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How to Earn PC Optimum Points

How to Earn PC Optimum Points

The PC Optimum loyalty program was launched in February 2018, with the merger of two long standing rewards programs; Loblaws PC Plus, and the Shoppers Optimum program, from Shoppers Drug Mart. As a longtime PC Financial customer, I was thrilled to see the two programs come together, as it meant more opportunities to earn rewards. Not only that, but I was pleased to see that it remains one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs available to Canadians.

How Much are PC Optimum Points Worth?

One of the best things about PC Optimum points, is that the math is easy. That’s not always the case with loyalty rewards programs. With PC, 1000 points is worth $1. Because points can only be redeemed in multiples of 10,000 however, it’s better to think of it in those terms.

  • 10,000 = $10
  • 20,000 = $20
  • 30,000 = $30
  • 40,000 = $40

You get the picture. There is one exception to this. Sometimes, retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart will offer special redemption days, when they’ll give you more value for the PC Optimum points you redeem. I’ll explain how that works a little later.

Different Ways to Earn PC Optimum Points

Now that you have an idea how points are calculated, let’s take a look at the many different ways that you can earn PC Optimum points. You’ll notice that some of these programs are very lucrative. I recommend that you try to take advantage of as many as you can, to get the most bang for your buck.

Shoppers Drug Mart Purchases

You’ll earn 1.5% (15 points per dollar) when you purchase eligible products at Shoppers Drug Mart. This can be considered a respectable rate of return for any rewards program and is slightly more than the regular 10 points per dollar (1%) earned on regular spending at other participating retailers.

If you’re looking to amplify your points earning power, however, you’ll want to take advantage of the following options available to PC Optimum members.

Targeted Offers and In-Store Promotions

When you register with PC Optimum, you’ll receive personalized offers tailored to your shopping habits. Each week, simply load the offers you wish to take advantage of and receive the bonus points when you purchase the items on your list.

The targeted offers can be pretty lucrative, in fact, I’ve received up to 200 points per dollar spent on an item. That’s more than 13X the regular earn rate of 15 points on the dollar. In addition to the weekly offers, look out for in-store promotions that are available to all PC Optimum members wherever PC products are sold, including Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws, and Esso locations.

Shoppers 20X Points Days

Shoppers Drug Mart also runs 20X points promo days from time to time. You definitely want to keep your eyes open for these, as they boost your point value per dollar from 1.5% to an incredible 30%! You do have to be careful with these types of promotions as they tempt you to spend money on things that you don’t need or normally wouldn’t buy. But if you stick to the items on your list, it’s worth shopping on 20X points days.

Shop Using a PC Financial Mastercard

If you’ve been a long time MapleMoney reader, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of earning credit card rewards. It’s a great way to save money on anything from travel, to gas and groceries, or even getting cash back. Of course, the caveat is that you use your credit card responsibly, by paying the balance in full every month. After all, there is no use earning points, if you’re paying interest at 19.99%.

PC Financial has three Mastercards that will enable you to earn PC Optimum points when you shop with your credit card. When you apply, PC Financial will automatically assign you a card based on your anticipated spending level, aka personal or household income. That said, each card allows you to accelerate your points earning, without an annual fee.

PC Financial Mastercard

When you shop at Loblaws, or any of its subsidiaries ie. Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, or 1%. At Shoppers Drug Mart, that increases to 25 points, or 2%. Lastly, purchases at Esso/Mobil gas stations are worth 3% in PC Optimum points.

PC Financial World Mastercard

The PC World Mastercard is similar to the basic card, but takes the earning power up a notch, by doubling your points at Loblaws & family stores to 2% (20 points per dollar spent), and 3.5% on Shoppers Drug Mart purchases (35 points on the dollar).

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

The PC World Elite Mastercard is PC’s top tier mastercard, and from a rewards standpoint is on par with many of the premier credit card offerings available today. With the World Elite, you’ll earn a whopping 3% when you shop at Loblaws stores, and 4.5% at Shoppers (45 points per dollar). Keep in mind, all of this is available without an annual fee.

Here’s a tip. If you’re considering applying for a PC Financial Mastercard, try to time it when a welcome bonus is being offered for new customers. This can be a great way to boost your PC Optimum points balance.

Learn More About PC Financial Mastercards

Redeeming PC Optimum Points

PC Optimum points can only be redeemed in multiples of 10,000 points. In other words, if you wish to redeem points against a $65 purchase, you could redeem 60,000 points, and then pay the $5 remaining. As I mentioned earlier, I like this for it’s simplicity. PC Financial makes the math for earning and redeeming points easy to understand.

