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How to Preserve Swiss Chard

We have had great success this year with our veggie garden! So much so, that we will be doing a lot of preserving for the winter. Preserving is a great way to save money, even if you are purchasing your produce. It allows you to buy ripe produce at a discount, and/or purchase produce in bulk.

Our swiss chard has been growing very well. Our daily smoothies and salads are no longer enough, though – it’s time to preserve. This method of preserving is called blanching and it works well for many greens: Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach, etc.

Here is how we preserve Swiss Chard:

How to Preserve Swiss Chard

Pick your swiss chard first thing in the morning. This is when the leaves have the most moisture in them. Preserve them as soon as possible after picking, as the moisture will begin to leave the leaves right away. You want that fresh, just-picked taste.

Clean, Clean, Clean. This step should take the longest and is very important. Wash each individual leaf under cold running water. Then soak in a pot of cold water for 20 minutes.

Swiss Chard Preserving

Remove from the water and chop into bite size pieces. We choose to remove the stem, but this is just personal taste. Put the wet bite sized pieces in a large pot on the stove. Don’t add any water, the moisture on the leaves from soaking is all that is required.

Blanching Swiss Chard

Turn, the stove on to low-medium heat. Stir. You are not cooking the greens, just wilting them. When finished, the greens will wilt to about a third their original size and turn a gorgeous bright green. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

Remove the pot from the stove and allow to come to room temperature.

Preserving Garden Swiss Chard

Put your room temperature blanched swiss chard (or greens) into good quality zip-top freezer bags. Press all of the air from the bags. Label each bag with the name of the veggie and the date prepared.

Freezing Swiss Chard

Lay the bags flat in your freezer until frozen. After, you can stack them and arrange them in a way most convenient for you. Preserved this way, your swiss chard will keep for one year.

Preserving your greens is a great way to save money and eat well all year long. These blanched greens are delicious in winter soups, pasta dishes, stir fry dishes, and warm salads.

What do you make with swiss chard?


  1. pattyabr

    great thanks the tip! I have tons of Swiss Chard in my garden this year!

  2. jim march

    dont know where you live….i live in northern west virginia…..grow a big fall crop of chard every year…..leave it outside….mulch the roots…..harvest as needed… LIVE, fresh greens well into the new year

  3. Elva davenport

    Will the swisschard be safe to eat if frozen before cleaning?

  4. Gracekeeper

    Safe? Depends on what’s in there that you didn’t wash out. Grit, bugs, and weeds aren’t unsafe, merely unwanted. They won’t be cleanable after they’re frozen as they are when they’re fresh. You’re already processing them to get them in the bags. Why not clean them, too? After all that work, you want them to be edible. Good luck, Elva.

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