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Where To Find Coupons

Where To Find Coupons

Where to Find Coupons!

Knowing where to find coupons in Canada can save you hundreds of dollars a year! This article on where to find coupons shows you how to get coupons in Canada – they are located in many different places.

The average Canadian family spends approximately $800 a month on groceries – and that’s not including cleaning supplies, health and beauty aids or baby necessities, which can add hundreds more to your bill every month.

Coupons allow you to save a lot of money off your grocery bills without much effort. Sure, it will take some time to get the hang of using coupons “properly”, but once you learn to shop smart, it will become much easier.

With just a bit time and determination, you can start saving your family hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year with coupons.

Isn’t that worth a bit of your time?

Where to Find Coupons

If you’re wondering where to find coupons, I’ve listed a bunch of places below where you can get coupons in Canada.

Tear Pads

On your next shopping trip, walk down each aisle and scan the shelves closely for tear pad coupons. It’s likely that you will find at least 1 shelf with a tear pad full of coupons. Take what you need, but always leave some behind for other shoppers.

I suggest taking 1 or 2 of a coupon, even if you don’t use the product(s). You can use those for coupon trading and coupon trains (explained below). Don’t ever take an entire pad full of coupons – that’s just poor coupon etiquette.

Online Coupon Companies

There are many great Canadian online coupon companies available. Use these sites to select coupons that you want and you will get them mailed directly to your home, free of charge.

Printable Coupons

You can also search your favourite companies’ websites to see if they offer printable coupons (or you can visit our coupon database for Canadian printable coupons). Many of them do.

Be sure to sign up to their mailing lists, as some companies send out coupons in their newsletters. I suggest setting up a separate email account for these newsletters so that your personal email address doesn’t get overrun with offers from these companies.

Other printable coupon websites to check out: Smart Source, Living Well, Les Surgeles (French), Healthy Shopper

Contact Companies Directly

Sometimes calling or emailing a company and letting them know your family enjoys their products is enough for them to mail you a coupon. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind sending a coupon for their products, and include your address. Not all companies will send you coupons, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Visit: Canadian companies that will mail you coupons.

On Products

Look in and on the packaging of the products that you buy for special loyalty coupons. These can be in the form of a peelie (a coupon attached to the product, to be peeled off) or written directly on the package (such as a cereal box), to be cut out.

Please do not take peelie coupons off of products that you are not going to purchase.

Coupon Trading

Coupon trading is a great way to get coupons that you want, and get rid of the ones that you don’t. Trade with others on coupon trading forums. You could also trade coupons with your friends, family and co-workers.

Coupon Trains

Coupon trains can be a bit complicated when you first get started, but after your first ride or two, you should be able to get the hang of how they work. Simply browse the trains available in coupon trading forums and the person who started the train will message you to get your address. (Or you could start your own train, of course!)

You should then receive an envelope stuffed with coupons in the mail. Take out the coupons you would like and replace them with coupons you already have and don’t need. Mail the envelope to the next rider on the list (the list will be in the envelope with the coupons). That’s it!

Coupon Inserts

Every few weeks, you can find Canadian coupon inserts in your local newspaper. There is Redplum every 4 weeks or so, SmartSource every 3 weeks or so and Brandsaver every 3-4 months. These coupon inserts are usually put in with your FREE newspapers (the ones that come with store flyers), but you can also find them in some paid subscription newspapers as well.

Keep in mind that using coupons is not the only way to save money on groceries. Check out my eBook, Money In Your Pocket, for many more ways to save on your grocery bill.

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This post was originally posted in June 2010, and has been updated to reflect current information.


  1. Katherine

    Thw coupon trains sounds so interesting and fun! Where would I even find something like this?

  2. Cassie Howard
  3. nikol

    I live in calgary and find it really hard to find the smartsource and redplum inserts. I also tried to find the resent brand saver, and had no luck. Is it possible that the news papers do not carry them here?
    I have also called the local papers listed on your website and they tell me thay have no idea what I am talking about. I wonder if there is a way I could request them? What do you think?

