you!

  26. Nicole

    Great review of Check out 51. I was worried in the beginning as well and as soon as I hit $20 i requested a check. Ive been saving since Jan and already have saved $140 🙂 My husband has saved $104 🙂 Its my favorite App. P.S it felt amazing to get a check in the mail for $56!!!

    • Samantha

      Thank you Nicole!
      $140 & $104!? I’m super impressed, great job!

  27. Krista

    I love this app but have a question….it says you can have multiple accounts her household – I want to make sure it’s for different receipts? (ie if I buy 2 of a product that is on the list, I should get them on separate receipts for each account?) I assume they don’t let you scan the same receipt twice….
    just checking, thanks 🙂

    • Alison

      Yes, it need to be two different receipts. They will cancel both if you try to copy.

      • Krista

        thanks, but whoops! 🙂 we used same receipt last night, but claimed different items on the receipt (she claimed the over 60 in groceries and I claimed the silk milk), haven’t heard back from them so maybe it didn’t go through. we’ll know better for next time! thanks for letting me know.

  28. M

    I checked out their website and they have photos of the staff. Seem like a bunch of young, energetic people. I like how when you submit a receipt, they respond and say, “You’ve saved XX dollars. Yay!” Fun 🙂

    • Samantha

      Yes, they seem to be a great team – very motivated and quick!
      I agree! I really like those emails as well.

  29. Susan

    This is an awesome program, coupon clipping is tedious, this is great THANK YOU

  30. Anita Maio

    I don’t know what kind of cell phone I have. I am not very techy! lol
    It is a Virgin phone with a limit of 55 minutes for calls per month or it is extra. It is an awesome phone. I just have a bare minimum plan. My husband’s phone is a telus but he does not use it for the internet.
    My daughter set up an acct. on her phone but trying to get her to scan the receipt has been a problem as she just keeps forgetting or when she does scan it, there are no rebates left. I love couponing and wish my husband and I could get in on this.

    • Samantha

      Yeah, I know that feeling of wanting to claim an offer and noticing that it has all been claimed 🙁 It can be a bit heartbreaking but I usually just hope that it returns the following week!

  31. Sukhi

    I love this app! I’m close to receiving my first cheque as well. I’ve shared this app with others that I know. I use my 3rd Gen iPod and no problems with any of my receipts so far!!

    • Samantha

      Great to hear that you’ve been spreading the word Sukhi! Good luck on that first cheque!!

  32. Linda

    I was a Beta tester and was ever so glad that they allow me (my cell phone is very limited and doesn’t have apps) to still scan and email. I have requested one cheque so far (it was for the $10 before it became $20) and am now over $100 and waiting for a bit before I cash out. I have told others about it and one person let me know she finally had it now that it is available on whatever the heck it is available now lol. It is pretty neat.

  33. Vicky

    Hi Sam,

    Vicky, Community Manager for Checkout 51 here 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome write-up!

    Just wanted to let you know we’re working on an offline mode in the app. This way you can see what the offers are in the supermarket even if you don’t have a data plan or don’t have a signal. Availability can only be updated when the app is connected to the internet though.

    The Android version already supports the Offline mode and the iOS version is coming very soon 🙂

    • Samantha

      Hello Vicky,

      No problem!

      That’s fantastic news! I had only just downloaded the Android version shortly before this post and I missed that feature. I have actually been screenshotting my iPod app before my shopping trips. The only thing about that is that the stock wasn’t up to the second.

      Thanks for sharing, very exciting!

  34. Samantha

    You’re so lucky that you were a beta tester! Wow over $100? That’s very impressive! Thanks for sharing Linda.

  35. Nicole

    I am just curious as to what the people at Checkout 51 are doing with all the information they are gathering about you – when and where you shop, what you buy, how often … a grocery receipt can tell a lot about you.

    • Linda

      Yes, I wondered that as well. I thought they might be trying to figure out my card number because they wanted the whole receipt showing. It turns out they were trying to prevent receipts being reused by others (shows date, time). But then I thought of all the reward cards one has, credit cards, etc and really, information is being collected by many sources and unless we totally reject every one of these things, that will be how it is.

