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Food Basics Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the Food Basics Canada coupon policy (I received this response when I asked them questions about coupon acceptance in their stores):

  • We accept one valid coupon per item purchased.
  • We accept coupons issued by our Company and printed from our Company website
  • Unfortunately, due to fraudulent activity with internet coupons, we do not accept coupons that are printed from any other websites, either on-line coupons or e-coupons.
  • We accept manufacturer coupons issued by and These coupons are ordered from the website and mailed to the Customer’s home. These coupons are not printed from the internet.

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  1. Micahsmommy

    So this might be a silly statement, but they said that they accept manufacturer coupons from and but didn’t say anything about normal coupons

  2. teachermum

    I’ve never had a problem with regular coupons,, websaver, nor P&G ones, but no internet/printed ones whatsoever at my FoodBasics.

    Our Price Chopper recently closed..they wouldn’t even take ones!

  3. --

    The Metro coupon policy is the same. Same company, so it makes sense.

    Generally, Metro will also take printed coupons from Metro or Airmiles *if* they have a code that the cashier can enter. Usually its a 5 digit number that is separated from the rest of the text on the coupon. For bonus airmiles coupons, I’m not sure if the same offer will work more than once though. 🙂

  4. Cassie Howard

    Michasmommy – Haha, I know, I thought that was funny too. But I am sure that “regular” coupons are just fine.

    teachermum – I’ve never had them accept printables at Food Basics either.

    — – I’m still waiting on the policy from Metro, but I expect it to be the same as this one!

  5. Mark

    No problem, take their flyer and pricematch somewhere that is more coupon friendly. That’ll show ’em.

    Not to mention that the Food Basics near me is pretty scummy to begin with….

    • Christine Mabee

      They are all dirty and messy looking don’t you think? That and they never have enough cashiers.

  6. --

    The coupon policy is the same. I’ve had the great pleasure of working for them for a few years. (there’s only a little bit of sarcasm there :P)

  7. angelamary

    There is nothing listed about mailout coupons from I was denied use of this company’s coupons because it wasnt’ websaver or coupons. This is after they had been accepted before. These are not printable coupons, but glossy manufacturers coupons with the gocoupons logo. I was extremely upset. Does anyone know what the actual policy is regarding this company?

  8. Mr. E. Shopper

    I was at the Food Basics in Mississauga at Hurontario/Dundas this week and hoped to use a pre-printed manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off VanHoutte coffee I obtained from SmartSaver and/or RedPlum. Says on the coupon valid in Canada and expires next June…. This time the cashier tells me that the Manager’s store policy is that they don’t accept coupons if they have to be mailed to Quebec for store’s redemption…. WTF! Will they tell me next week that they won’t take my coupons if they are printed on green paper or have too much red ink on them?

    Be forewarned that if you shop there, they will use any excuse under the sun (besides the official policy) to prevent you from using otherwise legitimate coupons to save yourself some $. That is just ridiculous! While they don’t specifically mention these sources of coupons they WILL accept, it would stand to reason that a legitimate coupon source you find in the weekend papers would be accepted. I’m sure they would also cite “manager’s discretion” as a final say in what they will take or not.

    Well guess what… it’s Customer’s Discretion if I am going to shop there in the future…

  9. Debbie

    I just found out today that Food Basics does not accept Internet coupons and I can understand their concern about fradulent internet coupons however, they stated they will accept coupons as they are mailed directly to the home, which is not entirely true. When you go on coupon they have 2 types of coupons ones that are mailed to home and ones that are printable from their website. I am confused then as also has printable ones that can only be printed and not obtainable as a mail to the house. Can I assume as they are coupons even though internet printed will they be accepted by Food Basics.

    • Cassie Howard

      I believe they are referring to the mail-out coupons only. The printable feature on both and are new.

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