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Costco Canada Coupon Policy

Costco Canada Coupon Policy


Here is the Costco Canada coupon policy:

Costco Wholesale does not accept general manufacturer coupons.

We have our own coupons and promotional offers, which are distributed to members in the mail and at our locations at various times throughout the year.

We are able to offer consistently low prices because our buyers negotiate the best deals with our vendors.

Manufacturers often will simply ‘load’ the cost of a coupon program into the original pricing of their product. We will not permit our vendors or buyers to do this since there is no advantage to the member.

We also do not price match.

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  1. Linda

    This is so funny you posted this today about Costco.

    Last night I went on to send you an e-mail to ask you about shopping at Costco, but got called out and didn’t get back to doing an e-mail. Definitely interested in hearing your opinion on it. We call it the $300 club. As I’m shopping I say to myself do I really need this or do I want this. Then at the end when I’m done I go through my cart and say the same thing. I like to do the whole store just to see what they have. I have a list of things I like to buy there and try to stick to it. Of course there is the odd thing I feel I need, but back to the same saying.

    I noticed your post last night about the knives and funny thing is we just bought knives at Costco Monday. My husband took a cooking class and decided we needed new knives. Needed or wanted, but the want I felt was justified since ours were so old and starting to fall apart, and if it makes him want to cook, they are well worth it in my opinion. I also justify some purchases like this because I will stick things in the basement to start our kids off since my son will be off to school soon and will need different things for his first place. My husband had decided on Henckles and they had a set for $169.00. I don’t mind spending a bit of money on something if we are going to have it for a long time and I said to him are these the ones you really want because there are more expensive ones in the Henckles line. He went onto explain about the different prices out there and said these would work just fine. So from my standpoint of budgeting if we could afford it that month, buy the extra, and if we couldn’t do it next month. Only other thing is I’m thinking right now I guess I could wait for a sale on them if there ever is one? The set came with five knives, a block to hold them in and a sharpener.

    Wondering what other people like to buy there and what’s a deal and what isn’t? We love salmon so we buy it fresh and reseal for the freezer. Also really like their fresh chicken so those are usually things we will pop in and grab if we are getting low. We don’t make a special trip for a few things as we live 40 minutes away from one and go maybe once every 2 months and stock up while we are there.



  2. Nadine

    When I go to Costco, I always shop with a list and never deviate from it. 99.99% of the time it’s meat and bananas – that’s it, that’s all. And on the days when I know I’m only going to pick up a few items, I forgo the shopping cart and just load up the bag I have brought in with me. With all of the coupons out there for bread, snack items, fruit – buying in bulk is too expensive IMHO.

  3. whiskybaker

    Things we almost always buy at costco: milk in bags – the regular price is cheaper than other places to buy it and purex laundry detergent (the regular price is about 10 cents a load. It’s on sale this week for $10.99 instead of $14.99 for 150 loads). We buy diapers there as well – usually when they have a sale we’ll buy a few boxes (we have the room to store them and they’re a great deal on sale). Same with baby wipes.

    Other stuff is hit or miss in terms of whether it’s really a deal. I’ve started a price book so I’m learning 😉

  4. Vicki Mercier

    “We are able to offer consistently low prices because our buyers negotiate the best deals with our vendors.”

    I find this statement interesting as many of the things they sell are pretty much the same price as other stores. I don’t find that savings of 5 cents on a 20 dollar item that impressive considering you pay a membership fee.

  5. Nikki

    My husband and I bought a Costco membership last April. We had a 2-and-a-half year-old daughter and I was a few months pregnant; we didn’t need a whole lot of stuff in bulk, but I goaded my husband into getting a membership because, well, I like shopping! 😀 In retrospect, it was a big mistake, because I don’t think we bought enough stuff to balance out the fees we paid to join. Maybe once both of the kids are in school we’ll look into it again, but since I’ve started couponing and stock-piling, I don’t need anything at Costco. And if I do, I’ll hitch a ride with my mother-in-law!

  6. Brandy

    I have used coupons at Costco.

  7. anglii

    My daughter talked me into a membership based mainly on the meat and gasoline savings but I’ve regretted it ever since. Costco is more expensive on most things I buy regularly so why pay $55 for a membership? I don’t understand the hordes of people shopping there. We considered buying a BBQ but the same BBQ is $100 cheaper at LOWES. I could also get the same gasoline discount at Safeway without having to pay a membership fee. I would have liked to buy fish but all their fish is farmed fish (not wild) which I WILL NOT buy so I’m down to the meat. Will need to buy a lot of meat to make up the $55 membership fee-not worth it!

  8. Brian

    Here is a good price comparison for you….

    Picked up 180 81mg Bayer aspirin at a large chain drugstore (SDM) that cost $21.00 two days ago…..

    Picked up 365 81mg Bayer aspirin at the local Costco for $22.00 last night…

    More than double the pills for a dollar more…both stores are in Ontario…

    If this isn’t a GREAT deal, I don’t know what is!!!!


    • Cassie Howard

      Wow – I agree Brian – that is a great deal!

  9. Jou Moer

    The claim that manufacturers bump up the price of goods to cover the cost of coupons is bs. I normally buy Advil from Costco. Shoppers does not have it in as large a size but the smaller container normally sells for $7.99. Still a better deal at Costco, however, last week they (Shoppers) had it on sale for $3.99, a $4 savings. On top of this Advil had a manufacturer’s coupon for $3 so I ended up paying 99c plus 52c HST = $1.51. Since they rounded down, it cost me $1.50. The per pill price was much cheaper than the Costco per pill price.

    I don’t see where the manufacturer hid the coupon in the price.

  10. Char

    After seeing them try and bulk sell cases of can goods for more per unit than what the regular grocery stores were selling at, I got a refund on my membership. Had it for a month, used it three times to go looking around, had enough. Costco is nothing more than a trick to get you to spend your entire budget in one store, pay them for the privilege, and pay more than what you would have spent not driving all the way to the outskirts of the city to do it.

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