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How to Get Things for Free Using Coupons (And 9 Things That Are Always Free)

How to Get Things for Free Using Coupons (And 9 Things That Are Always Free)

Are you wondering how so many couponers get things for free using coupons? Do you think that most coupons are just for $0.50 or $1 off of things that cost over $5 and that using those coupons for small savings is a waste of time?

Saving $0.50 on something that you were going to buy anyway is never a waste of time. Wouldn’t you rather have that $0.50 in your own pocket, instead of the store’s?

Coupons can save you tons of money if you use them strategically.

Following is a list of 4 ways that you can get things for free using coupons.

Buy the smallest size possible

The smallest size is almost always going to be the cheapest, so, as long as your coupons do not have size restrictions, you can use them on the smallest size item available. Most of the time, this means travel size items.

Let’s say you have a $1 coupon for Colgate toothpaste. Many stores sell travel size Colgate toothpaste for just $1. If you use that $1 coupon on the travel size Colgate, you will get the toothpaste for free.

Check the clearance section

Many stores have a section for clearance items. They may even have a few sections all over the store. Find out where these are in your stores and then check them out whenever you go shopping. You never know what you will find.

Items can go on clearance for a variety of reasons. The item is about to expire, the item is not selling very well, or the store simply has an overstock and needs to clear out some inventory. Whatever you do, if you buy clearance merchandise, be sure to check the expiration date and make sure that there is nothing physically wrong with the item before you make your purchase.

Some stores have a sticker or shelf tag with the clearance price on it, but others (such as Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and other Loblaws banner stores) have a 50% (or other percentage) off sticker. Whatever the item scans at, you would get 50% off of that price. Then, add in your coupons and you’re sure to get some free stuff!

Purchase mail-in rebate items

Mail-in rebate items don’t require you to use a coupon when you purchase them, but if you do, you will actually make money on your purchase.

For example, let’s say you want to submit a mail-in rebate for a specific brand of hairspray. The hairspray costs $4.99 at the store and you also have a $2 off coupon for that same product. You can use the $2 coupon, pay $2.99 for the item, and then submit the mail-in rebate and get back the full $4.99.

That means you were paid to buy that product.

Note: Be sure to read your mail-in rebate form carefully, as some restrict the use of coupons.

Use coupons on sale items

Unless you really need to buy something, try holding on to your coupons until things go on sale. When you match a coupon to a sale price, you can usually get things for free or very, very cheap.

You will find the best sale items (also known as “loss leaders”) on the front and back pages of your sale flyers. Do peek through the entire flyer though, because you never know what will be inside.

When you’re looking through your flyers, write down the best deals, and then check to see if you have any coupons to add, to make the deal(s) even sweeter.

Just because many coupons are for low values, doesn’t mean you will never be able to get items for free or cheap when using them.

Be patient. It is possible! Try out some of the suggestions above and you’ll see just how easy it is to get things for free using coupons.

9 Things That Are Always Free With Coupons

Did you know that there are things that are always free with coupons? Things you should never have to pay for?

If you use coupons enough, you will start to notice that you can always find coupons for certain things – toothpaste, bathroom tissue, diapers.

There are also many items that are always free with coupons. Here are 9 of them:

1. Toothpaste

Usually goes on sale for around $1 and there are often $1 (or more) coupons available. Always check the travel section for cheap toothpaste to use your coupons on as well.

2. Toothbrushes

Usually goes on sale for around $1-$2 and there are often $1-$2 coupons available. Oral-B is the brand I can always get for free.

3. Deodorant

Usually goes on sale for around $1.50-$2 there are often $1-$2 coupons available. Secret and Old Spice are the brands I can always get for free. Check out the travel section for deodorant if the larger sizes aren’t on sale.

4. Feminine Pads/Liners/Tampons

Usually go on sale for around $2 and there are often $2 coupons available. Stayfree is the brand I can always get for free.

5. Candles

Usually go on sale for around $2-$5 and there are often $2-$5 coupons available, so these items will always be free (especially around Christmas).

