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Online Coupon Companies that Mail You Coupons

Companies that will Mail You Coupons!

Are you searching for an easy way to get Canadian coupons and don’t know where to look?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Coupons in Canada are easy to find, if you know where to find them. One great place to look is the websites of Canadian online coupon companies.

You can find some great online coupon companies that will mail you coupons in Canada – for free. No strings attached. (These coupons are often referred to as mail-out coupons.)

Top 2 Canadian Online Coupon Companies: Coupons:

Though the amount of coupons they offer at any given time has gone down quite a bit, is still a popular Canadian coupon company. They don’t have a minimum amount of coupons required per order and the coupons you order will be mailed to you the next business day.

You can expect to receive your coupons within 1-2 weeks of placing your order. If you want to order more than 1 of any particular coupon, you will need to wait 45 days. also has printable Canadian coupons.

Coupons Canada: Entire list of all available coupons. Coupons:

A much smaller site, has only a handful of coupons available at all times – usually no more than 5. This website often has the same coupons over and over again, with new ones added infrequently. However, the coupons that they do keep repeating are good ones (most of them, anyway!).

You must order a minimum of 3 coupons at one time and you can expect to receive them in about 4 weeks. If you want more than 1 of any coupon, you must wait 7 days.

Coupons Canada: Entire list of all available coupons.

The online coupon companies listed above are 4 that I recommend if you’re searching for more coupons. All of them have been around for awhile now and can be trusted. Rest assured that if you order coupons from them, you will receive those coupons.

Coupons are added to and removed from each site often, so be sure to check them regularly for new offers.

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  1. HoneyB

    Thank you so much for the helpful information!! I used your info about Canadian companies that will mail coupons and I’ve already heard back from a few that said they are sending me some in the mail. (Some other ones also said they “don’t send coupons” but thanks to you I know they do, so I’ll just email again, lol.) I also have placed orders with all of the sites you listed, and I am eagerly awaiting my first coupons in the mail. I’ve never been this excited to open my mailbox!! This is fun!

  2. Justine

    Great list, and pretty concise. I order from most often, cause they website is so simple to navigate and they have all the best coupons. is a good one too.

    Added your button to my site! πŸ™‚

  3. Bette @ Frugal Mom X3

    great post. I went shopping today and I think I used coupons from all of those sites. I saved a whack of money. Check out my post.

    • Cassie Howard

      Bette – Great deals!

      Justine – Thanks! I order from most often as well. I love how fast they are! Thanks for the button love. πŸ™‚

      HoneyB – That;s great! I love when companies send us coupons, they are usually really good ones I have never seen before. πŸ˜€

  4. Anne

    Hi everyone,

    It’s funny that everyone likes the best. I much prefer! Although has the most coupons, I find a lot of their stuff is for things I wouldn’t use, such as pet coupons–I don’t own a pet! also makes you wait over 1 month before you can order the same coupon again; by the time you can reorder the coupon, the product is gone from their site! has allowed me to order coupons multiple times, and you only have to wait about 1 week before you can order again. Right now they’ve got a lot of Royale products, such as toilet paper. Everyone needs toilet paper!
    The other site that I like is You must register, just like the ones you mentioned, and then you can print all sorts of organic product coupons, yourself. Each printable coupon not only has a bar code, but also a coupon “ID #.” Except for Metro food stores, I haven’t had anyone turn down these printables. The Healthy Shopper also has a printed booklet (with the same coupons)that is usually available in health food stores.
    Thanks for all of the great posts, Cassie! I have learned so much!

  5. Cassie Howard

    Thanks for sharing, Anne!

  6. Molly Easton

    try save Molly

  7. ellen

    i live in the city of brantford, and i am about to give up on trying to use coupons-ive been trying for a little over two yrs.i think my city is against them-they scrutinize every coupon i use-especially something for free.most they refuse.forget going to managers they are the lucky if i can save $2.00 at grocery stores and this is with mailed coupons.forget printable coupons all together.with both coupons mailed and printable ive tried every store.the store that least hassles me or refuses is walmart-but i still get a cashier on the phone with managers or them comong over to me.i have been refused the most with im at my wits end.any suggestyons would help

  8. Carla

    Hello everyone.