As I mentioned earlier, there are times when Shoppers Drug Mart will offer you a higher dollar value for your points. For example, they may give you a $65 value when you redeem 50,000 points, instead of the regular $50 value. Watch out for these redemption offers, as they can be very attractive.

To use points when shopping, simply present your Optimum card to the cashier and let them know how many points you want to redeem. Keep in mind that you won’t earn points on the value of items that you’re redeeming points towards.

Where Can I Earn and Redeem PC Optimum Points?

In addition to Shoppers Drug Mart, you can earn and redeem PC Optimum points at more than 2,500 other Loblaws-affiliated retailers. This includes personalized weekly offers and in-store promotions. Here’s a list of some of the many stores that participate in the PC Optimum rewards program:

  • No Frills
  • Zehrs
  • Loblaws
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • com
  • Independent
  • Dominion
  • Esso/Mobil
  • Extra Foods
  • Fortinos
  • Atlantic Superstore

Maximizing Your PC Optimum Points

If you ask me, the 2018 merger of PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum was a big win for consumers. Not only did PC Financial maintain the generous earning power of the old programs, shoppers now have a larger network of retailers from which to earn and redeem points.

On their own, the PC Financial Mastercards make this a loyalty program worth considering. In fact, it’s the single best way to maximize your point earning capability. But even if you don’t shop using a credit card, you can still earn big by taking advantage of the 20X points days, targeted offers, and other in-store promotions.


  1. Theresa

    The Shoppers I go to does not give Optimum points on presriptions. I will have to ask about this. Great post.

    • Cassie Howard

      Theresa – I have found out that some places do this and some do not. Very strange! On their website is says “including prescriptions”.

      Mo – Yes, I collect PC points as well, but only when I shop at PC stores – which isn’t often, really. I think SDM is a much better value for my money so that’s why I go there. PC is great if you shop there, though! I agree that free stuff is awesome, no matter where it comes from. 🙂

      Stephanie – Thank you! I’ve been meaning to do this post for weeks now! Sorry for the delay, but I hope it’s helpful now. 🙂

      M – You are very right! I will include that in the post. FPC’s do NOT count towards your total. That’s very important, can’t believe I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out!

      Lattelady – No, you most likely will NOT get the giftcard unless you have an awesome cashier. Since the 20x, spend xxx – get xxx points, etc. is done by the register and the “spend xxx, get xx gift card” is done by the CASHIER, you will probably have to spend the full $50 before the cashier will hand over the gift card. Since the other events give you points, that is done by the register itself. The cashier has nothing do to with it. So you WILL get your points. Cashiers will more than likely try to tell you that you have to spend $50 AFTER coupons or you won’t get the points, but you can just tell them “ok I don’t want the points then” and watch their faces when they see that the points DO show up. Haha!

      Jezz – That’s awesome!

  2. Mo

    Great tips! The Shoppers gift card is a great idea! So sneaky!
    Do you collect PC points? (Presidents Choice). We put pretty much every purchase on our PC Mastercard (never carry a balance!), earning 10 points on every dollar, and more when purchases are from a PC store (Superstore, No Frills…) They add up so fast when buying groceries, and gas, and just everyday purchases. We cash in points all the time (20,000 PC points = $20) often buying clothes (Joe Fresh) or movies/video games from Superstore (only the ones on sale!) Or cashing inn and getting free groceries one week. More often than not we buy fun things, and treat it as free money that wasn’t in the budget.

    PC points, or Optimum points, free stuff is awesome no matter where it comes from! Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. Mo

    I forgot to mention the thing about the prescriptions too; none of the Shoppers around me give points on prescriptions either. It’s always listed right on the flyers too on bonus redemption days and 20x the point days.

  4. Stephanie G

    Great Post Cassie!

    I dont know why you didnt do it earlier!

    I think for the prescription getting points, its all a matter of which province you live in… I remember getting points for my prescriptions in Quebec, but not in BC (or the other way around…)

  5. M.

    You should also mention that full-price coupons don’t count toward the required amount that you need to spend to get bonus points.

  6. M.

    Oh, but I was going to ask you — do you get the points on FPC? What about when they’re having a “spend $xx, get 20x the points” — do the items you’ve used FPC’s for get 20x the points? Do they count toward the threshold then?