6. Air Fresheners

Usually go on sale for around $1 and there are often $1 coupons available. Glade is the brand I can always get for free.

7. Shave Gel/Cream

Usually go on sale for around $1-$2 and there are often $1-$2 coupons available. Check out the travel section for this item as well.

8. Pain Relievers

Prices vary, depending on brand and type. There are often $3-$6 coupons available. Aspirin and Tylenol are the brands I can often get for free.

9. Canned Soup

Usually go on sale for around $0.50 (especially during colder months) and there are often $0.50 coupons available. Campbell’s is the brand I can always get for free.

Those are things that are always free with coupons..

The key to getting these items for free is to hold on to your coupons until a great sale comes along. If you have a $2 coupon for a certain brand of deodorant and it goes on sale for $2.50 – sure, $0.50 is a good price for deodorant, but continue waiting. There will very likely be a sale for $1.99 or $2 where you can get the deodorant for FREE.

The only time you should not wait to buy these items is if you really need something. If that’s the case, use your coupon and make the purchase. It’s better to save something.

How do you get things for free using coupons? Is there anything that you would add to this list?


  1. m

    Thank God for stacking on the west coast, cause our prices are not THAT good.

    I don’t use pads, so my comment is only about tampons. Apart from the $1 tampons recently found at Walmart (which were being cleared out), I’ve never seen tampons on sale for less than $2.50 each, and the coupons I’ve seen are usually $2 off when you buy 2. Do you get better coupons by contacting the manufacturer directly? I’d love some coupons for Playtex.

    Razors — without stacking, I have no idea how you get these free. For mens’ razors, the lowest I’ve found (and that was on a clearance item) was about $1-2 per cartridge with a coupon. Someone posted on SC that they bought Gillette proglide razors for $2 at Pharmaprix. I went to check out SDM here & they’re $15 and $17. Didn’t see anything even close to that price.

    Thanks for posting your stash video!

  2. Lattelady

    love your list
    I get Gillett razors, and shaving cream ( have a nice stash of them)
    CoverGirl makeup, lipstick, mascara , eyeshadows
    campbells soup
    dove shampoos and Body wash
    kraft mac and cheese

  3. Theresa

    I have got to start getting MORE coupons!! I would love to get any of the things you mentioned free. I received a coupon for free Glad garbage bags, what a rush!!!! LOL!!! I need a life:)

    • Cassie Howard

      theresa – haha it was a rush for me when i got that coupon too! you hardly ever find coupons for garbage bags, yet alone a FPC!

      lattelady – oooh wish i could get mac n’ cheese & makeup!

      m – ive seen the 4 pack of tampax pearl at zellers for $1 and there are the $1 off ANY tampax pearl. they also have those 4 packs at other stores (not walmart), but i have only seen them at zellers. as for razors, you know the $4 fusion coupons? those razors went on sale awhile back for $4 and some people even found them for $3.

  4. m

    AAAHHH, ok, so just look for smaller packs of tampons – gotcha! I think I’m stocked up for a few years now, but I’ll keep my eye out for donations when I have coupons.

    Yeah I think those are the same ones I’m talking about — Gillette Fusion Proglide right? First off, I didn’t know there were $4 off coupons for it — I only have a bunch for $2 off. I’ve been able to get one in a giftset for super cheap by stacking at LD, but I’ve never seen it super cheap otherwise. Oh well.

  5. Stephanie G

    Hi Cassie!

    Thanks for your post!

    As i said before, I am now in the UK and coupons (vouchers) I have that gets me free products here are the Air Wick candle ones! I really like candles, even more so free ones! But I am keeping my eyes open for other free stuff!

    But, magazine freebies are really good here! Sometimes we get free Benefit BADgal pencils and such, which is really good for me! I like reading magazines anyway (it is kinda part of my job, working in Tourism PR!!) so good freebies!