  36. Neena N

    I was wondering if they allow you to use a receipt twice for Checkout 51. I want to use a receipt for my husband for one item and one for me for the other item.

    Please advise. Thanks,

    • Samantha

      Hi Neena,

      Each receipt can only be used once. If the same receipt is submitted by different members, they will only give cash back on the first submission by the first member who submits it.

      I would sugest that you just mark both items on one account so you don’t miss out on the cashbacks.

  37. Lisa Anne

    I am hearing great reviews about this app. I am waiting for it to be compatible with my OS!!!

  38. Andrea

    I love this app! I’m still new to it, but I’ve already saved quite a bit.

    The new update allows you to use the app offline.

    • Samantha

      That’s great to hear Andrea!
      Yes! I noticed that the latest update for apple allows offline access, this app is just about perfect now!

  39. Mel

    I am close to requesting my first cheque, but cannot find information on whether or not they charge service chargers for processing your reimbursement. If I request a 20.00 cheque do they take any fees out?

    • Samantha

      Hello Mel,

      I have requested 3 cheques now and there are no fees associated with the payment. You will receive a cheque for the exact amount on your account. Good luck with hitting $20!

  40. Sandy

    This is awesome! Although I do have a question. E.g. Out of 10 items you posted on checkout 51, if I buy 3 items in single receipt, I believe that’s valid ….? Please confirm.

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, that is fine.

  41. Heidi

    I noticed that is launching something similar called
    Can we sign up for both? Do you think it may be beneficial to sign up for one or the other?

  42. Christine

    So happy with this app!

    I don’t buy anything I don’t need (or wasn’t already planning to buy). I just check this app afterwards and see if anything made the list. No extra spending, just money back!

    Saving up for my first cheque and I am oh so excited!

    This app makes saving money fun!

    Way to go 🙂 I am addicted!

  43. guest

    If I completed one offer last week and the same offer comes back again this week, can I do it again? The limit says one but I do not know if the limit is only for one week. Does anyone know? Thanks.

    • Erica Ashley

      you sure can!

  44. Rachel

    Some (but not all) of my offers now state ‘Cannot be combined with any other offer’ in the fine print section. Does that mean that you can’t combine these rebates with paper coupons in store?

  45. Chelsea

    Hi, I was just wondering about the information they get from the receipt. What happens if I pay with a credit or debit card and my card number is on the receipt?

  46. melissa

    hi , i live in quebec i want to know if i buy in ontario can i use checkout 51 ?

    • Cassie Howard

      Unfortunately you can’t use C051 if you reside in Quebec.

  47. johanna mitchell

    I purchase a lot of produce during a week. Is it possible to use different reciepts for same items.

    • Cassie Howard

      You can only redeem for an item once per week.

  48. Nicole Hachey

    So just so I’m understanding correctly. If an offer is posted 2 weeks in a row I can claim
    it twice off the same receipt ??

  49. Erica Ashley

    No Nicole, you can not use a past receipt to claim a new offer. The dates need to be within the week that the offer is live. So if an offer goes live on June 12 and you have a receipt that is dated for June 11, you are unable to claim it. It must be during the dates listed. Offers change weekly but some are repeated but they still must fall within the respected dates. Hope that helps!

  50. Delaney Forbes

    If the offers states “no weekly limit” does this mean I can purchase 5 of the item on the same receipt and get credited for all 5 of them when I upload the receipt? Or must I go through the till 5 times to get 5 of the same item but can upload each receipt separately that day and receive a rebate for each?

  51. Rose Ann

    My question is this: lets say i shop for bananas at a grocery store and it only reads “produce” on receipt, will that be excepted?

  52. Juliana

    I haven’t used this app but can’t people abuse the system? I.e, buy the item-> upload the receipt -> then return the item at the store…
    Just saying if this is possible at all?

    • Cassie Howard

      It’s possible, yes, but most people don’t stoop that low. 🙂

  53. Erica Ashley

    Of course it’s possible Juliana. There is always a way to abuse the system. We like to think people don’t do that.

  54. Jen

    No they cant do that.Because they will know they are connected with the store.Its ellegal to that.You can read on they terms and condition.