  7. Lattelady

    have a question
    When they have the spend $50 get a $10 gift card
    if your total bill was $51.00 and you had $24 in coupons
    would you still get the $10 gift card?

    Thanks for the lesson, I did not really take advantage of the points I could earn before ,just in the last few weeks I have gone from 8000 to almost 40000 in points, and using my coupons and the sale prices.

  8. Jezz

    awesome post !! In Manitoba you get points on perscriptions 😉

  9. Theresa

    Okay, loser question…what is an FPC??? Can you tell I am not near your level of expertise?? LOL

  10. teachermum

    Great post!

    I didn’t think anyone in Ontario got points on prescriptions-haven’t for quite some time.

    We also have PC Mastercard and use it for everything, except that I use my Shoppers MC to buy Shoppers gift cards to shop there. Yes, the Shoppers MC has a better percentage return than the PC (1%) but I don’t need any more Shoppers points than what I have! When you don’t buy cosmetics, fragrances, diapers, wipes or much in the way of processed foods, and already have a PS3 and a Wii, and a camera…well, there isn’t THAT much choice!! I struggled to spend my $625 at the mega event (but I managed!)

    With my PC I can actually use points for real food at RCSS and No Frills (best prices) or some of the other items RCSS offers like kitchenware, clothing, large electronics department and something I learned not long ago…GIFT CARDS for other stores!


    • Cassie Howard

      Theresa – yes a FPC is a coupon for a free product. 🙂

      teachermum – you struggled to spend the $625? hehe it was so easy for me to spend the $1000 that i had, but i was getting lots of gifts too so that helped. but it was very hard to formulate a plan. LOL if you dont need what SDM offers, then PC is definetely the best option for you. they have a great rewards programs. its not that heard to earn points there!

  11. Theresa

    I think I figured out what an FPC is. Free product coupon……am I right? 🙂

  12. Amada

    Thanks for this post 🙂 Do you know how much you spent at SDM this past year and how much you redeemed for?

    • Cassie Howard

      no idea! i know i have redeemed for at least $1500 though. i have no clue what i have spent but it is definetely less than the $1500.. way less!

  13. Jennifer

    Hi Cassie,

    I was just reviewing your Shopper’s Optimum advice on how to get the most bang for your buck and also reviewed the Shopper’s Drug Mart Store Coupon policy.

    Your advice said “For events where a certain spending amount is required (such as “spend $75, get 18,500 points”), YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND THE REQUIRED AMOUNT IN CASH OR CREDIT. As long as your total hits the required amount BEFORE your coupons, you’re good. Say you have $82 worth of products (well over the $75 requirement) and $45 in coupons. That means, you would only pay $37 in cash or credit – and you would still get the points because you did hit the required amount.. your coupons just paid for some of it, instead of you.”

    But Shopper’s Coupon policy says…

    “if the Event says something like “Receive 20x the Points if you spend $75 in store,” then you would need to spend $75 before tax and after the coupons have been deducted in order to qualify.”

    Doesn’t that still mean that you have to spend the $50.00?

    I’m a bit confused. I plan on taking advantage of the 20x the points event this weekend and want to make sure that if i redeem a bunch of my coupons that I will still get the points.

    Thanks a million!

  14. Cassie Howard

    Jennifer – They will ALWAYS lead you to believe that your total has to be that amount AFTER coupons. They’re wrong.

  15. Jenn

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for this post…I understand now! lol

  16. Kerevus

    Also, note that although Shoppers does not give points for prescriptions, they do for medical supplies such as glucose monitor testing strips. Buy those on the 20X the points days and of course the pharmacist will write out a hand-written receipt for use with insurance to cover the cost (or almost cover) of the purchase. This alone will rack up more than the 95K points over the purchase of just 6 packages of strips – well worth it even if you pay for them yourself, virtually free to you if you have any kind of drug coverage.
    BTW, if you have budget problems re drugs or medical supplies, do inquire about the trillium program if you’re in Ontario. Most Shoppers pharmacists will have an information/ application package available for you to take home, and if not it’s available freely on the internet. This helps people who have high drug costs IN COMPARISON to their income and have no drug coverage, so there are benefit levels for just about everyone in Ontario seeing as how the income cutoff is 100 000 (although you’d have to have some pretty scary drug costs to qualify at that level of income). So, coverage where you can be repaid for your Shoppers points if your medical supplies (not prescriptions) are eligible.