    • Cassie Howard

      stephanie – oooh airwick candles are yummy! i love the vanilla one that they have. i wish we had magazine freebies in canada! the only ones we have are crappy beauty ones that dont interest me. πŸ˜›

      m – yes, always look for the smallest size available. that will usually get you a free or very cheap product with your coupon! yep, proglide. the $4 coupons are gone now, they were on or for awhile. now they are just $2 so the only way to get those free is by looking for clearanced razors!

  6. Katherine

    I’ve only been using coupons for a short time. I’ve purchased things for free or for a minimal price. I like to use the phrase “avoided spending” rather than “saved”, because really, to me the word saved means I actually set that money aside. But I still use the word free…it’s such a great word !

  7. Penny

    Hi Cassie, thanks for all the info! I like to make the most of each shopping trip to ensure I do not waste gas and to take full advantage of a sale. I find the best deals are not advertised on a flier but you tend to just come across them while in the store. Over the weekend I found drinkable yoghurt (Danacol) on sale for just a $1.00 as they are expiring over Easter. On the package there was a $2.00 off coupon for the product so I bought a couple of packages, headed out to the car, cut the coupons out (as I always carry a small pair of scissors with me πŸ™‚ I then got 4 more (packages of 8) for absolutely free! Now that is alot of drinking yoghurt even for my large family so I have been sharing with friends and neighbours and even total strangers! I have saved so much since couponing and really look forward to seeing your shopping deals on the weekends πŸ™‚ Thanks. Penny

  8. Lisa

    Was the receipt requested to attach with mail in rebate? If you used coupon, they would see it on receipt, you still can get back full amount?

  9. Jen Lynd

    Thanks so much for posting all these tips. I just started visiting our blog a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already saved/avoided spending over $74 using your tips and it was so easy – thank you! I LOVE ‘couponing’ now. It’s too much fun! Thanks again for helping me keep more money in my bank account and for inspiring me to be more responsible with my money.

  10. Freckles

    My favourite way to get items for free using coupons is to ……

    read every day!!!

    I consider myself a ‘passive’ couponer, meaning I don’t spend time researching or going out of my way, but, once a day I check this site, and at least once a week it seems you have posted an item which tells your readers they can get something for free. Either from the Facebook “I like this” type of coupons, or you’ve already gone through the sales flyers and alerted your readers what they can get for free by matching easily accessible coupons (ie. to sale-priced items!

  11. Vicki


    I am now on a mission to SAVE where ever I can. I find myself much more aware of my spending and how much I WAS spending.. YIKES….

    I am so amazed at how easy it was to start couponing and making it work.

    Last night I say a great deal Zehrs had Sunlight on in a 50% of bin which made it like 3.50 and I had a 1.50 off coupon.. great time I stocked up a bit. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again.. for your tips and the tips and ideas your readers share..

  12. Ashley

    RE: smallest size… I had a coupon to save $1 on any Clorox product. So at my local Rexall the other day I picked up a bottle of bleach that was on sale from $1.49 to $1. I gave the cashier my coupon and she gave it back saying I couldn’t use it, I had to “save it for next time because the bleach was already on sale for that amount”.

    I told her that it said no where that I couldn’t use it on a product that was on sale and she eventually got mad and snatched it out of my head and took the $1 off the total.

    It’s very frustrating! If there weren’t so many people behind me in line I think I would have asked to speak to a supervisor about her attitude.

  13. Alyia

    today I applied your tips in walmart it works,I have walmart copoun policy Thanks so much for posting all these tips

  14. Natasha

    Nothing feels better than buying something on sale or discounted by %50 with a coupon! So great!

  15. Steve Zussino - Canadian Coupons

    Those are all great tips – sometimes it is frustrating when a cashier won’t take a coupon though. They feel it is strange to be giving something away for free.

  16. Cassie Howard

    Katherine – Yes, that’s true. It’s probably a good idea to call it avoided spending!

    Penny – I also seem to find the best deals in the stores, completely unadvertised. πŸ™‚

    Lisa – Yes, you almost always need a receipt. If you plan to use a coupon on your mail in rebate item, I’d suggest buying a bunch of other items on the same receipt and have the coupon(s) entered in at the very end.

