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The only back to school tips you’ll ever need

The backpacks are emptied in June and the school papers are filed away. Doesn’t it feel like we blink and it’s time to do it all again? Starting to prepare early for back to school makes a much smoother transition for kids and parents alike. Use the next few weeks in August to get organized before September’s back to school, well in advance. No need to peruse myriads of websites – here is a one-stop idea

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Organize your lunch-making area

Labour Day weekend is not the time for tackling big projects, but August is a perfect time. Check out this inspiration on creating lunch making stations that are both unique and functional. Read our ideas for organizing snacks so you prep once and have snacks for the whole week.

Get inspired with lunch menus

Does anyone else feel like they start the school year making Pinterest-worthy lunches but end up running out of ideas by October? It’s a new year and a fresh beginning. Use your freshly organized kitchen and these ideas to make your kids proud.
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Set up a study space

This is always one of my favorite projects before school begins. This post contains ideas for repurposing bookshelves, closets, and armoires. Creating a simple, inspiring study area helps students start off on the right foot.
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Find a home for school supplies

Every home needs a command center for students. This post has many ideas for organizing supplies for schools. Create one for your home and you will never have to hunt for a pencil again.


Buy backpacks on a budget

No back to school routine would be complete without making sure each of your children has a backpack. Before you go backpack shopping, be sure to read this post for money-saving ideas.

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Save your sanity

For more tried and tested ideas to start the school year right, check out this post.

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Start routines early

It is a shock to the system to drastically jump from having little routine during the summer, to being back on a tight schedule. Help little ones (and big ones!) adjust by easing into routines a few weeks in advance.

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Plan first day of school pictures

My attempt at first day of school picture last year was…horrible. My teen and pre-teen were not too enthused about capturing the moment because they were desperate to get to school early. My plan this year? Take the pictures a day or two in advance. We’ll call it a dress rehearsal for the big day, and cross it off my list well in advance.

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Take the stress out of preparing for back to school this year. Pull up lemonade and make a plan to get a few of these projects underway before September comes. Your whole family will thank you!

What is your best hint for preparing for back to school?