    I am 19 years old, trying to help my mom save some money because she has 5 children. Any ideas where I could get printable coupons? Every penny saved counts.
    Also, I am waiting for some coupons in the mail.
    I have joined,, and


  9. Denise Margaret

    I am having trouble printing “Prinable coupons”. Is there some program you have done load in order to print these?

  10. Manda

    Carla, I have a lot of extra coupons, I can mail to you if you would let to mail me a self stamped envelope, e-mail me for more information – [email protected]

    i collect the coupon booklets from our local newspaper because a lot of people through them out, and i just put aside ones i dont use or need πŸ™‚

  11. Lana Da Silva

    I havebeen couponing now for about 2 months, anyonewho would liketo trade or set up a coupon train please contact me. Thanks Lana

    PS some sites only do 1 per household but you can enter variations of your address ie unit#, upper level,lower level etc

    Thanks Lana

  12. Caroline

    I would like to join Lana’s coupon train if she starts one…I am hooked and get lots of stuff like diaper coupons that I no longer need (yay!!)

  13. Jennifer

    I’m new to the coupon game, just getting started really. So far i’m totally enjoying it, and makes the arrival of the mail, quite exciting! willing to share if anyone is intersted in a coupon train.

  14. Tagley

    Jenifer u can join my express trade coupon train.Msg me your addy on fb to Tamara Agley.I have one going out on Tuesday.Pls let me know asap Thank you Tamara.

  15. Meghan

    How does the coupon train thing work? I’m new to the coupon thing & looking for all the sites & info for a beginner from Ontario.

  16. Ana

    New to this coupon saving stuff .. does anyone know any good site or advice to whatelse i can go ..


  17. lena

    thanks for your info on couponing, its been very helpfull πŸ™‚

  18. Josee


    I also am new at this! I would love to join coupon train! How do I go about!


  19. Cassie Howard

    Josee: We have lots of members on our Facebook page. Just post on the wall and ask if anyone has a train you can join. πŸ™‚

  20. Cathy

    I see that you do not have “P & G” on here for mail you coupons. It is a great site.

  21. Cassie Howard

    Cathy: It’s the 2nd one mentioned. πŸ˜‰

  22. Robin

    I’m new to couponing and looking for great canadian sites any help

  23. princessb

    thanks for all the info this website is great alot of ppl talkin about sav i go on it all the time but dont see alot of coupons like everyone is describing maybey 7 or 8.

  24. colleen

    Is there any such thing as trading coupons threw the mail with different ppl across Canada .My mother used to be in a coupon club such as this years ago.

  25. Cassie Howard

    Colleen: Yes, check out our Facebook page to do that. πŸ™‚

  26. Nicholle

    Would like to join the coupon train. Newbie from Ontario. I need some points on this!!

  27. ashley and does not have 20 to 30 coupons at a time. I have been to these websites numerous times and they have only offered about 6 on average… bum deal πŸ™

  28. mel

    came across this site while searching coupons, thought i’d share:)…these sites have alot of hidden coupons, google hidden coupons, and alot of forums come up with links, add them all up , i just had almost 30 coupns from and 15 from you just need to know where to look:)

  29. teresaS

    Why can’t we find great coupons for great savings like they have in the states.
    What is .50 to 1.00 does not even dent in my grocery bill. Get better coupons or better selection on coupons.

  30. MArk

    P&G is a good one rite now they have 72 coupns and they get mailed to your house

  31. julie

    I find it very frustrating that grocery manufacuterers dont value the money spent by canadian consumers. The coupons they offer are for small amounts of money, and usually for niche type buyers.. ie people with pets or infants. What about the average day to day consumer.. What about for staples, like bread, milk, pasta, cheese.. etc.. wish we were given the same abilty to save money as our American neighbors

  32. dee

    where can i find coupons for produce such as apples, carrots, and beef? all the coupons that i’m finding are for items that are in packages and have brand names. most of my grocery bill is produce.

  33. Cassie Howard

    dee: Unfortunetely, it’s rare to find coupons for fresh produce.

  34. couponlady

    I used most of the website they send you coupons and clippings too everymonth the inserts in newspapers and im so loving it save you more money !!! i just hope canadian can use double coupons !!!! i salute the company that do this things about coupons and inserts they help me a lot ……. im so excited when i get my mail and theres my coupon… …… thank you so much !!!!