    Jen Lynd – I’m so glad that you enjoy my website! Couponing sure is fun, huh? πŸ™‚

    Freckles – Haha, yes, that’s a good way to get freebies too. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad my site has been helpful for you!

    Vicki – Glad I could help. Congrats on your great Sunlught deal!

    Ashley – You just got a nasty cashier. It doesn’t matter if the item is on sale! Glad you ended up getting it in the end though.

    Alyia – Yay! Glad the policy worked for you.

    Natasha – I agree!

    Steve – Ugh, tell me about it. Especially when you get to the cash and are all excited about your deals, and then the cashiers tries to say no to your coupon. VERY frustrating!

  17. Theresa

    Love what Katherine said about the word “saved”. It drives me nuts when shows about debt say that someone who was spending double their income is now “saving” x amount of dollars, when in reality, they are just not spending that money. Anyhow, rant over, I never ever thought about using coupons for the small size items. I guess I just figured I’d get the evil glare and huffs and puffs from cashiers(Shoppers cashiers are the worst) and never bothered. I am going to do this from now on. Thanks!

  18. Rebekah

    Thanks again Cassie for all your great tips for saving money. At London Drugs alone, I’ve saved (avoided spending) over $100 in the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately you folks out east don’t have the luxury of stacking manufacturer coupons at any store like we can at London Drugs which would be tip #5 for getting stuff for free. This past weekend for instance, I used 10 manufacturers coupons on two items at London Drugs which seemed ridiculous, but the cashiers there are very used to people doing it and don’t give you any trouble.
    I agree, Shoppers cashiers are the worst – I remember a couple of weeks back when I gave the clerk a coupon for $2 off an item that was on sale for $2 she seemed super annoyed but let me get my lip gloss for $0.24 anyway.
    Happy couponing everyone!

  19. Cassie Howard

    Theresa – Oh you probably will get cashiers that don’t want to accept coupons on small items. But, unless the coupon restricts trial sizes, you’re allowed to use them!

    Rebekah – Ahh yes, London Drugs. I am so jealous of all of you that get to shop at that store. I really wish we had one out here!

  20. Fangs

    Well, another way (but not using coupons) is to watch every item being scanned or ensure that the $$ scanned is the right price. If it’s higher that the lowest displayed $$, then u can get up to $10 off the lowest displayed $ or FOC if it’s priced under $10.

    If u r in a hurry & want to be able to quickly & easily spot deals from one end of the aisle at Wal-mart, watch out for the red (Rollback) or yellow(Clearance) “beanies” sticking out from the shelves.

    I usually shop at Wal-mart ‘cos they price match practically anything shown in the flyer, including produce from chinese grocery stores(the best $$)& store brand for store brand(eg Life from Shoppers, Compliments from Loblaws,etc with the Great Value brand provided that the sizes & product r exactly the same). For example, I $ matched the Price Choppers 1 lb Compliments butter for the GV butter.

  21. Cassie Howard

    Fangs – Thanks for letting us know that Walmart will price match store brands. I never knew that!

  22. Tanya

    Today at RRSS I had a loblaw’s coupon zone coupon-buy 3 get $5.00 off. Tried to use it on 3 trial size-which would be free. Cashier said I couldn’t because it didn’t match the picture and said they reserve the right to decide. Neither of those things were printed on their coupon. Should I have tried a little harder or was she right?

  23. Cassie Howard

    Tanya – As long as they coupon did not specify a size, you should be allowed to use the coupon. Unfortunetely they do have the right to refuse a coupon, but they don’t have the right to accuse a customer of doing something wrong. I would call head office if I was accused of something I did not do.

  24. belinda

    is there a place where you can get coupon books sent to you for free??

  25. Cassie Howard

    belinda – You mean coupon inserts? They come with your free local paper.

