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Goal setting – how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals

Goal setting – how to motivate yourself.

Goal Setting

If you think goal setting is hard, think again. That’s the easy part. The hard part is actually achieving those goals. Unless of course you are motivated to achieve the goals!

If you’re struggling with goal setting and how to get motivated, here are some tips:

Break your goals into bite-size pieces

This is something I did a lot of last years, and it helped me immensely with the goals I had set for myself.

Setting large goals is perfectly fine, but you’re never going to be able to achieve those goals if you don’t work out a plan for achieving them.

When you break your goals down into bite-size pieces and are doing just one or two small things a day to get you where you want to be, your chances of achieving those goals is much higher than if you did not break those goals down.

Tell everyone about your goals

When other people know about your goals, you feel bad if you “let them down” by not achieving them. This makes it much harder for you to fail.

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, your boss – tell anyone who will listen. Most importantly, tell people who are going to hold you accountable and constantly check in on your progress. This is exactly what you need to keep moving forward.

Post your goals everywhere

Make sure that your goals are posted everywhere that you are.

Instead of writing out your goals on a piece of paper (or worse, on the computer) and then sticking that paper in a spot where you will never see it unless you go looking for it, display your goals all over the place.

In your office, on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, in the car. When you are always reminded about your goals, you are much more likely to achieve them.

To keep yourself motivated, it’s also a good idea to post your progress.

Don’t compare your goals to others’

Share your goals with others, but don’t think that your goals have to be the same as someone else’s.

We all have different hopes, dreams, and desires. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t) have the exact same goal list as someone else.

Your goals are your own, so stay focused on them and only them.

Join an online forum related to your goal

Whatever you are interested in, there is likely a community forum related to that interest.

There are forums for saving money, getting out of debt, couponing, quitting smoking, living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, parenting, cooking and so much more.

Do a quick search online and you are sure to find a forum to join. Sign up and start connecting with people who have similar goals as you.

Reward yourself often

Don’t wait until the end of the year to congratulate yourself on a job well done – congratulate yourself now.

Just taking the first step in creating a goal, and a plan for that goal is a huge accomplishment.

Give yourself small rewards after each milestone, and at the end of the year, if you’ve achieved your goals, you’ve earned a big reward (decide what that big reward is when you set your goals, so you know what’s waiting for you at the end).

Motivating yourself to achieve your goals may seem difficult at first, but it’s really not, and it’s an important thing to do when you’re working toward something.

Without motivation, it becomes extremely difficult to gain any traction and it’s more than likely that you will give up on your goals rather quickly.

When you motivate yourself, you can achieve anything. So start motivating!

How do you motivate yourself to achieve your goals?


  1. PNK

    You are so brave Cassie, I admire you. I have one goal for this year but it is sooo hard, hope I can achieve it.

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