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The Complete Guide to Club Sobeys Rewards

Club Sobeys Guide.

Club Sobeys Guide

There are many rewards programs out there, but only a few that I think are worth your time, including Shoppers Optimum, Air Miles and Club Sobeys. Today I am going to be talking about Club Sobeys and will fill you in on all the details regarding how the program works, and how get the best bang for your buck.

Club Sobeys is a rewards program that is free to join for Canadian and US residents (you must be the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside or have parental consent). Like most other rewards programs, you earn points for a certain amount of money spent, and can redeem those points for prizes.

How it Works:

You earn 1 point for every dollar spent. You can also earn bonus points on selected products – watch sale flyers and look in store for these offers.

Here is an approximate guide about how much your Sobeys points are worth:

  • 25 Club Sobeys Points = $0.20
  • 50 Club Sobeys Points = $0.40
  • 75 Club Sobeys Points = $0.60
  • 100 Club Sobeys Points = $0.80
  • 150 Club Sobeys Points = $1.20
  • 200 Club Sobeys Points = $1.60
  • 300 Club Sobeys Points = $2.40
  • 500 Club Sobeys Points = $4
  • 725 Club Sobeys Points = $5


You can redeem your points for dollars off your in store purchases or for prizes such as gift cards and merchandise online.

Sobeys Points Redemption

Alternatively, you can join Esso Extra and choose to have all of your Esso Extra points automatically converted into Club Sobeys points.

Or, you can convert your Club Sobeys points into Esso Extra points or Aeroplan miles.

Esso Club Sobeys

Club Sobeys Aeroplan

Tip: Only redeem at the $50 mark (in instant savings) because this is the best value for your points.

My Offers

Now you can add exclusive offers directly to your Club Sobeys card, instead of having to remember to bring your paper coupons to the store.

Offers will be automatically redeemed when you load the offer, shop, and swipe your card when checking out. Your Club Sobeys bonus points will be added to your account in just 2-4 days.

Look on the Club Sobeys website for these special offers (under “My Offers“), or you can join their mailing list to be informed of new offers.

Club Sobeys MasterCard

If you sign up for the Club Sobeys MasterCard, you will earn points everywhere you shop (1 point per dollar spent), but the best part is that you will receive double the points if you shop at Sobeys stores with your Club Sobeys MasterCard.


Points will not be issued on purchases of the following goods or services: gift cards, prepaid cards, Canada Post products, Western Union products or services, tobacco products, alcohol, lottery, bus passes, deposits and any other goods or services specified by Sobeys from time to time or as excluded by law.

Points may be awarded for prescription drug purchases and pharmacy services as permitted by law and in accordance with any third party policies or insurance requirements.

If you are already shopping at Sobeys on a regular basis, this is the perfect rewards program for you. It’s easy, there are a wide variety of fantastic prizes, and there are always plenty of ways to earn points while you shop.

If you are not a regular Sobeys customer, I don’t believe that the Club Sobeys rewards program is worth your time because the prices in store are often quite high, and the value of the points is not as great as it is with a rewards program such as Shoppers Optimum.

Are you a fan of the Club Sobeys rewards program?


  1. Elinor Bell

    I have a club sobies tag but it is worn off and unabel to use
    when I purchase items.

    I have been using my phone number which is **removed***
    I would like to know how I can redeme my points

    Thank You

    Elinor Bell

    • Erica Ashley

      Please contact Sobeys directly regarding this issue. I have removed your phone number for security issues. You can contact them here >

      • Lucy

        Next time you’re in sobeys, ask for he phone number for club sobeys (or google it). When you call them they will verify your identity and then they can mail ou a new card thatbisnliked to your old account and you won’t lose an points. You can also do this if you loose your card.