  26. betty lopez

    The best way to save is to maintain a budget,plan your meals ,make sure nothing is left to waste or thrown away. Not to buy things just because you have coupons. Buy only things you need and not what u want. Its of course good if you have coupons but I notice most items that offer coupons are “want” things and not “Need” things. Do not overstock your pantry with sale items. Theres what you call JUST IN TIME. Just buy what you need based on the history of your familys consumption.

    Now if you are maintaining a budget,you would likely know where to cut back on expenses.Its not wise to spend 0 on items you wont really be needing like x number of shampoo or toothpaste not unless u want to start a grocery or exchange store.

  27. Linda

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into your website and all the information that you give to us! When a friend of mine told me about coupons and your website, I thought, its going to be hard to try and get stuff for free, or to start a stockpile, but I have found that I really enjoy couponing and that its just a matter of persistence and really keeping focused on a goal, which we all know is to…SAVE MONEY! Your website has really help me to understand how to coupon in Canada. The other day I got an item for free because of the store having a savings of $3 on it, and then I had a $5 off coupon, so I got it for FREE!! Plus I got a FREE refill because I bought the original item (even though I got it for free lol)! So I was so happy that I was on a natural high for the rest of the night. Again, thank you so much for what you do. It is truly amazing what you have done and continue to do each day!!

  28. Cassie Howard

    Linda: Thank you so much for the sweet comment, you’re very kind. It certainly is all about staying focused. πŸ™‚

  29. Laura

    A very good example of what you have described on buying the smallest size is what I did yesterday. Recently proctor and gamble had coupons for the new frebreeze car air freshners free with the purchase of a frebreeze fabric care. At walmart the small freebreeze fabric care by the checkouts are 1.97 along with the coupon for the car freshner were coupons for buy any two frebreeze products get three dollars off. I used the three dollar coupon to by the small frebreeze fabric refreshners making them .47 cents each and got the car freshners free. Keep in mind that you do have to pay the taxes on the full cost of the items before coupons but your savings can be quite high. I spent a total of 84.71 at Walmart and Save on Foods and saved a total of 167.29 this included free items and purchasing items on sale with coupons and stacking coupons at save on foods making items a dollar or less that are regularly priced five dollars or more. For example they had the large 165 ml Colgate Optic white toothpaste on sale for 2.99 I had two different coupons for a dollar off I stacked them getting the toothpaste for .99 regular price is 5.49 that is a four dollar and fifty cent savings that stayed in my pocket. Another example About a month ago tear pads were out at Save on for buy two hunts snack pac puddings save two dollars on fresh fruit. They were on sale two for three dollars and I saved two dollars on the purchase of my fresh fruit. Every penny counts when your trying to live well on a tight budget but it is possible. Cassie shows you so many ways and does a great job of it. I have been using coupons for 30 years and it was invaluable to me as a single parent raising two kids with a limited budget. It does take time and planning and you have to give yourself the flexibility when you find the sales to stock up but I have gotten many free items or almost free items from being diligent with sales and coupons. I even used my Optimum points to purchase an LED tv for my bedroom. I ended up out of pocket forty eight dollars and change and that was taxes and environment fees.

  30. Tara

    Love your list! I totally agree. I another thing I always get free is dishwasher detergent. I haven’t paid for that in about a year.

  31. Jennifer

    I have a bunch of spray and wash I got for free,It comes in really handy. I have 2 babies and that means lots of stains. I also got a bunch of olay bar soap for free when it went on sale at fresh co. now I have enought for about 2 years. I find cereal for free a lot too.

  32. LEANNE

    hi can somebody please help me as my papers dont have NO inserts ever
    in them i got so fed up i phoned to ask why and he told me it was the inserts policy as i live to far away from the city ( Edmonton) =( if i buy the papers i should still get them i think… its so hard for me to find coupons to use in Alberta as i live in a small town which makes me sad =((

  33. Jen

    i get dish soap for free dollar coupon from colgate pomolive or really good on sunlight most i’ve paid for dish soap is .33. also shampoo for free or close to it

  34. cathy

    for thing that u dont usse?… pick em up and .foood bank em, womans shelter em…charity em.!!! πŸ™‚

  35. Lorna Robertson

    think you need to redo this column as some things have changed in the last 2 years

  36. Lori mcloed

    This might be possible if you don’t need specific brands!
    We can only use sensodyne to, the pain isn’t worth switching. We use Dove deodorant, the others make us itch. Most of the time I find the store brands to be cheaper. I hang on to coupons waiting for the sales, unfortunately the manufacturers here have wizened up and the sale does’t happen until after the expiry. I can get good reductions on things, gotten close to free but never got it!

