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Save Even More Money at No Frills with These Tips

No Frills has always been my favourite grocery store, with well-stocked shelves and amazing prices. And now it is possible to save even more money at No Frills. A frugal shopper’s dream.

Here are some suggestions to help you save even more money at No Frills.

Save Even More Money At No Frills

save money at no frills


Start At the Coupon Zone

What coupon zone, you say? Most No Frills don’t have a wall of coupons when you first walk into the store. But….Superstores and Loblaws stores do. And the coupons you pick up there can be used at No Frills since they are part of the Loblaws banner of stores.

coupon zone

And chances are, the regular price of the item will be cheaper at No Frills so you can stretch your dollars even further. If you live close to a Loblaws or Superstore, popping into their coupon section every week is a quick task. On your way to No Frills, of course.


Price Match

Not only are No Frills’ prices already great, but they are also willing to price match. That’s like icing on top of icing. Show the cashier your flyers and watch the savings roll in.

If you haven’t tried price matching yet, read our post on price matching for beginners. Start with a few great deals on produce or meat, and you will be amazed at how the savings add up.


Collect PC Points

You read that correctly. No Frills now offers PC Points on your purchases. And you will receive weekly emails offering bonus points on certain items. PLUS many of these offers include fresh fruit and vegetables – and produce coupons are hard to find.


Spend PC Points

The PC points program has been around for a while, but only at Loblaws and Superstore. Now No Frills is getting in on the PC points action.

Every time you collect 20,000 points you can redeem them for $20 in free groceries. And shopping at No Frills will allow you to stretch those free groceries even further.


Maximize PC Points by Your Method of Payment

You will earn PC points on every transaction, but you will earn even more depending on how you pay for your groceries.

The PC Points website states you will earn:

5 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial debit card
10 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial credit card
20 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial credit card with extra rewards.


Use your PC Points almost ANYWHERE

Before you raise an eyebrow in disbelief, let me explain.

My sister found an awesome barbecue at Target for $380. It was marked 50% off, bringing the price down to $190. But her brilliant idea allowed her to get it for $40.
90 off barbecue


She used her PC Points to purchase a Visa from No Frills for $150. She paid for the Target barbecue with the Visa and scored an amazing deal. Just. Like. That.


Shop With Peace of Mind

No Frills is also a good place to shop if you are just new at learning your prices. Shopping at No Frills allows you to buy items that are reasonably priced without wondering if you are over paying.

Of course, printing off our Stock Up Price list is recommended so you can learn to spot the deals.

Shopping at No Frills has always been an important part of my frugal living plan. Consider these suggestions to save even more money at No Frills.

What is your favourite way to save even more money at No Frills?


  1. Darren McTaggart

    Can you explain your stock up prove list to me? What store do you get these prices from? Does it imply to buy these items when you find these prices?

  2. tabatha

    our no frills has a great 50% off rack and if u take the time to look around the store u can find 50% of stickers on all kinds of items. A bonus if u have a price match item they will match the price than give the 50% off. The best time to go to find these great deals is Sunday early morning.

  3. Karen G

    Darren: The Stock Up list is a guideline of prices to keep with you when shopping. You are right – if you find those prices, it is a good time to stock up. The list is not from a particular store. Check our coupon matchups that will match the best deals from flyers with any coupons you might have collected. Hope this helps!

  4. Karen G

    Tabatha: Great comment! Love those pink stickers. I hadn’t heard of them price matching and then giving 50% off that price, but you can’t do much better than that!
    My husband scored packages of diapers for $19.99-$14.49 last week. (not sure why they were reduced) PLUS they had a 50% pink sticker. We bought 6 boxes x $2.50. Definitely the best deal I have ever found.

  5. Christal

    How do I get weekly emails offering bonus points on certain items?

  6. Karen G

    Christal: Once you sign up for the PC Plus card, you should receive the weekly emails. Here’s the link to their FAQ section – hope this helps!

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