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How to use competitor coupons at Walmart

Walmart Competitor Coupon

Did you know that Walmart is so coupon-friendly that they will actually accept competitor coupons at their stores?

That’s right, if you have a coupon that states it can only be used at a certain store (that is NOT Walmart), you can still use it at Walmart!

Here’s how:

Realize that you are actually price matching

What many people don’t understand about using competitor coupons at Walmart, is that you can’t just use any coupon that you want. Because Walmart is not able to be reimbursed for the coupon they are accepting, they instead ring in all competitor coupons as if they were a price match.

So don’t expect to use a $1 off Listerine mouthwash coupon or a $0.50 off Tide laundry soap coupon. All competitor coupons must have a final selling price listed.

For example:

  • Acceptable Competitor Coupon: Save $1 off Windex, Only $1.99 with coupon
  • Unacceptable Competitor Coupon: Save $1 off Windex

Instead of your cashier ringing in the coupon at a $1 discount, they will instead enter it in at the final selling price ($1.99) – just like they would a price match.

You can also use B1G1 competitor coupons

Walmart will also accept buy 1, get 1 free (B1G1) competitor coupons. Again, a final selling price must be listed on the coupon you plan to use.

For example:

  • Acceptable B1G1 Competitor Coupon: Buy 1, Get 1 Free Christie Crackers, Only $1.50 each with coupon
  • Unacceptable B1G1 Competitor Coupon: Buy 1, Get 1 Free Christie Crackers

With this coupon, your cashier would enter the price of your item at $1.50, which is the final selling price after your b1g1 coupon is applied.

You are not able to combine a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon

Since the Walmart Canada coupon policy states that you can only use one coupon per item, you are unable to combine a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Keep this in mind when you are shopping. Depending on the coupons you have available, you may actually get a better deal with just a regular manufacturer coupon!

Using competitor coupons at Walmart is just another way that saving money with coupons is becoming so much easier.

Let’s hope that other stores will follow Walmart’s lead!

Have you ever used competitor coupons at Walmart?


  1. John doe

    These are for USA only, Canada uses these as guidelines, and states that any coupon use is at the sole discretion of each stores manager, to which have the right to refused at anytime for any reason.
    Wrong CC is not a price match, but actually a price override and can not be used with PM; due to needing a specific price in print on the CC a PM would change that price making the CC void. this is done to prevent criminals from taking mass amounts of product for free and reselling it online, with Walmart getting no reimbursement from the manufacturers.

  2. John doe

    and it’s not a final “selling price” that is needed its a “retail price” so they know what to deduct the CC value from.

  3. Tammy

    what if the item was on sale in flyer and you had a coupon for an item advertised for that store… Will they accept competitors coupons then without it stating regular price on the coupon?


  4. Cassie Howard

    John doe: I have spoken to head office and they informed me of the rules for Canada, which are what’s been posted here. Of course, policies are always up to the sole discretion of a store manager.

  5. MaricrisMas

    I thought we couldn’t use for example Coupon Zone coupons (normally for RCSS, NF, Loblaws etc.)…store/competitor coupons we can use should have the price on them ie. Rexall (when they have their instore coupon booklets with the price indicated on their in-store coupon)?…Correct me if I’m wrong…

  6. Stephanie

    Wow…some people really need to mind their own business…
    Thank you Cassie for filling us in! Makes total sense and I have done (only once) what you suggested! I turned beat red and felt like I was robbing the bank! I was informed by the manager training the CSA that all walmarts must follow the same rules so as not to confuse the customer so Im off to another the TO Walmart to do some damage on an upcoming family visit! Hopefully I can teach my family members what you have taught me!

  7. Cassie Howard

    MaricrisMas: Right, you can only use coupon zone coupons if they have a price on them, not just a discount.

  8. Samantha

    big big thank you…..i never understood this before but I get it now thank you!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sylvia

    Thanks Cassie you are the best… This info defenetly helps a lot 🙂

  10. Michelle

    Many thanks!! I had NO idea!!

  11. Ingrid

    Thanks Cassie for clairfying this. I have had success using competitor coupons from Sobeys at Walmart that simply stated buy 4 get $1 off ,without a final retail price on it, without any hassle. Maybe I was lucky? When I read the Walmart Coupon Policy I was sent from their headoffice it simply stated that they accepted competitor coupons without any further description. Having said that I like to be an honest couponer so will follow these rules go forward. Thanks again! 🙂

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