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What the hobbit can teach us about couponing

What the Hobbit Can Teach Us

My husband takes my older boys to see each J. R. Tolkien movie as it is released, using price matching and coupons, of course. Tolkien’s new release, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, was a greatly anticipated box office hit.

In honor of this movie, I will share a light-hearted reflection on what Bilbo Baggins can teach us all about couponing.

What the hobbit can teach us about couponing

Routines can be good

Bilbo likes his predictable life. Helikestea time and smoking pipes at a certain hour. He clings to the routines that have served him well for many years.

Bag End front door
When it comes to couponing, routines can also serve us well. Check our coupon matchup page Thursdays before grocery shopping. Pick a favorite store to do all price matching. And have a system for filing coupons to stay organized.

Change begins with one first step

Bilbo is reluctant to go on adventures as he protests “[adventures] make you late for dinner.” But he takes the first step to leave his hobbit-hole and that changes the course of his journey. He is no longer the think-inside-the-box hobbit he once was.

bilbo leaving hobbit hole
Likewise, we can encourage ourselves to take the first step. We can try new money-saving strategies this year. Perhaps couponing for the first time. Or couponing more consistently. Or cashing in on mail-in rebates. Even a small step in a new direction can help us follow this hobbit’s footsteps.

Persevere when the going gets tough

Spiders, dragons, orcs, and Gollum – Bilbo faced them all. And in spite of wanting to give up, he persevered and [spoiler alert] won in the end.

Perhaps you are learning to coupon for a specific goal. To be able to stay home as a parent, to pay down significant debt, or to save towards something important. These can feel insurmountable, but our trusty hero Bilbo inspires all of us to persevere.

Learn from a mentor

Gandalf becomes a mentor to Bilbo, pushing him beyond his comfort zone and offering words of wisdom along the way.

Similarly, mentors can help us learn about couponing. I have learned so much from Cassie (founder of and others about couponing. Reading posts regularly, popping onto the Facebook page every day has helped me grow as a couponer, and helped me afford to stay home with my children.

I’m quite certain J.R. Tolkien did not intend for Bilbo Baggins to be an ambassador for couponing, but we can learn a few lessons from Bilbo just the same.

Did I miss any profound lessons about couponing from The Hobbit?


  1. Julia @ Save Big Live Better

    Lol, interesting take on the movie! It’s so true though, these simple lessons are everywhere, and can be applied in so many areas of your life!
    Trying something new, while learning from others’ experience, then making it a habit, are crucial steps to changing anything in your life…including your coupon success 😉
    Well done!

  2. Karen Gauvreau

    Thanks Julia. You are right about life lessons being all around us.

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