  35. poorgirl 65

    I’m a disabled person on assitance and by the time i pay bills i have little money to buy food that is good for me. Then i was told about this group, so if anyone could give me any info or tips that would be great. My address is box 2608 Port hardy, B.C. I’m willing to give back coupons i don’t need that I find. Thanks poorgirl 65

    PS. Thats Mrsjanuary for starting this group!!!!!!!!

  36. Krista

    This is the best, I have found it very hard to get coupons that can be mailed out, I am in my glory right now lol. Ever since I had my Son and Daughter, saving money is difficult, and as a young mother, I will do anything to save money on the the best brands out there. Websites like these make life so much easier, this will definately not be my last visit, Thank-you sooooo much Cassie, your the best, literally.

  37. April

    I am also in Brantford Ellen.. I have found that Walmart takes all coupons. They will also price match to. Hope this works.. I am new and looking for a place to get cereal and can goods. I see a lot of cleaning.

  38. Janette

    Key is to buy when then the item is on sale. and in larger quanities. 50cents may not seem like alot, but add it up everytime you go, or when there’s a sale and you’ll start saving πŸ™‚ And sometimes buying in larger amounts, ex, buy two save 1.50 or not saves alot as well

  39. lyndsay

    old el paso is coming out with a coupon on their box for tex mex cheese they also they also have one right now for 4.00 of ground beef and is 2 for 7.00 at IG
    independant grocers has a deal on hamburger helper 3 for 5.00 with a coupon for green giant frozen vegetables.

  40. lyndsay

    IG (idependanalso has von houette coffee on for 8.99 with the coupon zone coupon for 2.00 off
    Thanks Cassie for all the tips for far I have saved 50$ I called nestle today and they have a mailing list as well with their magazine filled with coupons for christmas.

  41. Melodye

    I always wondered.. im new to this couponing thing and each website i read they say that one of those sites have like 50 + coupons on them but yet, when i look there is only about 5 or 6 ..
    am I missing something..
    Can someone please email me and help me out πŸ™‚

    [email protected]

  42. lele

    hey im from ontarion, i’m just wondering how this coupons thing work, i register to gogroupcoup, One more question if they mail me the coupons, can i take it to any stores?

  43. Cassie Howard

    lele: Yes, you can use the coupons anywhere.

  44. kathryn

    I can never find a website with coupons i will actually use! For example for bread and milk and simple things like that it’s always for high price items.

  45. Lindsey

    I seen a couple people say some things about being from Brantford. As I am from Brantford Ontario. I’m just getting into couponing, as well as I work for Food Basic. We take any kind of coupon but printed coupons. Thought that might help some of you out.

    As well as we have a deal on only in BRANTFORD. If you buy $25 dollars, you get $1.00 off you’re next purchase of $10.00. So if you get 5/$1.00 off coupons. Use it for $50.00 and it would only cost you $45.00

  46. Meaghan

    I am 20 years old and I live with my boyfriend and I love coupons- Who does not love to save money?? I found a site called DealStreet.Ca

    Just sign up and Enter you city, they bargain hunt for you too which is awesome! Or you can click coupons at the top orange banner! Hope this helps a lot! Happy Holidays!

  47. Rachel

    kathryn: on this ebsite therenis a $2 of printable coupon for milk and some times i ahv found $2 cooupons for wonder bread and have got it for FREE!!! they don come out often but when they do get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Linda

    I just started exploring your site, and I’m really enjoying your tips and the comments. Thank you. I’m learning some things I didn’t know. (store coupon plus a manufacturers coupon being used at the same time) I’ve been couponing for years, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who wishes Canadians could get the savings that they can in the U.S.A. Oh well, I still like to save whenever I can. I agree you have to spend time going through your flyers and use the coupons when it is the best deal of late. I trade with my sister and brother through the mail as my sister seems to find more on the tearpads then we do as she lives in a bigger city. She always takes a few extras for my brother and I. lol. I live in New Brunswick and one of our grocery stores Sobeys has BOGO weeks. The thing I hate about Buy One Get One free is that they only let me use one coupon, as they say I’m not paying for the Free item. With it being close to the holidays, Burger King is offering Buy a $25 gift card and get a free Whopper Combo. Pizza Delight is offering buy a $30 gc and get a free 12″ Pizza coupon to use from Jan. – March. Subway is offering buy a $25 gc and get a free 6″ sub.