  55. Zelda

    Are you not doing the Tuesday peak at Checkout 51 anymore?

  56. Erica Ashley

    I post them every Tuesday and then repost them on Thursday.

  57. Nicholas

    Hi. Yes i am looking to sign up with multiple Brands, i have only heard of Kellogs and Christie Corners. Is there other Brands out there??

  58. Erica Ashley

    those are the only current brands right now Nicholas.

  59. Cathy

    I have an iphone and am trying to take more than one photo, i.e., add sections, of my receipt; after I take the first photo and hit add section the app closes. Any ideas why?

  60. nicki minaj


  61. LostAngel

    If you’ve had trouble getting Checkout51 to honor a rebate, contact the manufacturer. I received free item coupons and $ off coupons from the manufacturers. They didn’t even ask me for proof! I was very, veyr happy.

  62. Anne

    I live in Quebec, but do the majority of my shopping in Ontario, can I use the app for Ontario bought products???

    • Erica Ashley

      If you live in Quebec you are unable to use this app.

  63. Lauren

    If the same offer comes up two weeks in a row (with a stated limit of one per member), and I buy the item twice (once in the first week and once in the second week), can I claim the rebate both times? Thank you!

    • Erica Ashley

      yes you can.

  64. Lauren

    Thank you!

  65. Virginia

    I am starting to use Checkout 51 but I don’t understand it. How is it a deal if I have to buy two of something to get $2 off? And many of these products I never buy to begin with because they are more expensive than the genericbrand or they are unhealthy, like pizza pops and french fries. I will keep checking back to see if they come up with better products and deals. I guess it’s just a once in a while thing to use if you actually need or would be purchasing the product anyway.

    • Erica Ashley

      Think of it like a coupon. Some coupons you don’t use and some state that you must purchase 2 in order to receive the savings. Only purchase what you need. They offers do change every Thursday so hopefully the variety continues.

  66. Lisa

    How is it a bargain if you save a couple of dollars one month but don’t buy anything on the list the next month then they take an “inactive fee” out of your account?

  67. dan

    the inactivation fee only starts after a year of not using your account. not every month but every month after a full year of inactivity

  68. langleygirl

    How can some one get 2 accounts.
    Different household Member? Or
    same user different device? Can it be same address for more than one account? Thanks for any guidance

  69. Cheryl

    It is easy to use, however, they only accept English receipts. Where I live in N.B. most of the receipts ar in French. Bummer! Does anyone know of an app for the French version?

  70. Angela

    Too funny! My husband and I share a phone too! It is not a smartphone, but an old school style flip phone. He needs it for work, so he has it most of the time. I do use checkout51; have been since they first started. Great way to earn back a bit of cash. Glad you joined!

  71. Karen G

    Thanks for the encouragement Angela – looking forward to earning the big bucks.

  72. amana

    I am curious for my credit card I don’t want anyone to see the last numbers of my credit card it is possible to use cash instead

    • Erica Ashley

      It doesn’t matter how you pay for your groceries. You can use cash, credit or debit. As long as you submit your receipt.

  73. Summer

    I have being member for about 6 months now and I have almost $65.00. It works amazingly. The real deal begins when you wait for item to go on sale, then price match and use coupons and then submit receipt. Have fun

  74. Jujusamples

    I’ve been using this app for about 6 months and loved it! Unfortunately the amount I get cashback for products which I usually get and use goes lower and lower. I”m not understanding why that is happening? I get half the amount that other’s get. Could someone help understand that?

  75. Tammy Curtis

    Just be sure to look over the items good before you submit receipt. I missed $2.00 of community coffee. Found it after I submitted receipt but oh well. Wish it was like the walmart savings catcher app where it checks your items. Love that app.

  76. Kristen

    I really like using Checkout51. We were mailed our first cheque for 26.75 and it will not scan at the bank machine or on my phone. I do not have a bank account with a brick-and-mortar bank and therefore have no way of going to a teller to cash the cheque. Has anyone else had this difficulty? I tried to contact customer service at Checkout51 and their response did not answer my question about this.

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