    Cassie, thank you for all of your tips, I check your website almost daily and refuse to pay full price for anything!

  4. Sophie

    I live in Toronto, Ontario and I have never seen any Smartsource coupons. And I usually get my Redplum when the Brandsaver comes. So ever 3-4 months. 🙁

  5. jess

    smartsoure and redplum come in newspapers the first two weeks of the month in Edmonton

  6. Lynda MacDonald

    My brother started a “coupon train” here in Nova Scotia. He and I gathered as many coupons as we could -sorted out what we didn’t need and he posted ads on bulletin boards around the towns. There are now about 10 people involved and they seem to know where to get the great coupons. It does take time but it pays off.
    The ones that don’t get used close to expiry date- we place by the items on the grocery shelves….got to use them up. :)-Lynda

  7. Erika

    I was just wondering if tear pad coupons are only good at the store you get it from? Thank you for your help!

  8. Cassie Howard

    erika: Nope, you can use them anywhere (unless, of course, they state that they can only be used at that particular store).

  9. Dawn

    How do you end up getting so many coupon booklets? Do you buy extra papers, or ask friends/family for their extras?

  10. Cassie Howard

    Dawn: There is a lady in my area that delivers them and she gives me her extra inserts in exchange for some stockpile items.

  11. Kim In Leduc

    I have an additional suggestion, as I just did it.

    Alot of people have forgotten about the “Welcome Wagon” I just had twins, and moved all in the same month (Never want to do that again). I contacted the Welcome Wagon and met with one of their reps and recieved alot of really good, useable coupons for products in my area. As well as some great Sobeys coupons!
    I believe they have promotional stuff for new residents, new babies, and Weddings. Check their website. I know it won’t apply to everyone but it definitely helped me.
    As well check your local for people posting coupon giveaways, I have managed to get quite a few awesome coupons for baby items, for free!…which are like gold to me.

  12. Tammy Murdock

    I see that several people talk about Redplum, is this a coupon book? I live in Gatineau, Quebec and would like to know how I could receive this? I looked online but only seem to find a Redplum from the states. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  13. alina

    I have found some on the internet, but how do i know that the printable ones will work in store? is there a way to make sure that the barcode will work?

  14. Cassie Howard

    alina: The barcode isn’t actually used when you redeem your coupon. Stores just look at the item, amount, address and expiration date.

  15. Julie G

    This information could not have come at a better time! Thanks so much for sharing what you know! I had no idea we had Coupon Trains…. I am excited to give them a try! 🙂

  16. Marly

    I find that the key is organization. I have this great little accordion type of coupon holder that I use to keep me super organized with my couponing.

    ~ Marly

  17. Janet

    I find that when couponing, if I can put the coupons in individual baseball card protectors, I can find them quicly and easily when at the store. Anyone else that crazy about organizing?

  18. Carrie

    I like Janet’s idea with the baseball card holders but it’s kinda big to be pulling out at the grocery store don’t you think?

  19. Krystell

    I am just learning how to coupon, and there is alot of great info on here, but what i dont understand is how you get your items free? Say for example your wanting to buy a big jug of laundry soap for $20.00 and you have a $2.00 off coupon can you use more than one coupon per item? That part i dont understand? And printable coupons are scary to take in as i was told to be careful when using them at some places as they may consider it fraud if its not an original coupon? any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, i usually can’t find coupons for the products i use, especially for meat, i just dont understand how people can get there grocerys free? Thank You!

  20. Cassie Howard

    Krystell: Well, I would never buy a $20 jug of laundry soap in the first place. 😉 It’s always best to buy the smallest size – because when matched with a coupon, you can often get that item for free or very cheap. You should also be waiting for items to go on sale as well. As for printable coupons, they are not fraudulent and most stores accept them. The manufacturers are the ones putting those printable coupons out there for consumers. They want you to use them.