  49. frederic mercier

    I saw a report on TV last night about you, and came to see your site.
    I’m a single man earning max. 10-15 000 a year.
    Thank you very much for your great work, smart and nice people like you is encouraging.
    I just wonder: if this “movement” gets too strong, will companies stop giving coupons away?

    thank you again for your help

  50. Cassie Howard

    Linda: Welcome! I’m so glad you are enjoying the site. πŸ™‚

    frederic mercier: Thanks for your message. Don’t worry, I don’t believe companies will stop giving coupons away. The more people that want them, the more they seem to offer. πŸ™‚

  51. Scott James

    Not specifically related to couponing, but you can buy other peoples’ gift cards at 70-90% of the value at

    The great thing is that it can be stacked on top of sales… since they’re not actually a “sale” but cash. You can take $2 off a $10 bottle of Aspirin with your coupon then then pay $7.10 for the remaining $8 owed.

    Hope this helps!

  52. Scott James

    Er, $7.20 not $7.10. It’s early.

  53. deborah

    all the sites help but i find it`s about what your doing and why

  54. Amanda Friesen

    thank you Thank you Mrs Jan for helping me find so many great sites for coupons fairly new to couponing and loved that all the sites were so easy to sign up with .

  55. Heather

    Brandsaver has new coupons on their site today! I selected over 40 coupons! Lots and lots of savings!

  56. barnou

    hi thanks so much for helping me i really appreciated it the only thing i want to point out is that it’s not 6 coupon minimum for it’s a three coupon minimum and also i didn’t know that you could order gocoupons ever week thank you so much you really saved me and my family alot!

  57. Morgan

    Is P&G working yet?does anyone know whats wrong? I have tried to log in several times today and it seems the site is down.

  58. Angeka

    Is there any type of catch when signing up for the websites and ordering coupons? Any hidden fees? Etc.?

  59. Cassie Howard

    No catch at all. πŸ™‚

  60. asheeba

    are the coupons free?

  61. Cassie Howard

    asheeba: Yes.

  62. Angela V

    Okay I must have not put the right information at Save, Brandsaver or Websaver because I hardly get to view 10 coupons at any of these websites. I just did my ordering again and I only ordered 3 from one, 5 from another and NONE from the last one.

  63. Cassie Howard

    Angela V: Unfortunetely has scaled back on the amount of coupons they offer. πŸ™

  64. nisha

    hi there. iam a cashier i saw so many people rdeem cupons but i cant get any i tried at i havent get untill now. some people come with different typpe of cupons like they cut from a mag or some thing they said that they orderd them how could i get those ones? please me and guide me thanks

  65. Cassie Howard

    nisha: I recommend reading this page –

  66. asheeba

    which other companies normally mail you coupons besides,, and

  67. Cassie Howard

    asheeba: Currently, just those 4 sites.

  68. Maggie

    I started getting coupons from probably 4 or 5 years ago and I get coupons from all of the sites above.
    I have noticed in the past few months that no longer has 25-35 coupons posted. More often than not there are now only 5 or 6 at a time. Is this because couponing has become so popular? I miss the ‘old’ days.. Thanks for your site, it has a lot of good information.

  69. Cassie Howard

    Maggie: It is sad how there are only a few coupons listed all of the time now. πŸ™

  70. treyna

    there are alot of “hidden portal” coupons for these sites that can really be worth alot.

  71. Megan

    How do you work the hidden portals?

  72. Cassie Howard

    Visit the coupon database, check the box for the site you want ( for example), then click “start search” and you will see all available coupons. (

  73. Belinda

    i came up whit this when i realized i wasnt saving enouph with coupons now i got at grocerys and they math prices for me its reely worth the try πŸ™‚

  74. jb

    They are all connected to facebook. I do not subscribe to facebook, and have no intention of doing so- It is an infringement on peoples privacy.

  75. Tammy

    I actually have facebook but I don’t like the fact that these companies are wanted me to click like to their products in order to get a coupon so I just don’t bother so I’m just one less customer no big deal to them. I don’t want me name spread all over all these pages in order to get coupons or free items that might not come.