    • Cheryl

      I dunno… I just used 6 P&G coupons for $2 off Secret deodorant which expire at the end of this month on that deodorant that’s on sale at WalMart for $2.

  37. karen

    One factor that is never included is membership fees, car expenses or bus fare. An item is not free if I have to pay to get there. I plan my shopping around appointments or visits to friends otherwise I have to stick with what is around my home. I also have the problem of not always getting my ads in the mailbox so price matching is out of the question.

    • teachermum

      …and taxes!!!

  38. Cheryls Crazy Coupons Canada

    For me … Ziploc bags, BBQ sauce, dishwasher detergent, heart burn medicine, cereal, and mustard.

  39. sally

    I miss those coupons that allowed you to get free/nearly free bananas, strawberries, apples, cheap eggs. Trying to eat healthy and finding it hard to get coupons for good food – fruits and veggies πŸ™

  40. Jeannine

    Our RCSS in Penticton gave me a hard time, and I took my complaints to Head Office, which then gave Penticton a terse turnaround. The bottom line is they lost a lot of business. I shop Walmart, price match, and they treat you so well there. The only thing I feel bad about is the line up I create when I go. Cassie thanks for the mail in rebate tip – I didn’t know you could coupon, then get the product and then get the full rebate. I would have thought you would just get the item for the reduced amount. I got a lot of free items that way. Thanks for your input here !!

  41. Sylvia

    I’ve never seen a Campbell’s soup coupon. Where do you find them?

    • Shelly

      I have never seen coupons either for Campbell’s. Where do they show up

  42. Coupon queen of Ontario

    Pyrex laundry detergent, I always get 3-5$ coupons & the small go on for 2-3 & the huge ones go on for $5. I haven’t paid for laundry detergent in years. I also have a constant 1 year supply on hand. I have a SN child, 2 infants & run a daycare! Never have too much laundry detergent!
    Baby food is another constant free item. As are diapers. I wait till stores put their diapers on sale super cheap or clearance & stock up with coupons, in all sizes! Baby wipes, I usually get free about 90+% of the time.
    Ziplock bags, ketchup, mustard, juice, & a few random other things I usually get free! OH & Marc Angelo turkey sausages! Sell for 3.99, go on sale for 2.99 & usually you can get $3 coupons, often right on the packages! Bonus!

    • Coupon queen of Ontario

      Purex lol not Pyrex!

  43. Nancy Anaka

    I tried to shop today at walmart
    I was price matching old spice
    The supervisor said yes they would
    Pm to $1 from $3 but then they wouldn’t
    Let me use my coupon he said that would be
    To good a deal & that is called double dipping
    Which wm does not allow u to do
    When shopping there always before I was allowed
    To pm & use a cpn what going on he tried to
    Make me out like I was ripping the store off
    I’m upset & disgusted with the way I was treated

    • christelle

      I know the feeling. I had a coupon for $10 off if I bought a Hasbro toy(s) with a value over $25. Well they made a mistake with the price tags. They gave me $10 off for the tag mistake but then the toy was underthe $25 value. I had to argue with them saying it’s not my fault that you guys made a mistake and thst you guys have this policy of giving your customers up to $10 if there is a mistake in pricing and they finally allowed me to use my coupon. So I walked out pay $9 for a $40 (value) toy lol.