    • Annoyed Couponer

      I agree with you, that the manufacturers are putting the coupons online, for users to print and use, however a lot of Canadian stores, especially in small towns, are still afraid of this new-fangled terror called “the internet’ and “printable coupons” LOL seriously, in my town, many stores will NOT accept ANY self-printed coupon, the excuse they give is “there are too many fraudulent self-printed coupons, so we don’t trust them and won’t allow them”… sadly, the US is light years ahead of us in terms of couponing – I lived in California for 10 years and saved lots of money each month using coupons. In Ontario, it’s a major struggle just to find coupons with a decent amount on them, and battling the ignorance and lack of training when dealing with cashiers and store managers.

  21. Krystal

    I agree with krystell … I live in kingston ont …and we only have 4 different grocery stores here and is just about impossible to find coupons or coupons my family uses regularly

  22. Lindsey

    @ Krystal, you have a Walmart in Kingston and enough stores (I’m in Belleville) perhaps you just haven’t looked in the right places yet. Join the Quinte area facebook group Realistic Couponer and get some local assistance! Sure our deals don’t look the same as Mrs. J’s but we still get some great stuff in this area!

  23. Cailey

    I live in the Northwest Territories. Any idea how to get the inserts here? If I had a newspaper subscription would they include the coupons in mailed newspapers? Not sure it’d be worth it…

    • jil

      Edmonton Sun
      Below is the 2012 Smart Source coupon insert schedule for Canada.

      January 7, 2012
      January 28, 2012
      February 11, 2012
      March 3, 2012
      March 24, 2012
      April 14, 2012
      May 19, 2012
      June 9, 2012
      July 7, 2012
      Jul 28, 2012
      August 25, 2012
      September 22, 2012
      October 13, 2012
      November 3, 2012
      December 1, 2012

      • Cailey

        They don’t have inserts in the newspapers that are sold here. Which is why I’m asking if there’s an alternative.

  24. Darlene Maracle

    I am recently a single mom and i have been trying to get coupons and its hard to find them in canada as they only come in the paper maybe twice a month. Where are some good places to find them and what are the best stores to shop at.

    Thank You


    • kim

      hi glad you asked i go to ,extreme couponing ,web saver .ca , p and or i go to the companies web site . from experience knowing how to cook meals saves alot of money like good healthy meals .like homemade soups , macroni and hamburg , stews etc they tend to last a couple of days which will save you lots of money go to you tube it will show you how to cook certain things best of luck

  25. celine pinard

    I have received a 10% doscount coupon for anything i buy from

    they sell new Country CDs..
    just enter this coupon code 10%OffToday
    the best part of all there is no taxs and no shipping fees


  26. Cassie Howard Jones

    I like to take coupons from and from These sites are reliable and easy to use. I’ve already cut my expences thanks to them

  27. Lisa

    Walmart has a in store magazine that’s free, with many coupons within it just for your FYI.
    Hope that helps.

  28. bev lloyd

    i am one of the few people in the world who does not use Facebook or twitter or whatever all these other things are ( we are very very rural and only can get dial-up) any sites that are for technologically challenged?

  29. Tanya

    Hello, Im just learning how to coupon would like info if you have time to give me and where i can use them

  30. Bluebellrose

    A tip for all couponers. Please do not attempt to photocopy coupons or attempt to use more than one copy of a coupon if the barcode is the same. You will be rejected. Please try to use legitimate sources to print your internet coupons. Cashiers do compare the barcodes to make sure they are different before accepting. The reason why a lot of stores do not take internet coupons because of some bad apples here photocopy coupons. There are some legitimate ways to get multiple copies of coupons without having to photocopy. Go to the flipp app and select the proctor and gamble coupons. You will get an email with your coupons. Then go to and select and print the coupons you have sent to your email by flipp. Print those as well. You now have two legimate copies of coupons that have different barcodes and will be accepted at the till. Next go to and print more coupons there. That is the 3rd source you can grab your coupons.

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