        • Earl

          look on the back of your sobys card.
          At the bottom left corner

  2. Beth ritchie

    I wish to have my reward dollars shifted from my old card to my new card. Can’t seem to find a link or a phone number where I can get this changeover made. Anyone out there that can help me………….. Regards

  3. Wendy Welte

    Currently my Sobeys points go to aeroplane and I want to change them to accumulating cash rewards. Please inform me how I can make this change. Aeroplane does not work for us as we rarely travel and currently lost many earned points.
    Thank you.

    • Orma Bain

      I would like to change my Aeroplan miles to Club Sobey

      • Orma Bain

        I did and you did not answer my question

  4. Lynette

    Husband, Keith Hemeon deceased. Please stop sending mail.

  5. jim preston

    I lost my sobeys card they gave me a new one at the simcoe store but when I used it they said it was incomplete card

  6. Marie van Deventer

    Is there a maximum dollars that can be redeemed?
    I have had the same amount on my receipts for the last 3 weeks and I know I have been using my Sobeys Mastercard quite a bit.

    • Cassie Howard

      No, there is no maximum.

  7. Vahid

    I,m a clubsobey,s member and would like to transfer my points to my aeroplan every time I shop,unfortunately I can,t do it online,is there any other way to do it.
    Thank you

  8. Sandy

    I enquired about Club Sobeys at my local store a while back, and was told there’s no such thing. Maybe they don’t have this in Atlantic Canada?

    • Cassie Howard

      Unfortunately, it is not available to residents in Atlantic Canada. 🙁

  9. Heather

    I went to Sobeys on Feb.05/13 and was looking for popsicles. They did not have any. But I noticed that my husbands favoritr Ice cream was on sale and if you bought 2 the you would earn 100pts. So purchased them for him. The price was reasonable, but when I got home I realized they had only given me 61points. I am wondering how aften this happens. I normally don’t bother to check my reciept. I certainly will in the future. I surely hope this is happening to to ther customers.

    • Erica Ashley

      Sorry Heather, Please contact Sobeys directly regarding this issue. We at MrsJanuary have no ability to help resolve this issue. We do not directly deal with sobeys. I have removed any contact information due to security issues.

      You can contact them here >

  10. Krista

    The number on the back of my card can no longer scan but just curious how to transfer the points to another card.

    • Cassie Howard

      Just contact the company and they will be able to send you a new card with your points.

  11. Janette Robertson

    I have just spent over 1/2 hour trying to find the Creamy Kale, Romaine & Apple Salad with Spiced Nuts that was advertised in the Oct. 10 Sobeys flyer. If you are not going to put it on your web site do not put it in the flyer!!
    Unhappy Customer!

    • Erica Ashley

      Janette…You need to contact Sobey’s directly with this complaint. They will not see it on our website. We have no affiliation with them.



  13. Gay Spong

    I am having an awful time trying to transfer my Sobeys points to airmiles. What is the problem. thanks gay

    • Bambi Blue

      Hi Gay,

      Sorry, but we’re in no way affiliated with Sobeys. You must contact them directly with any issues you have. Hope you get some answers!

  14. Wanda

    How can I transfer my clubsobeys points to my air miles points, since the air miles took over the clubsobeys i have points that I do not wanna lose…

  15. Trudy

    I have a Club Sobeys collector card and also a key tag that I want to transfer to Air Miles. Can I still do this or is it too late ? First I knew of this. If I still can, how and where do I do this?

  16. Robert M Bell

    Scene+ has been an implementation mess. They activated our card but didn’t link it to our account. Like duh???? How do we find out how many points we have? But that’s sort of irrelevant because we’re not getting any points. Although the card apparently is “activated” and has been successfully linked to our account (after a 35minute session with a Sobey’s clerk and some guy on a “Help” Line and is being successfully scanned at check-out, no points are being awarded. Simple!!! Don’t give points so there’s no need to have a system that would show them!! There’s a very nice Metro not far from here and AirMiles work just fine. Compared to shopping at that hole-in-the-wall Sobey’s (a glorified Mac’s Milk with store furniture 15yrs old) we have here in east Oakville, it will be a pleasure to shop at Metro!!!

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