  17. Wanda

    In Edmonton we alswo get points for perscriptions 🙂

  18. lindablair

    If one item is 10x the points and another is 15x the points how does it work out? do they cancel each other out?
    example: if an item is 90 points, and i purchased an item that’s 10x the points and another thats 15x, how does it all add up?

  19. Cassie Howard

    lindablair: I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean if there is a 10x and 15x promotion on one item at the same time? If so, then no, they don’t cancel each other out. You would get 25x points.

  20. lindablair

    Hello again, I have another question, this week for shoppers drug marts you get $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more…i know it has to be $50 before taxes, but does it have to be $50 before coupons or after coupons?

  21. donna

    can you use your sdm optimum points to buy other retailers gift cards? I have 170.00 in points and I am wondering if I can buy itunes or other cards with my points for Christmas..make for you post!

  22. Cassie Howard

    lindablair: When it comes to those types of promotions, it varies from store to store and it’s best to call your local SDM to find out their policy.

    donna: No, you cannot redeem your points for gift cards.

  23. Jemma

    Im looking at an optimum bonus points coupon and it says “1 coupon per customer per transaction”. I know in some of your shopping deals you used multiples (ex 3 ‘3000 bonus wub3 axe), how do you get around that?

  24. Cassie Howard

    Jemma: Only certain promotions are limited to one per card. Unless the ad says otherwise, you can take advantage of those promotions as many times as you’d like.

  25. Genevieve

    Thanks for the post!
    I’ve been mulling this over in my head and was wondering, if you buy a Shoppers gift card on the 20x the points days, do you get 20x the points on that too? So if I bought a $50 gift card, I would normally get 500 points, but on 20x the points events, I would get 10,000 points?
    To bring it further, if I bought the gift card with my Shoppers Mastercard, would I get 25,000 points? ($50 x 25 points x 20 = 25,000).
    I’m wondering because if so, every time you spend $200 purchasing Shoppers gift cards with your Shoppers Mastercard, you would get 100,000 for $200 on bonus redemption day.
    Do you also get 20x the points if you use your gift card? For example, if I use that $50 gift card on 20x the points day, I get 10,000 for my purchase?
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  26. Cassie Howard

    Genevieve: You do NOT get 20x the points on gift card purchases, but yes, you will get 20x the points if you are using your gift card to pay for your purchase.

  27. Joubz

    I have a few questions concerning the points system:

    1. Lets say I have 170$ in points. Can I use my points to purchase a 170$ value Shoppers gift card?

    2. When I decide to redeem my 170$ worth of points during a 20x points event. Will I get the 20x points, even if I use my points after to pay?

    3. If I understand correctly, I can collect points when I buy a shoppers gift card. I can also collect points when I use that gift card. But if its a 20x point event, I wont get 20x points when I buy the gift card (only the regular 10 points per 1$), but I will get 20x points if a redeem a gift card during that event?

  28. Cheryl

    Remember to sign the back of your shoppers optimum card. A friend of mine works at shoppers. She said their policy is to cancel and cut up any unsigned cards that are found on the store floor, etc. I questioned why since my name is attached to my card number and my email. She said that’s what they have been told to do…noting that all points are now lost. If the card is signed, you can prove it is yours. Wow

  29. MDN

    I have a question about the SDM Mastercard. I am wondering if I go in to SDM and buy an Esso card with my mastercard, will I still get 15 points per dollar? I know I won’t get anything for scanning my optimum card, but will I get the higher rate for the purchase on my mastercard or just the usual 5 per dollar? Thanks!

  30. Stephanie

    If you use the mastercard on 20x the points days, do you get 20x 25 pts per dollar, or just 20x 10 pts per dollar plus 15 pts per dollar?

    Also, what is the optimum plus program?

    Thanks so much.

  31. Cassie Howard

    helen sauter: Once SDM lets me know, I will let you know.

  32. tammy

    hello!…I am very confused on all of this point system at SDM!….the SDM here in Cornwall.ON told me I dont get points for buying a gift card! (someone told me to buy a gift card to use for my purchases and I would make more points that way!)…SDM said we dont!…I dont know what to do!

  33. Cassie Howard

    tammy: You get regular points for buying Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards.

  34. Emily

    you should have a link to where it says in the policy that you can can use coupons and points are given before the discount….I cannot find it anywhere!!

  35. Cassie Howard

    Emily: You will not find that in the policy, nor will you hear it from a cashier, manager or head office. It seems they are all unaware of their own systems.