  76. Noor Mohammad

    It is very essential for us and we are very happy that we got fill up our requirement for this. I hope that I will get such type writing in future. Thanks a lot

  77. carmen

    Chapman’s icecream, once a year only will send out a coupon for $5 off of their product, check out their website, sign up for their newsletter (haven’t received one yet) and hit contact to fill out their own form, ask for a coupon and give your address.

    Palmolive/Colgate will also do the same – either find their site, ask if they have coupons to mail out or call them (sometimes you are redirected to a state side office here, but they will mail them out to you) – $5 on their products – i get toothpaste/brushes for free with these.

    Johnson and Johnson – contact them over their site, ask if they offer coupons to mail out and again they will send $5 in the mail, each in $1 coupons for the various items listed on them. I thought I saw something once that you could request this once a month, but I haven’t needed to, worth a try though.

  78. Pink Popcorn

    I totally agree with others who don’t click “like” on Facebook just to get a buck off. So I sing (tune from the Beatles…) “can’t buy me liiiiike.” Silly, I know.

  79. Niki keeps telling me to update my java to print coupons but i have the latest so not sure whats with that also my password will hardly ever work when i try to sign in ive had to change it a bunch of times and still couldnt get in most times it sucks

  80. meghan

    a lot of these companies now are including print out coupons, and the print outs do not allow the option for mail out

  81. Lichelle

    I am Canadian and I am having a problem finding coupons to be mailed to your house(my).All the websites want you to print them out or online coupons whatever that means. I don’t have a printer I need them mailed to me where are websites for this please help. Thanks

    • Cassie Howard

      The websites listed in this post will allow you to order coupons and have them mailed to your home. Some of the coupons are only available on these websites as printable coupons, but not all of them.

    • Sharon

      I am with you Lichelle. In order to get alot of these coupons you need a printer or at least accessibility to one. I do have a printer, but it’s out of ink so the library is the next best thing to a friends house (then you’re using all their ink lol). The libraries in my area charge $0.30 per page to print. So if I reduce my $0.50 coupon with the $0.30 it cost me to print it, really a $0.20 savings. These companies that put out coupons don’t take this reality into consideration, afterall, they can all afford ink for their printers…most of us cannot. Now do you think I could find a coupon for printer ink??? LOL I haven’t yet.
      I prefer to have my coupons mailed to me…I mostly prefer for these companies to send out a freebie or two with those coupons to use once you’ve been able to sample the product….Just Sayin’….

      • Sharon

        by the way, P&G sends out a really good sample pack about 4 times a year…it’s worth waiting for!!

  82. Phuong

    I like to receive many wonderful cupons. I live in Toronto, ON.

  83. Phuong

    I live in Toronto, ON. Would love to receive wonderful deals with the coupons

  84. Meghan

    Thank you so much, it’s hard to find coupons in canada that you don’t need to print out

  85. Kazim Raz

    free coupon

  86. christina


  87. ashley

    hi! its darn near impossible to find sites that mail coupons in canada!! frustrating as i dont have access to a printer.. if anyone knows of any please email me the links πŸ™‚ ty in advance

  88. Gh m


  89. Lori

    I prefer mailed coupons as some stores are picky with taking printed ones. But I do print coupons but that can be expensive for ink, but once in a while you can find a staples coupon in their flyer..Use it for the ink for your printer, or find out what stores refill ink, Costco refills really cheap (but only on certain kinds) and certain staples does also. Will cut your cost of ink in half. If I buy my ink at Walmart it (black and color) costs $56.00 if I refill them at Costco it costs $24.

  90. Dave

    p and g brand saver is also a great one!

  91. olga bye

    looking for coupons and i dont have a printer i have been on other web sites but it is the same thing over and over and they dont seem to change for different products oh well thanks for this site

  92. Lynda Bryant

    Thanks for all the great offers and coupons, it’s great

  93. Jamie has some awesome after Christmas sales right now. New customers can use coupon code FriendsShare for $10 off $40 purchase plus free shipping in Canada!! That’s extra 25% off already great prices and sales!
    Expires Jan 18, 2016
    New code USave2016 expires March 16, 2016

  94. thks

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