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Highland Farms Canada Coupon Policy

Highland Farms Canada

Here is the Highland Farms Canada coupon policy (I received these responses after I asked them some questions about coupon acceptance in their stores):

1. Do your stores accept internet printed coupons?

We only accept valid internet coupons. That being said, the consumer nor the cashier may not know which coupons are valid or fraudulent. We will generally take coupons which take off an amount off an item ie. $.50 off, $1 off.

Any coupons that indicate the product is free will not be accepted unless we have been made aware by the manufacturer that they are valid.

The cashier does have the right to question the coupons as there are many fraudulent coupons on the internet. The cashier will often consult with the Head Cashier or Store Manager.

2. Does the term “one coupon per purchase” mean one coupon per item purchased?

Yes that is correct. If you purchase 5 of the item on the coupon you can use up to 5 coupons.

3. If a coupon value is higher than the cost of an item, should the cashier adjust the value of the coupon to the sale price, or accept the coupon at the full coupon value?

The cashier will have to adjust the price of the coupon to reflect the price of the product.

We are unable to give cash back on coupons. If a coupon indicates $5 off any “McCain” products, in order to receive $5, the products will have to total at least $5.

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  1. nicki

    Thanks Cassie for all these useful information.

    Just wondering, if I have one coupon of $5 off McCain product and the item is on sale for $3.99. Do you know if I can make full use of the coupon by buying 2 of the $3.99 item, making the McCain products price #7.98 and have $5 off (since they don’t give me cash back)?

    Thanks so much for your lovely website!

  2. Cassie Howard

    No, because the coupon if for $5 off of ONE item, not off of two.

  3. Maria

    I tried using valid online coupons at highland farm and they refused. I emailed them for clarification and it has been over a month now and they still did not reply… i had Liberte coupons and greenworks coupons… unfortunate..

  4. Brandy

    Does Highland Farms price match?

    • Cassie Howard

      Nope, they don’t.

  5. Shayne Knox

    Does Highland Farm price match woth Walmart?

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