  36. Sara

    Since it doesn’t say that you would get the points BEFORE coupons, how do you convince the cashiers/managers of their own store’s rule?

  37. Cassie Howard

    Sara: You don’t need to convince them of anything. Just tell them to swipe your card and you will get the points.

  38. Sara

    Mrs. J, I’m having problems with the cashiers, they are ringing in my coupon right after the item, so my total never hits the right amount, and when I try to tell them they say it doesn’t matter I wouldn’t get the points since it ends up under $50, they just won’t let me do it the way I want, even just to try it out and they’re consistently rude to me and everything. I just wanna try it and if it doesn;t work on their new computers then FINE! EAven if as she rang in the items she put the coupons in another pile so she knew I had the correct item but it’s as if they don;t trust me enough to be right with my coupons.

  39. Cassie Howard

    The best solution for that is to know how much (in dollar value) in coupon value you are handing over. If you have $20 in coupons and your total after coupons comes to $30, you will know that you were at the $50 mark and are okay.

  40. Kerry

    Hi Cassie,
    Do you know whether the Shoppers drug mart policy on Optimum points has been changed?
    I made a purchase over $50 before taxes and before using the coupons.
    And the Cashier said my balance is under $50 after using the coupons, so can’t get the X20 bonus points. I had to buy an extra item to make up for it.

  41. Cassie Howard

    Kerry: The policy has not changed. Your total has to be $50 BEFORE coupons, regardless of what the cashier tells you.

  42. Sarah

    Cassie, I read your free shoppers optimum guide and thought purchasing a gift card before you do your shopping was genius! (didn’t know why I didn’t think of it before!). However, I’ve been to a few Shoppers Drug Marts where I tried doing this, and they told me that you do not receive optimum points for gift cards, (and that’s including the Shoppers Drug Mart ones). When I did find a store that actually would give me the points, they told me that it is only the $100 gift cards that get the points. Can you or anyone clear this up? Does this just vary by store? :s
    Thanks! <3

  43. Ivan

    hi i was wondering
    if i have a shoppers drug mart mastercard plus an optimum card will i get 25 points per dollars spent plus 20x the points on the special event?

    so like on days where it is spend min of $75 and get 20x the points,
    will it be 75×25 =1875points, 1875×20=37500points?

    so i spend $75 and get almost $60 dollar value of points in my optimum card?
    is it too good to be true?

  44. Cassie Howard

    Ivan: No, that would not work.

  45. Alex

    on spend your points days, can you buy SDM or other gift cards?

  46. Cassie Howard

    Alex: No, you cannot redeem your points for gift cards, if that’s what you mean.

  47. Jason

    During 20x events, do you get 20x the points for purchase of Shopper’s Drug Mart Gift Cards? Do you get 20x the points for items you purchase with Shopper’s Drug Mart Gift cards?

    • Cassie Howard

      You do not get bonus points for purchasing SDM gift cards, only regular points.

      If you redeem your gift card, then yes, you will receive 20x points on that purchase.

      • Jason

        Really? So say I buy $400 in SDM cards, that is 4000 points. Then I used those SDM cards to purchase $400 worth of goods, that is 80000 points for a total of 84,000??? With the bonus redemption event that is almost another $250 in goods!!! Is that right???!!

        • Cassie Howard

          Correct. 🙂

          • Church lady

            Would it be better to do that than to use my Optimum debit card to make purchases? The debit card gives you double the regular points when you shop in the store.

  48. Cassie Howard

    @Church Lady: Yes, use that card whenever possible.

  49. My lady

    if you have a ‘recieve 16,000 shoppers optimum bonus points’ card that i got in the mail, and I go to shoppers and shop on a 20X your points day, can i still use that bonus 16,000 bonus points card?

  50. Jenny

    Another way to earn PC points is to use reusable shopping bags or bins when you shop at PC product stores. Just tell the cashier how many you are using, and you get points for each one (only if you are using your PC card, of course).

    This is also a savings because many PC stores now charge you a few cents per plastic bag you use.

    • Diane Brkich

      I do this all the time but very few people know about this.

  51. Lauren @

    I’m really glad that they have come up with a loyalty program that can boost the points you get in addition to the banking rewards. Is it true that you can only get the bonus points at Loblaw stores right now? I hope it becomes available at No Frills stores before I head back to school, I definitely don’t have the $’s to spend at Loblaw stores.