  44. Karen Thaeter

    I recently encountered a problem with a checkout girl at Giant Tiger.
    She told me that I couldn’t use my coupons for products that were on sale.
    It stated on the coupon for the Quantum powerball dishwasher tabs—not to be used in conjunction with any other offer,or discounts.I am sure all the coupons generally say this,but never had a problem before.
    After checking with the manager that it was ok,she then told me I could use only one coupon on the entire purchase!
    I had 2 coupons,and 2 pk of detergent,and had to argue with her again about how each one was a separate purchase,
    Frustrating,but has anyone else ever had this problem with items on sale?

    • Nat

      I had a frustrating experience at No Frills a little while ago. I found Keurig cups on clearance (50% off pink stickers) and had just printed a 2$ coupon for that exact product before heading to the store. I was also told that because the product was on sale and the coupon indicated “cannot be combined with any other offer” I could not use it. The manager told me that all other stores are wrong for accepting coupons when an item is on sale and has that note and that they do not abide by proper coupon policy. I still haven’t managed to use those coupons πŸ™ On the plus side, every time I use a coupon with a sale now I get a good laugh, because I am always reminded that sales and coupons cannot be combined! πŸ˜‰

  45. Brenda

    Want to learn how to coupon, can someone teach me

  46. I am new to the couponing. So I should use my coupons on Sale and Trial Size Items to get the free or major discount?

    • Cassie Howard

      Absolutely! As long as the coupon doesn’t restrict it.

  47. ChelseyBuns

    Coupon Queen of Ontario
    I need to know your SuperSavingWays!
    Diapers, wipes and baby food for free?!?!?!

    • Cassie Howard

      Maybe not free, but you can often find those things at both Shoppers Drug Mart and Costco for cheap!

  48. Elaine

    Karen, We just recently within the last year got a Target next door… it~ price match all the time and actually prefer their brand of many items to the leading brands. I was told at the store, that since I don’t get a flyer and my printer is out of ink (I’m a senior and trying to keep 2 of us and a cat on $100/month!). I was told to just take a picture and they would match it. Half the time they know of better deals than I do. Of course, a lot of the items you would have are not available here in Canada. Now that I don’t have a car, I can’t make trips every 3 months to stock up. Nothing worse than a handful of coupons that can’t be used here! We also have to watch buying gift cards online as they won’t be able to be used in Canada, only in the USA. I wish we could all come together on this!

  49. Ali Morgan

    your post says to always check travel section but don’t most coupons say not valid on travel/trial sizes ?

    • Cassie Howard

      Many Brandsaver coupons do now, but not all coupons exclude travel sizes.

  50. Holly Blaine

    What does Walmart consider at local competitors? Like how many miles etc? Can’t seem to find that out can you help?

  51. Erica Ashley

    Local meaning the area/city you live in. I just bring in the flyers that I receive. They only check the dates to make sure the flyer isn’t expired.

  52. Ashley

    Campbell’s coupons come in the smart source and red plum newspaper inserts. I believe they were featured a few weeks back.

  53. Kristin

    Where do you get all these coupons?

  54. Brittany

    I get my coupons from,, and couponing clipping services for those amazing deals I just can’t pass up on and want more coupons. I get 4 Sunday papers from Dollar General (who would have thought!). I also use a coupon scanner I downloaded on my phone called QSeer. This allows you to scan manufacturer coupons and see what the REAL expiration on the coupon is and what items you can actually use the coupon for. Most of the time what the coupons says is completely wrong. Crazy how many coupons don’t have an expiration date. I also use Target coupons from which you can double up with Manufacturer coupons. I never pay a dime at Target. As for the Walmart situation, this is awful to say but you need to profile your cashiers. Young men are the best to check out with. They don’t care! and the fact is, they are supposed to give you the overage at walmart, they can apply it to overage AND pay you cash if you still have overage. They send that coupon to the manufacturer and get the money back. So technically is they don’t give you that money they are stealing and/or double dipping. I typically only shop at Kroger and Target. That’s where I get the most bang for my buck. Also scan you receipts with Ibotta app and Checkout 51 app. It gives you cash back and things you already purchased! Good luck and happy couponing!!

