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5 ways to keep couponing fun

Saving money is fun, and consistently using coupons helps that quest. In order to sustain success with this money-saving strategy, we need to make sure it stays enjoyable. Here are a few strategies to do just that.

5 ways to keep couponing fun

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Be successful

Success is far more fun than failure. Keep couponing fun by having a sizeable collection of coupons to draw from so you will see significant savings. Learn how to contact companies that offer high-value coupons. Discover couponing swaps to trade coupons you are not using, for ones you definitely will. Spend a bit of time discovering the best sites for printing coupons to really build your stash quickly.

Set a goal

If you could even trim one area of your budget by getting items for free or almost free, that would be fun, right? For example, I set myself a goal to not pay for dishwashing detergent, toothpaste, and children’s medication for 6 months. And, more importantly, I did it! That freed up almost $20/month in my budget with very little effort. For a frugal-minded mama setting a goal and meeting it…is fun!

Be efficient

Doing everything the L-O-N-G way is one sure-fire way to lose the couponing joy. Efficiency is the key to keeping couponing fun. Take full advantage of the work we do at to save you time and money. Check our coupon matchups every Thursday where we pair store sales with current coupons. And read this post for25 hints for couponing successfully in Canada: How To Coupon in Canada How-to-Coupon-Canada Think of it as a one-stop-shop for getting started couponing or brushing up a few hints if you are already a couponer. You’re welcome!

Use the power of competition

Who doesn’t like a friendly competition? Whether it be between spouses, or between parents and children, get the adrenaline going by competing. Who can find the most coupons? Who can clip them out the quickest? Who can find the coupon items within the grocery store? The possibilities are endless.

Take a break if you need to

At times we need to take a break from even our favorite hobbies. I go through stages with my scrapbooking – where I just can’t get enough and produce multiple pages of memories. But then I find I need a break. How much more so with couponing? There will be times that you might just need to take a break for a period of time. Better to do that than to push through and resent the effort. Read this post to know if this might fit your situation. couponing-break-image Regularly visiting a website like MapleMoney will help you keep couponing enjoyable. Share ideas with like-minded readers on our Facebook page. Remember – when we can have fun while saving money, we will more likely be motivated to keep it up long-term.

What hints do you have for keeping couponing enjoyable?