    • Jeff

      You can earn/redeem PC points at No Frills since they sell PC products too.

    • Nicole

      Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frill’s Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore, Joe Fresh are places to earn pc points

  52. NS Daddy

    We often use our PC master card at Sobey’s, meaning we get PC Points as well as Air Miles. They’ve “caught on” to people like us, though – Atlantic Superstore now offers double PC points (20/dollar spent) for purchases made at there. I haven’t done the numbers, but I think that’s a slightly better deal than using the PC card + Air Miles at Sobeys.

    BTW – Use your credit card for purchases from big corporations, but stick to debit or cash for the local businesses. They pay through the nose to credit card companies.

  53. Buzz

    I have been using PC Financial since 1999 and have earned a bundle of free groceries since day one. The tip about using the credit card is a good one – the other tip about paying it off is also a good one as paying interest does not – or makes it less worth it.

    One thing that is a sweet deal is gasoline. they offer 10.5 cents per litre here in Manitoba (7.5/l in other provinces) every time you use your PC card. it adds up quick for something you have to purchase anyway.

  54. George Delongchamp

    I considered a PC Optimum card however I found that the local YIG grocer where one would use their PC Optimum card is also the most expensive grocery store in town. Therefore I make only very small purchases at this store for obvious reasons.

  55. Maria

    You can earn excellent PC points by filling up with gas at a Superstore – some kiosks offer 10.5 cents per liter as a Superbuck, redeemable as cash in the grocery store.

  56. Gio

    I’ve been using the PC mastercard for years now and I’ve gotten lots of free groceries from it. There are also special offers on travel that can earn lots of extra points. Lately I’ve been thinking of switching to a travel rewards card though since pc grocery stores don’t usually have the best prices and travel is a bigger priority at this point.

  57. Tristan

    I have the PC Optimum reward card, not credit, not debit, just the points card. It really doesn’t make much difference to me, I’m a poor bachelor, so make grocery purchases that you would expect of a poor single person. The points seem to be mainly on items I don’t/can’t afford to purchase, so for the past year my points have literally been stuck at the exact same amount despite scanning the card every time I shop there. I prefer shopping in Chinatown, more selection of fresh fruit/veggies, it costs a fraction of the amount, AND they don’t charge for bags.

    • Calvin

      Oh snap Loblaws got told

  58. Lynda Evoy

    Do you know if and how you can redeem your PC points for travel ?

  59. Melissa

    How much do you have to spend at Superstore in order to get PC Points? We went tonight, but it was under $40 and no points? ( I didn’t expect much, but at least 1)

    • Lady Di

      There is not a dollar amount that you have to achieve in order to get points. Points are attached to certain products not to a how much or how little you spend.

  60. Ming

    For people in ON using the PC Financial World Elite credit card exactly what is the reward ratio for buying gasoline?

  61. fbgcai

    “Here’s a tip. If you’re considering applying for a PC Financial Mastercard, try to time it when a welcome bonus is being offered for new customers. This can be a great way to boost your PC Optimum points balance.”

    PC MC is EXTREMELY reluctant to hand out the bonus points based on personal experienceÈ
    – applied for and received a card (PC Financial World Elite Mastercard) in days mid Dec 2018 (literally online approval – physical card in hand in 2 days) – fired it up and expected the bonus points in the “please allow 60 days” timeframe
    – no such luck – after innumerable chats and emails (lost count after 12) all with the standard reply of “it’s under investigation” (for WHAT ????) I had written off getting the bonus and was going to dump the card in disgust when Surprise!!! the points appeared mid – August 2019 – just mildly outside the promisec 60 day period.
    basically you may or may not get the bonus points sometime – EXTREMELY tacky on the part of PC Financial imo.

  62. Lady Di

    We also pay all of our bills (gas, energy, , cell phone bills, life insurance) with our PC MASTERCARD. We have our 5 family members on the same account and get unreal pc points every month. No one uses cash or debit.
    The one thing i have trouble doing, is calculating the amount of points when purchases are not made at PC Stores. They do this manually and there is no rhyme or reason to how its done. When you spend upwards of $10,000, its a complicated process ????

  63. Susan

    We were in Quebec at a loblaw branded store (basically No Frills) and in addition to getting beer at an unbelievably low price, they had a 5000 PC points promo on beer. Yay Quebec.

  64. Dawn Fernandes

    Do you earn points when you purchase gift cards from a restaurant using your PC MasterCard?

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