    • Erica Ashley

      Thanks for your tips brittany, sadly Ibotta is an american app that we cannot use here in Canada.

  55. Christopher Nolan

    Hi Brittany! I loved your post, I am the exact same way with using the app and combining all the different tools like Ibotta, target/manuf coupons and picking the right cashier at the right time. I would love to chat sometime and share each other’s tips and tricks of couponing! My e-mail is [email protected]

  56. Georgia Chatman

    I would love to start couponing can someone please share information on how to start

  57. Kayla

    RAZORS! I haven’t paid for razors since I started couponing! πŸ˜‰

  58. Sonia

    Kayla how on the razors? And I would add what stores!

  59. Priscilla

    I am in need of severe saving with couponing. Could someone assist me with this money saving tip?

  60. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be posting about coupons when you obviously don’t understand how this works…First off, all coupons now say “excluding trial sample sizes” or something to that effect.

  61. Sdj

    Conditioner. And I’m talking Tressemme Professionals/Naturals etc. I haven’t paid for conditioner since I started couponing. Actually, I regularly get heat protectant and other styling products for free too.

  62. Gwen

    I have gotten a lot GREAT DEALS on FREE/CHEAP Razors at Target by Stacking Manufacturer and Target cpns or at Rite aid they allow you to use a BOGO & stack 3/2 for example + the in ad cpn..if u pay anything it’s not much.

  63. Brigitte Tritt

    Hello Cassie
    It has been such a long time since I received one of your news letters. When I try to sign up again I am always advised that I am already on the mailing list. What is going on here?

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    Please send me your news letter. I am a beginner and need help. Thank you so much!

  67. RENAE

    I want too learn how to go about getting all different items free,and want to be sent your news letter. Thank you!!!

  68. Robin

    Get newspapers free by asking friends. Also look for them in bins where communities drop recycled paper. Save $80 over the course of a year and go to a free local couponing class sponsored by the newspaper. Pay $80 for a years subscription. I did this in the past year and they offered a renewal at the same rate. I had 200 Sunday newspapers delivered to my door for $80 and got Wednesday’s papers free- 50 weeks worth–that’s 25 cents a Sunday paper, and the money I saved ea week was about $25. You can’t afford NOT to get a paper. If you can’t save $100, ask for it for your birthday or Christmas. I’ll bet you have 5 people in your life who would give you $20. Happy couponing!

  69. Andrea

    So I am new to this and I am wondering if I print a coupon and it is say for a $1.00 off of Kitty Litter and the litter costs $10.00 can I use this coupon 10 times? I see that they can do this in the States so I am just wondering if we can do this in Canada? Thanks for the information that you supply!

  70. Debra

    You can also email or write to the companies that you use/purchase products from. You can request them from 100’s of brands just give them a good review on how your family enjoys their products & they will send you coupons for you feedback

  71. Madison

    Thanks for the tips!!! πŸ™‚

  72. Diana

    Wow this is a great post! I had a sneaking suspicion that I could get toothbrushes for free after couponing for two months and you’re right! I don’t ever shop without coupons anymore.

  73. Mingo

    I how like to know how to save couponing..dont know where to start.thank you

  74. Kelly

    I really want to learn how to coupon. I use coupons here and there, save a little but still had to pay a lot. I live in Washington everything is pricey and coupons are not high value. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can you anyone help?

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  80. Charkotte

    Kelly, I hear ya!! I am new to coupons as well. Washington doesnt seem to allow use of coupons like other states ,at least not when it comes to doubling and even stacking practices. Feel free to contact me if you wanna try to learn together!!

  81. Judy johnson

    Would like anyone from north Texas who would like to learn coupons together. Need all the help I can get

  82. Samira

    Before ysing the manufacturer coupon, u need to chk if the store has a digital will need to download the store app for the digital coup.some syores yoi can use their digital coup and the manufacturer coup.also try and get the item on item will ne on sale use the digita coup w the store coup if store wll apply.these options will hlep you save.

  83. Geraldine

    When you say “they will go on sale” which stores should i watch for?

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