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Saving Money on Pet Items When Coupons Just Won’t Cut It

How to Save Money on Pets.

Saving Money on Pets

Using coupons is a great way to save money in all areas of your home. Unfortunately, clipping coupons to help cut down on pet costs doesn’t always work. Many pets, including our little corgi Cooper, require special diets, so it’s not always possible to buy the brands that have coupons available.

Plus, pet items do not have coupons available the same way “people items” do. How often do you see coupons for dog shampoo out there? Even though it’s a bit more difficult to save money on items for your pet, you can still save money on everything from food, treats, toys, litter, leashes and whatever else your furry family member needs.

Here are some tips on how to save money on pet items without using coupons:

Compare prices

Comparing prices at different stores is key for any purchase especially when you don’t have a coupon. Always check major retailers first as they typically have lower prices on pet items than specialty stores. For food and treats, try to check prices periodically to make sure you are still getting the best deal.

Shop around

Checking out different stores for pet items can really help you save some serious cash. The Bulk Barn carries a variety of pet food and treats. If you can match a sale with a Bulk Barn coupon you will easily be able to save some money right there.

Don’t forget to check out dollar stores for items like food/water bowls and pet toys.

Save on Pet Toys

Use rewards programs

More and more pet specialty stores are offering rewards programs. Best West Pet Foods, PJ’s Pets and Petcetera all reward you with either a percentage off or money back when you buy items from their stores. If you’re shopping there regularly for your pets needs, the savings will add up very fast.

Buy online

Another place to look for the best price on pet items is online. Almost any item, for pets or people, can be found online. Many times online specials are better than in store, and spending your Swagbucks can help you lower the cost, if you use that rewards program.

Contact companies

Once you know what particular brand(s) of food and treats suit your pet, contact those companies. Many companies will mail out coupons, which is another great way to save money on pet items. Even if they say no – it never hurts to ask!

Save Money on Pet Food

No one wants to pay full price for pet items, and why should you? Especially when it’s possible to save money on your pets without using coupons (of course, you will save much more if you actually do use coupons!).

Using a combination of these savings strategies will keep more money in your pocket. Unless of course you’re a sucker for a cute furry face – then, like me, you might be buying extra treats and goodies for your furry friend.

How do you save money on your pet? Please share in the comments!


  1. Linda

    I get my cats’ food at the vet office, but just found out recently that they accept coupons for the food I buy! Unfortunately, the coupon I had had just expired. I get most of their toys at the Dollarama and some items at Global where I can get Air Miles. I keep an eye out at all local stores for the best prices on some items.

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