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Does Walmart limit coupons?

Recently, I’ve received dozens of emails from concerned couponers, asking if Walmart has changed their coupon policy to limit the number of coupons you can use in a transaction.

Does Walmart Limit Coupons

The short answer is no.

There has been no change to the Walmart Canada coupon policy at all, but there is something important to keep in mind when it comes to coupon policies (at all stores, not just at Walmart):

Store managers have the final say. It’s up to the store manager whether or not they will limit coupons (or whether they will allow you to use coupons at all).

Reasons a store manager may limit coupons

  • They are unsure if the coupons you’re redeeming are legit (and they don’t have time to check)
  • They have a limited stock of the item you are purchasing multiples of
  • They are trying to be fair to other customers

If you’re trying to check out at Walmart, and you’re told by a store manager (not an assistant manager or a customer service manager, but a store manager) that there is a limit to the number of coupons you can use, ask them what the reasoning is, and keep that in mind the next time you shop at that particular store.

How to avoid frustration the next time you shop

  1. Call the Walmart stores in your area and ask to speak to the store manager.
  2. Ask the manager what their policy is on limiting coupons. Do they have a limit to the number of coupons you can use per transaction? Check each store, because the policy will likely be different at each one.
  3. Make a note with the policies for each store and keep it on you when you shop (in your purse, your wallet, your coupon binder).
  4. Check the policies before you shop and plan your shopping trip accordingly.

So, although the Walmart coupon policy doesn’t specifically state that there is a limit to coupons per transaction, the policy does state that store managers have discretion, so you always need to check with the mangers at your store to see what their policy is. This will give you a bit more ease when you shop!

Do the Walmart stores near you limit coupons?


  1. caroline

    My local Walmart will only allow two coupons. I’ve waited and spoken with manager on one ocassion and he has allowed more after confirming manufactured coupons not printed. They were also for 2-6 of same, not cases of stuff. Last night I had problem again and assistant manager refused to get manager. They are rude about it, that’s the frustrating part.

  2. Joanna

    The walmarts in calgary will only allow one coupon per transaction. And i get lots of eyes rolling if i attempt to make multiple transactions!!!

  3. langleygirl

    The Walmart in Langley is great. They will always get the CSM to verify but usually they will let me use the coupons. But I have learned to just buy a few of each item. If it’s a good deal. I’ll just stop in a few times during the week.


    My local MICHAELS allows you to use ONE COUPON PER ONE TRANSACTION PER DAY; which means you have to go back another day to use ONE other coupon. I am NOT driving back another day to use ONE OF THEIR COUPONS; wasting gas, time, and GLOBAL WARMING effect here. SORRY, MICHAELS, not my store anymore.

  5. Shannon

    FYI: Often you will not get the store manager directly when you call — that is what the Assistant Managers and Customer Service Managers are for. And the store manager will often tell the Assistant Managers we are doing x and y right now for this reason.

    So just because you got told no by an Assistant Manager or CSM, that could be because they have been directed by the store manager to do so.

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